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   The cute Holland Lop is a delightful bunny, with adorable floppy ears!
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hollandlop! - 2010-04-04
I just bought a holland lop yesterday and he is really great. His name is Butah (because he is chubby and always happy), and he is only 5 weeks old. There were a bunch of hollands to choose from, but I wanted a male because they are the most calm and relaxed. he also has a really rare colouring, he's black, brown, and white spotted with a all-white belly. He is the cutest bunny i've ever seen! Butah loves my attention and even though he is active and curious, he always enjoys snuggling with me by the T.V! I really recommend getting a holland lop. they're the best!

kia - 2010-03-29

kia - 2010-03-29
I am getting my holland lop in August after I get back from my grandma's house. I am soooooooo happy,this is my first time having my very own pet. P.S. karen, that is so sad.

emily - 2010-03-27
My little brother just got a little lop bunny, well she's not very little. He got her yesterday and she's about 8 weeks old and shes very stiff or lazy. Is this normal?

Maribel - 2010-03-26
I had a holland bunny that a friend gave to my son for his birthday when he was little. He was adorable as can be. He died last year, my son was so attached to this bunny. Some times he looks at his pictures and get sad. So I will like to get him another one for his birthday. Does anybody know where can I get him one. I live in southern california, if any body has any information please reply back. Thank you

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  • Dennis - 2010-03-28
    We just rescued a Holland Lop. It seems very friendly and hops around very actively. He is white with brown spots. We live in Orange County. If you are interested in this Holland Lop, please email me.
  • Anonymous - 2010-03-28
    I just purchased one for my son from a woman in Brea, Orange County, CA. Her email is She had several to choose from.
  • Nicole - 2010-04-05
    We just bought two Holland Lop bunnies from a man in Lake Elsinore CA. If still looking to buy a bunny, I believe he has one left at this time. The Bunnies were born in Feb of this year. The one he has left is grey(or I guess BLUE) not sure if male or female. They are $20.00. Email if interested for contact info.
Karen - 2010-03-20
My sweet bunny Luther died 3 weeks ago...I'm devasted. He was 10 years old and the most handsome smoke pearl...he looked like Thumper from Disney's Bambi. He's been with me around the world and was the friendliest little guy. I got him in San Francisco and he's moved with me to Portland, Minneapolis, Paris, London and back to San Francisco and most recently to Tampa, where he passed away.

I would like to get another lop later this summer, but don't know a reputable bunny farm in Tampa...if anyone know's please write!

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  • unknown - 2010-04-01
    I feel so sorry for you and does he really look like thumper?
  • unknown - 2010-04-01
    I feel so sorry for you and does he really look like thumper? I live in Ohio so won't be able to find a reputable bunny farm
kyla jordan fly - 2009-12-19
I love holland lops because they are so cute and cuddly & I love it when they lay down it is so cute & I love it when they stand in there pose & my rabbits name is Bugs & he is 5 months old & his color is a gold tip martin!!!

Sophia - 2009-11-26
Holland mini lops are so cute!! Ours is named Goma and she's 2 months old. She's the cutest little baby bunny. She needs to be potty trained.

donna - 2009-11-10
Hi, my name is Donna and just this past spring I had the opportunity to rescue 2 rabbits. I now have rescued 4 and will continue to do so as long as I can. These first 2 rabbits are 2 years old and the second 2, I am just guessing on age, but I believe they are around 6 months. I know they were born sometime this year anyway. But I must say (and I know playing favorites shouldn't happen) but my husband has taken a favorite liking to the Holland Lop which he named Bucky. Bucky just loves my husband and when he comes in the house to play it is the most wonderful sight. He will run all over and he runs up and will grab at my pant leg and start scratching at me then he will look up at me with those big brown eyes and run so I have to get up and jog through the house so he can chase me. And when my husband is in the house with him or even out at his hutch he will run right up to him and snuggles right into him like he is his king, lol. He also loves to give me kisses, it is to cute. The other 3 that I rescued I love just as much as bucky. The one that I got with bucky is a chocolate Lionhead we named Gizmo, and the other 2 that I got about a week ago are both dutch. The female which I named Oreo I believe is pregnant. The male dutch we chose to name snoopy. Gizmo has taken more to me than Bucky did but Bucky loves the attention more and is just the funniest little guy I have ever seen. If I do choose to open up a regular rabbit house I think my prime choice will be the holland lop as Bucky has given me the greatest joy in raising so far. I wouldn't give any of them up for the world and I plan to continue rescuing them for years to come. And thanks go to this site for teaching me so much and all the help it has given me to take extra special care of my new friends.

Paige - 2009-10-29
I'm going to get a white and gray holland lop soon. It's white and has gray ears and a gray mustache and I'm going to show it for 4-H (I'm gonna Keep it though). I'm probably gonna name it Mandy. This website has been a lot of help!