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   The Dwarf Hotot rabbit can be quite entertaining, they are charming and playful with people and they love to play with simple toys!
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mya - 2010-03-09
awwwwww so cute

fishface - 2010-05-04
Can hotots live outside are they tough enough?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-05-11
    No they can live outside if the temperature is year round moderate but they don't handle cold or extreme heat.
alina - 2010-10-08
I'm interested in a netherland dwarf or dwarf hotot bunnies, but I haven't been successful in finding any around my area (dallas, tx) ... can anyone give me suggestions where they might have these bunnies?

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  • stacie - 2010-10-10
    Saw a listing on craiglist in Tyler today.
  • Devon - 2010-10-12
    We just bought one Sunday from Pet City in Houston Tx for $35
Lauran - 2011-06-03
I love my bunny! He is almost two and is the best animal I could ever ask for. When someone walks into the room he's right there to say hello. He licks everyone and when he was a baby he took naps with me. This is not an animal for a little kid, because how loud kids are. France, my bunny loves quiet. This breed is very smart too. When France wants a treat he knows he has to get on his back legs in order to get it and when he wants one he will go up to you and beg for one. He loves me, his owner, his cage and he loves the rest of my family. He is the sunshine of my day. I waited 13 years to get a bunny and he is the nicest, cutest, best bunny. If I were to get another rabbit, it would definately be another, Dwarf Ho-tot, boy.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-04
    I am glad you are so happy. Your little guy sounds wonderful.
  • Amber - 2011-08-20
    My rabbit's the same way! I love him so much!
  • olivia - 2012-04-12
    its so cute
Tomas - 2010-09-04
I got my dwarf hotot yesterday and he is still scared of being held, but he likes to hop around a lot and chews on nearly everything. His cuteness caught my heart and I would highly recommend to get one.

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  • Kelsie - 2010-09-13
    Where did you get yours from? I've been wanting one, but I can't find any breeders close by.
  • OMGITSSMEEEE - 2010-10-07
    I got mine off the streets of LA (I think, it was in the wholesale districts) the people there are like breeders or something and stand at every corner with a bunch of miniature rabbits.
  • Maura - 2011-04-10
    I just got my Dwarf Hotot yesterday, too! :) My daughter named him Jack.
    But, He's not used to our dog yet, so we hope he does get used to her!
    My daughter just HAD TO get him! He's so adorable!
    Anyways...,Good Luck with your Hotot Rabbit! :)

brianna - 2011-12-29
i want to keep this little guy in a fishtank its a 10 gallon fish tank so could u send me a measurement of them, how much they ussally cost, and where i could find one i know thats alot to ask but please someone answer me back

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-12-30
    You can't keep a this little guy in a 10 gallon fish tank. Just is way not even close to being enough room. It would be like you living in a small closet. You need something that the bunny can really stretch out in and room for toys, litter and sleeping place. Something that is at least 2 X 2 feet (preferably larger and with a sleeping platform). You can purchase a rabbit housing at the pet store or you can easily make one from wire and clips and just make sure you have a hay floor or something besides wire for him to sit/lay on.
Kelsie - 2010-10-21
I live in central illinois, and I've been wanting a dwarf hotot for a long time, but the dealer listed near on the adhrc websites isn't breeding right now, who can I contact in the area?

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  • ash - 2010-12-16
    I live in cincinnati and I just got the sweetest male hotot. His breeder is great! She is very meticulous and loving with her bunnies. If you are interested let me know by email. She is in kentucky I believe.
  • Dan Daly - 2011-02-23
    Hey I live in Kentucky and I want to get a breeding pair of Dwarf Hotot Rabbits. Where do I need to go?
Ricky Castillo - 2010-07-04
We just bought our first Hotot and where truly unsure of what we were getting. The man said they were dwarf but people will tell you most anything to make a buck. However after reading this forum I am most comfortable in knowing that I got what I paid for, and at only 25 dollars to boot. These rabbits are adorable. I suggest getting one.

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  • emma - 2010-08-10
    It will all be ok babe whatever they are xxxxxxxx emma
terry - 2010-04-18
My first hotot was a dream. We used to run in the fields together and chew up berries in the wild. I divorced my wife to spend more time with my bunnies.

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  • Savanah - 2010-05-16
    lmao, haha that is hilarious, are you being funny or is that true?
------------------------ - 2009-06-13
I'm already a fish owner, and a dog/cat sitter (family and neighbors only). These rabbits or bunnies whatever you want to call them look so cute. I really want one. If I get a bigger house I'm sure going to try to get some. I'm also going to try to get some birds. Hopefully my parents will let me. My grandfather had rabbits when he was little so he could help me and so would this website.