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   The American Fuzzy Lop rabbit is a snuggly little bunny that reminds us of a teddy bear!
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terry - 2005-11-16
Just got 2 male Fuzzy Lops directly from the pet store. Brothers, 6 months old. Had them for about a month. They're now starting to warm up to my 10 year old daughter--one more than the other as they're both still a little skittish. Having a hard time grooming them as they just don't like it. But we're having alot of un with them

Abbey - 2005-11-09
I breed American Fuzzy Lops and will have a black buck weened in a couple of weeks!! (ottawa, ont.)

karone - 2005-11-06
hi i have a fuzzy lop eared bunny named patty. shes still growing, and her color is getting darker now for the winter, i think. shes very nice and sweet AFTER i get her out of her cage, but shes scared to come out of the door at first.

JC Gates - 2005-11-06
I like the american fuzzy lops because they are so cute,fuzzy and softy the are just a doll if you know what i mean.

jame - 2005-10-30
I have a american fuzzy lop ear rabbit named fuzzkin. He loves to run around. He is only ten months old. He chews the grass that I put in the pen. The thing I put his water in he loves to dump over and pull it all over. I also have four a more pets and the third day they all knew each other. and my dog loved him so much that he did nothing as he hopped around.

alexandra sewell - 2005-09-20
hi my name is alex, and im getting a american lop bunny!
i lov bunnys!

Debbie Miller - 2005-09-14
I have a grey fuzzy lop. My pal is a male, and his name is Smokey. I recieved him as a pet from Scotsdale mall when they had animals once a year. Smokey has papers stating his parents and grandparents. It is very interesting. He was born December 31, 2000. He loves to take baths. He literaly falls over in my arms, and he almost falls asleep. He has never bitten or became aggressive. He is a very spoiled baby. We brush him reguarly, give him celery every day along with his daily pellets and goodies in the pellets. When its hot he gets an ice bottle and a fan. His cage is four feet long, and it is inside. We take him for walks with is harness and leash.We have never bred him. He has a huge head, and the breeder we got him from said he should be bred, and put in shows. He has a stuffed toy to play with.

Nadika Animals - 2005-07-19
We breed and raise "Fuzzies" and we enjoy them so much! They are a joy to have, but the fur can get matted easily, so needs to be brushed often. The fuzzy is definitely a breed for experienced breeders, but for a pet, they are terrific! Here at Nadika Animals, we also have Hollands and Mini Lop rabbits, but the Fuzzy beats them all for personality!

BRITTANY - 2005-03-29
I have a Pointed White with Grey Fuzzy Lop whos around 7-8 months of age. I love the breed, they are very easy going rabbits and love attention. I got mine when she was only 4weeks old and we have accomplished alot of stuff. I have her litter trained now and she is a pro at it. She had babies in Janurary and was an excellent mother up to weaning time. She loves Binking around her pen all day and giving kisses. Shes a wonderful rabbit and my favorite out of the 6 i have. Fuzzy Lops require some grooming because they are half angora. Shes pretty good with grooming but gets very fussy when Turned over. She also loves eating greens and carrots and of course Timothy hay based pellets and Timothy hay.

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  • Anonymous - 2010-04-05
    Awww she sounds so cute, I've been bugging my parents for years to get me a pet and I decided on a rabbit, but I didn't know what breed to get but now I've made up my mind. They sound great for a first time owner do you know where I could get one from?