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   The American Fuzzy Lop rabbit is a snuggly little bunny that reminds us of a teddy bear!
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Jason n Crystal - 2007-03-29
We got a Afl 2 yrs ago for our daughter, and he's been so much fun that we just bought another. Thumper and Pixie have free reign of our house and are litter box trained. Thumper has been showing Pixie the ropes. They are getting along great and they are a lot of fun to watch. They have claimed our bedroom as theirs, where we sleep they sleep. They are great pets.

rachael - 2007-01-30
I just rescued a Fuzzy American Lop. This breed is very loving and is getting along great with her three sisters!

lissee - 2007-01-03
I got a rabbit about a week ago and his name is DUMBO. cause of his huge floppy ears!!

emily wagner - 2006-10-01
i am getting a hollind lop and i have heard they are very cuduly, very nice, are GREAT for beginners, and are so so adorable

Gina - 2006-07-07
i had an american fuzzy lop for 5 years and she was the best pet ever! she was just like a dog and was so friendly that when she passed away on 6-25-06 i went and bought two more because they are so sweet and gentle. the best money i ever spent was on my fuzzy lop lexie.

maria - 2006-05-24
I have a 3 month old american fuzzy lop and he is one of a kind. He thinks he is a dog, he loves dog treats, loves to chew on shoes and pees on my sister. he has this thing were every moring at 6 am he wakes me up to let him out of his cage and if i don't he shakes the cage with his mouth and his hands. i can watch him for hours, he is truly one of a kind.

corey - 2006-04-06
I have an afl they are great.

Amber - 2006-02-19
Hey. i got an american fuzzy lop about 4 months ago.
His name is Thumper (after the movie bambi!!) And he is SO
cute. My aunt has the same type of rabbit as me and its a female so we are going to let them have babies this summer. I cant wait. I would like to keep one of the babies so i can teach it things at a young age. Not like mine, which i got at 5months old. =S

YASMINA - 2006-01-28
Your pictures of rabbits are SO Cute!

Britt Quality Lops - 2006-01-09
I have two AFL's, a girl named Gwen and a boy named Dust. they are for show and breeding. my female right now is pregnant. she is 7 months and my male is about a year and a half. I have papers on both and I love them very much! I can't wait for Gwen to have her litter! Dusty comes from one of the best AFL breeders in the country so he has extremly good bloodlines.