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   Mice continue to be one of the most popular "pocket pets", a term used with small pets that will fit into your pocket! 
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Christina - 2015-05-05
I was looking at getting a pet mouse and had a few questions. Is it okay if the environment of the mouse changes frequently? My parents are divorced and i go week to week and was wondering if the mouse could travel with me or if it would affect the health of the mouse?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-05-07
    If the pet mouse's home (cage, toys, hides, etc.) go with you, the mouse should be fine. Stress would be more likely to happen if it has to constantly change cages environments.
  • Esmeralda - 2015-12-03
    I know I wish I could have a pet mouse
  • Anonymous - 2017-01-25
    If you have two ar more it would help if there getting stressed. Most mice would like changing environments anyway becouse they love to explore. I have 5 female mice and they love going different places.
Kat - 2016-03-08
Hi I would like some advice please. I have two female mice who I have had for 6 weeks. Two weeks ago, one of the mice started scratching her ears and eyes a lot, until they bled. She was also losing weight and spending more time sleeping and was wobbly on her feet. I took them to the vets and she was given an injection to treat an ear infection in case that was what was making her wobbly and to stop the itching. I have also changed from sawdust to paper bedding and used some johnsons tea tree animal balm on her itchy ears. Nothing seems to be making any difference. The last few days when I have had her out of the cage she has been making a weird noise which sounds like her teeth are chattering together. It is only one mouse that is affected, the other is lively and healthy Please can anyone give me any advice on what could be wrong with her? And how to make her better? I don't know if it could be a respiratory illness or an allergy.

johan setiabudi - 2013-11-18
at the first i got a couple of white mouse i really love and take care of them because they're so cute and nice not like others pets that make me upset many time. you can send an email to me if you need white mouse i have a lots of white mouse. some famouse universities in my city have ordered from me constantly for their research, my email is

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  • Camilla Dimick - 2015-11-30
    Hi. I'm very interested in breeding mice for feeders and I was wondering if you'd be able to ship the mice to WI. If you could let me know whenever your earliest convenience is, that'd be great. Thanks!
taylor - 2015-10-24
I live in Oahu and I can't find any mouse breeders or rescues with mice. Where should I get my mice?(I want 2 or 3 females)

Abbey - 2015-09-19
Ok I have three female mice. I have had them for about 6or7 weeks. I love them so much. I got them at petsmart. They were in the same cage with about 5 others. They have been doing great. Until now. One of my mice keeps chasing the other and tries to get on her back. Clearly the other mouse does not like because she squeals. Sometimes she doesn't do it but that is rare she is doing it a lot. Sometimes she is friendly. This just started this week and I have not changed there health or living. Sometimes to stop it I tap on the cage. Now the third mouse they is not in the situation is not bothered by the one mouse chasing and trying to get on the other mouses back. I don't know what to do! I want to have all three of my mice together because they are sisters. I need your help and now.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-09-24
    They develop a dominance structure within the group, so give it some time and see if they don't mellow out. Usually females will get along, but on occasional there will be a female that just simply won't be friendly. If the others start to loose patches of fur or blood is being drawn, then you may have to separate them.
  • Abbey - 2015-09-25
    Thanks so much!! It's been a while and they seem to be ok now. Maybe it was just at those moments. Thanks for your help
renee - 2015-03-18
My mother mouse has diarrhea. She is very lethargic. I have not changed her diet and she does not get many watery vegetables. What can I do to help her? I am worried that what she has may be contagious and she has a litter of pups that could get sick.

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2015-03-29
    Yes she sounds like she is suffering from some sort of illness. Is she sneezing or wheezing at all, or does she have watery eyes as well? I would suggest keeping her cage as clean as possible and make sure her cage is out of drafts. You can get over the counter antibiotics at a pet store to give her as well.
bikram belbase - 2015-03-05
I got a small baby mice today...... I dnt khow how to feed it and what is its best food to give !!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-03-10
    For a very good start on how to keep this little critter, please see all the Pet Mice information up above. You will learn about their home setup, foods and feeding, social behaviors, handling and training,... and a whole lot more:) And then enjoy your little friend!
ananya roy - 2012-12-02
my two little mice have become addicted to sweetmeats (originally offered once a day) and begs and screams all the time for more.they have become aggressive and even bit me and my mom. to sooth them we have given them lots of sweets and now they have become very fat and bulky.they do not exercise in their wheel, all they do is sleep and sleep. so when we decided not to give them sweets anymore, they have become increasingly violent and are screaming and biting at everyone who puts hand in their cage. how can i improve the situation?

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  • Fennel - 2012-12-28
    If you slowly let off of the sweets that should make them less aggressive and while your doing that mix less and less sweets with good nutritional food! I hope this was helpful! :)
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Lexie Jeffress - 2014-07-11
Hi guys I'm getting 2 female pet mice today and I'm super exited! :D I was just wondering if anyone still uses this forum? Also Jasmine Hensley are you in room 4 year 7? I think I know you anyway just wondering what to expect!

Jules - 2014-05-05
Hi, I have a pet mouse who's name is Jasmine. She has a lump on her side for 4 days. She seems happy and active. But today she must have bit at it and it's now bleeding. She still eats and runs on her wheel. I am cleaning her cage and going to wipe her wound with warm cloth. What is this lump and why is she trying to bite it off? Help please.

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2014-05-06
    Mice are very prone to cancer lumps... especially as they get older. How old is she? How big is the bump? If it continues to get larger you can take her into the vet to have it removed if you are worried, but many times if they get one lump, they will later get more lumps. I like her name, by the way :)
  • Meghan - 2014-05-20
    I don't really know much about lumps, but my mouse had a lump on her eye once... Sadly she died, because I wasn't able to take her to the vet. But don't be worried, take Jasmine to the vet and she'll probably get better with the medicine that the doctor gives her! =) I hope she gets better soon, she sounds very cute. :)