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  If you provide your Hamster with a wheel, it will run up to 8 miles per night!
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greg - 2008-11-07
Hey, I bought a campbell's russian dwarf hamster named Dolce (Doll-chey) 10 days ago and noticed that the whole 3rd level of her cage was completly soaked after about 5 days, and that the whole right side of the main floor was too. and I was wondering if somebody knew of a certain reason why that would be? thanks

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  • melissa - 2010-06-22
    If you have a water thing in the 3rd story of your hamsters cage it can leak.
  • sarah - 2010-08-30
    The water bottle is probably leaking.
HamsterLuver - 2010-08-24
I have a question? I got a Fancy Dwarf hamster (Blubber) a few weeks ago and all we feed him is his pellets. I would like to know what are some good healthy diets for his breed? :)

Jamjam - 2009-07-21

If your hamster is lost try putting the cage on the ground and checking it at night. My hamster was lost for one week; we tried this and it actually worked!

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  • Jessica - 2010-08-15
    I had lost my ham ham one week and and I tried that and he didn't come back so I put a choc. egg from ester on the floor an the next day I walked in and there he was a nibblein away lol a hamster with a sweet tooth all my ham hams I ever had loved it (only on there b-days and x-mis they got it).
  • christine - 2010-08-24
    I can't I have 2 dogs a chocolate lab that is harmless and a RAT terrier, I have a cat that last night flipped over the hamster cage and bedding was all over the floor!
    So it would be hard to find my hamster with those animals. The cat and rat terrier would kill him if they see him! :(
hamsterlover - 2010-08-08
I'm going to get a hamster soon but I'm scared he is going to bite me should I ask the workers there which won't bite? Please help.

quintera carter - 2009-11-08
I have a hamster named fatboy. He is the most coolest hamster I have ever meet. I love him. I got him July 12, 2009.

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  • daejah - 2010-07-30
    Fatboy! LOL! I love that name maybe one day you could put a pic. of fatboy online to see if he is really fat . OXOX D@3_i&H (a.k.a Daejah)
Hannah - 2010-07-05
Um I don't really have a comment but I have a question. I have two hamsters who have 8 babies and I got another female but I don't know what breed she is! I don't know what breed my other two are either but I want to breed my new female with my male. Does anyone have good advice for finding out how to determine what breed hamsters are?

armeen - 2010-06-17
My hamster died I feel so sad all the time so sad isn't it.

Tiffany - 2010-06-02
I have a honey bear hamster that has a big bulging bump on his nose and is starting to lose his fur around the nape of the neck. He eats and drinks fine but he a has a bacterial smell to the places he has lost hair. I am wondering if their is an OTC product I can use instead of going to the vet. Please let me know what to do? We have had the hamster about 2 years.

owen - 2010-05-03
My hamster is very very MEAN! It is a fancy russian dwarf hamster.

Angie - 2010-04-27
How do you potty train your hamster? I bought her potty and put some of her droppings in it but she is still going in her nest.