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  If you provide your Hamster with a wheel, it will run up to 8 miles per night!
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Khan - 2008-03-17
This web site is very informative. In fact, I did not know about the animal "HAMSTER". Moreover, in our Society we usually keep some common animals as pets such as Cat, Dog, and Goat; and some kinds of birds such as pigeon, sparrows, etc. A couple of days ago I came to know that my nephews, living in Canada, got a pet Hamster. Since I was unaware of this animal, I went through this website and found complete details of this animal. Thank you so much for enhancing the knowledge of people living around the globe about animals.

Allie, Hamster Fan. - 2008-03-16
Hey there! I'm Allie. I really want a hamster, but my family has had a few problems with Hamsters and Guinea pigs. For example, once (Like a year ago.) My brother had a hamster named Oriele, and he kept getting out, so eventually he got away. But I will NOT give up! After I find out what type I want (and convince my parents to let me get one at all!) I will type back.

Kelsie - 2008-03-14
OMG! I just found out my teddy bear hamster was a boy! I thought it was a girl, so I named her Gaz. Well now his name is gir.... I'm so sorry gir! They mislabled you at petco!

Meerkat Manor Fan - 2008-03-03
YAY! I'm FINALLY GETTING A HAMSTER! I would prefer a Teddy Bear Hamster, though I would settle for any other kind of Syrian hamster(I will not get a dwarf!). I will get a boy and name him Squiggy. I'll tell you about him once I get him!

Kelly - 2008-03-02
Hi! I'm Kelly. I used to have a Teddy Bear hamster, named Stewart. He was so awesome, but he bit a lot. When I was about eight(a pretty long time ago), he got out of his cage and drowned in my Sump Pump. My mother had come home from work, and I forgot to close Stewart's cage. My motto here is to always make sure that your hamster is safe when you leave him/her for the day. If you leave it's cage door(s) open, it will surely get out. It just may end up like Stewart. Well maybe not in the Sump Pump, but probably dead somewhere. Please take this message into consideration! DON'T LEAVE THE CAGE DOORS OPEN!

Rayanna - 2008-02-29
HI! My name is Rayanna. I have 2 hamsters. One's name is Theodohre who is a syrian hamster (like from Alvin and the Chipmunks - because he's fat!) and the other one is named kitty who is an albino russian dwarf hamster. I have had theodohre for 2 months now and I just got kitty yesterday. They are both so precious. Kitty is a very sweet hamster who lets me pick her up even when I'm not supposed to because she's not used to me yet. I love them already!

jessica - 2008-02-27
Hi, my name is Jessica and I have a short-haired syrian hamster, male, named Homer. He got that name from the Simpsons because he is just like Homer Simpson; fat, lazy, and you can never get sick of him. I love him and I am actually petting him right now. I love, love, love him.

Kimmy - 2008-02-17
Hi there, I used to have a dwarf hamster named pringles. I loved him a lot. He's also very territorial and he bites a lot. And when I'd put my other teddy bear hamster near him, he'd fight. Well, not too long ago, I took him out for some fresh air because he stinks (I gave him regular baths), and I kinda forgot about him. He was still in his cage when I remembered him a week later, but...When I got to him, he had lost all his fur, ants were all over his cage, and he was VERY VERY pink.

kaylin - 2008-02-15
Hi, my name is Kaylin I have two russian dwarf hamsters. I breed them, the girl is named Sugar and the boy is named Spice. I got them from an animal supply house. They are very cute and so nice. I would recommend them to a 10 or up yr. old person. By the way, mine just had 8 babies yesterday. I want to hold them so bad, but I can't.

Anna Rivas - 2008-02-05
I have a hamster name Fergalicious. My mom's friend gave her to me. She is gray. I gave her the name because some of my friends voted for the name. She is very sweet and her favorite treats are yogurt drops. I had another hamster name Mrs. Alston. She was brown and white. My aunt Lucy gave her to me because I love hamsters. She does bite only if you stick your hand in her mouth. She died in October. Hamsters rule