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  If you provide your Hamster with a wheel, it will run up to 8 miles per night!
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melanie - 2008-05-05
Thank you for your help, I've just gotten a russian dwarf hamster 2 days ago. When I go to feed him he jumps and tries to bite me. He's bitten me 7 times in two days.
Now I see I've been doing a lot of thing incorrectly. I rush to pick him up,
I disturb his nest, I use a loud voice, I've messed with him so many times in 2 days, and I've squeezed him (oops!). I just hope he'll get better and so will I. But if he doesn't stop biting me with in a few weeks, he's going back to petsmart and I'll try a new friend. His name is pepper. He is brown, gray, and white AND VERY MEAN (maybe somewhat my fault) I hope he'll still adapt. Thank you VERY much!

Madison & Kendall - 2008-05-03
Oh my gosh! How cute are those hamsters? VERY! My friend and I are going to get hamsters together. We just wanted to search up some things to find out more about hamsters. This website told us SO much more than other sites. Thanks

Shruti - 2008-04-22
Hi, my name is Shruti and I just got a Blueberry Dwarf Hamster! It won't let me carry it yet, but when I come near its cage it sticks it's nose out of the cage's bars. He bit my mom when she was putting broccoli into its cage. I need to train it to not bite anybody, but maybe I should just wait until it gets used to us. It is only about 4 months old, I got it last weekend. My hamster barely ever goes on its wheel, so never gets any exercise and eats all day. Maybe it would it be a good idea to get a ball. Please tell me if you have any advice. Thank you!

Dylan - 2008-04-13
heyy, my name is Dylan. I have had hamsters ever since a was a toddler. I recently had a black Bear hamster (named Nibblet) pass away. My mom and I thought she had had a stroke or heart attack becuase it looked like she had fallen off her wheel and died. It was terribly sad but when you looked on her face she had a bright, big smile on her face. Hopefully she had a great life! =) After about a month I am over it and ready to get another female hamster. I just dont know what kind to get this time I want to try some other kind of hamster..... ANY IDEAS EVERYBODY?!?!

Chloe - 2008-04-08
Hi, my name is chloe and I got a teddy bear hamster at xmas. I can't belive how cute he is and how tame he's gotten!

carol - 2008-03-29
Hi I have 2 Russian Dwarf hammies and I believe they are both males. I've had them for 2 months now and except for an occassional spat they seem to put up with each other very well. (They usually get up at different times so this might help). When they fight it is because one is trying to steal the other ones food when he drops the crumbs. lol I have hand trained them by giving them a sunflower seed everytime I pick them up so now all I have to do is go near the cage and they start climbing the sides of the cage trying to get to me. They make a purring sound when I hold them and pet them.

Marissa - 2008-03-29
Hi my name is Marissa and I just got a teddy bear hamster about three days ago. Her name is Gracie Delilah. She is so cute, she is only 4 inches! She is suppose to be the runt and is adorable. I'm so glad I got her I'm even thinking about potty training her! LOL

Anonymous - 2008-03-28
This website is very good. It taught me a lot about my russian dwarf hamster.

Jacee - 2008-03-23
Shannon -- the only female hamster I ever had squealed a lot. Squealing is a sign of fear in hamsters. My advice to new hamster owners is not to bother your hamster once you first take it home for a few days and put him or her in the cage. Let them adjust before you start handling them. They have no idea where they are or what that big thing is that keeps coming towards them (your hand)!

Amrit -- It is normal for hamsters to chew on their bars. My first hamster made it into a hobby and nearly chewed all of the paint off the bars of his cage. There are several things you can try, like rubbing pickle juice on the bars (they usually don't like the taste) or finding alternate things for your hamster to chew on. Kukkiii might not like chew sticks, but he/she might like to chew on toilet paper rolls or blocks of wood.

Also, anyone looking to buy a hamster, in my opinion, if you want a more docile pet, try choosing a male.

Be sure to clean your hamster's cage at least once a week!

Never keep any hamsters in a cage together unless they are dwarf hamsters and have been together since birth. Even then, beware of fights.

Amrit - 2008-03-18
Hi there- my name is Amrit and I got a dwarf hamster about 1 month ago. It is a greyish white colour and I named it Kukkiii(friend's choice). Anyways I love it and never want to lose it but it does bite ALOT! I have not held it once and even though I give it chew sticks it continues to chew on its cage bars! It is never awake and really feisty when it comes to taking it out of its cage (ziploc inc. tub) to clean it. I would like to know what I should I do if anyone has some information for me.