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   A most notable Peruvian Guinea Pig can have hair length that reaches 20" or more!
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Otsi csengeri - 2019-09-01
I am looking for an abby/ peruvian mix girl

prashant gupta - 2017-01-24
I Want to buy peruvian guiena pig. Where can we buy? Please tell me

Beth Murphy - 2015-12-22
I'm looking for a long white haired peruvian guinea pig to buy.

shelle ortegon - 2014-11-27
i bought a pruvian that i named dandy when he was two months old. he is the best friend that i could ask for and he does not like my boyfriend!

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  • Nicki - 2015-11-22
    I think you've just captured the answer peecrftly
Teague Parker - 2010-04-20
We have several pigs but are in the market for a pervian. Let us know you have any for sale or trade! 828-497-1264

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  • amanda - 2012-05-27
    I have two peruvian guinea pigs for a new home please email me back small rehoming fee is needed for them
  • Heather Friesland - 2012-06-30
    I have a adult female guinea pig 2 baby males going to have long hair because there dad is long hair peruvian male. If you are interested please call me ask for Heather phone number is 828 322-4633 or 828 413-5571    thank you
  • ginger - 2012-09-06
    I have 3 and their so fluffy tell me if anyone wants one
  • Hrisula - 2015-01-13
    Hi i am looking to buy a Peruvian guinea pig Let me know if u have any
  • guadalupe maldoando - 2015-06-06
    i want a guinea pig as soon as possible cuz my guinea pigs little partner died and she is feeling sad so I need it asap.
  • william tripp - 2015-08-25
    hello i am looking for peruvian cuy i hate using that word i do not want to eat them i want them as pets i have a large grassy area fenced in an i want to let them run free i have the smaller guniea pigs
kaitlyn cooper - 2013-05-01
I just got a peruvian guniea pig named larry and I am planing on showing him, and now I have the proper info, yay!!!

glen - 2012-10-04
I say that guienea pigs are the sweetest, heart-loving creatures.

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  • glen - 2012-10-04
    Awsome if theres any girls I'll take it
tamsyn lampkin - 2010-11-08
I have a peruvian called bubbles and she is 5 different colors and a rescue :D

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  • feny - 2012-09-06
    I'll buy it or trade it pleaseeeee
guinea pig breeding - 2010-08-28
Each year, thousands of guinea pigs end up dead because of lack of proper care or excessive breeding. As a breeder, it would be prudent for you to know if there are indeed buyers out there for your pups before you breed them, so you can ensure their proper care.

Gabby - 2010-01-23
We just got two peruvian guinea pigs, and a great new hutch. If anyone finds a lot of hay, I'll pay you back! Man they eat a lot... and poop a lot too!