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   Mongolian Gerbils, often referred to as just "Gerbils", are the best kept secret of the "pocket pet" world!
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Jason - 2005-06-15
This is a great gerbil site. I have had three gerbils for over two years now. I got them from a breeder, which I recommend. One never got to be full grown, but he is very healthy and oddly enough he is the dominant gerbil of the cage. They are great pets, and love getting out of the cage. When I put my hands in a cup they climb into it so that they can get lifted out of the cage. Though my gerbils can jump over 1 foot in the air, they still haven't figured out that they can jump out of the cage, which is for the better. One likes to nibble too hard on my hand, however, I am blowing on him when he nibbles to teach him. I didn't start early enough. Overall, gerbils are the best and cheapest pet to own. You get a lot for your money, and they basically take care of themselves. Just let them out of the cage at least for 20-30 minutes once every two days, as they love it! And don't chase them around, let them explore!

Roxanne - 2005-06-01
I have had my two female gerbils since they were only six weeks old. Now they are fullgrown and very sweet. Gerbils are very active creatures. Gerbils also chew a lot. I do not recommend wooden or plastic toys because they are most likely to chew them up. Sometimes when I pick my gerbils up they will nibble on my fingers. This is the only disadvantage with gerbils. I think that gerbils are one of the least smelly rodents. You can clean their cage as often as you want, but I can usually wait for 3 or 4 weeks before cleaning the cage. If you get gerbils I recommend having two because one will get lonely. My two gerbils are in a 20 gallon aquarium, but most cages will do well.
Overall, I think gerbils are very good pets to have.