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   Mongolian Gerbils, often referred to as just "Gerbils", are the best kept secret of the "pocket pet" world!
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Riki - 2006-01-05
I had two Gerbils at once, they were twins.. nearly identicle. They were sweet and always on the go. My kitten loved them so much!! I had left one day to go to school, that evening i went to check on Zante and Dorie (gerbils) and Dorie had lost half of her tail.. she seemed to be fine.. to this day we aren't sure how it happened.. but we think it was the kitten..

ashley - 2005-12-24
I have had gerbils for I few years and they're my favorite pets. I used to have one named Gerby and now I have two named Oreo and Roxy. Oreo loves to ride on my shoulder and Roxy nibbles my ear when she's the one on my shoulder. They are very cute and friendly. I love them.

Ally - 2005-12-19
I've had two sets of gerbils. I loved the first very much...she was a birthday present :) i want to breed but i am having a hard time deciding and the quietness in my house is VERY limited.

Brooke Courtney - 2005-11-30
I DID have a gerbil but it died a couple years ago. I loved it a lot. I cried for 10 min after it died.

casey - 2005-11-16
Gerbils are a really great, cute pet. They hardly ever bite, and they can even be sort of litter trained! They come from the desert, so they hardly ever pee, so they don't smell! I luv my gerbil!

Tracy - 2005-11-05
I've been breeding gerbils for three or four years. They're real enjoyable animals to watch while they play and try to dig through their home. I had six gerbils in the past and now I have eight gerbils from the last litter plus a mom and daddy. I have five girls and three boys. Note: They're not in the same cage except for two gerbils who are in the same cage. They're a mated pair.

They love to run around in their wheels and hamster balls. They're cute! Who could say no to a cute furry face? I couldn't.

Monica - 2005-09-23
I've been breeding gerbils for the humane pet store I work at since around March, and I've fallen in love with the entire cycle! It is so amazing, watching little pink squirming things growing up into adult gerbils. I love the Siamese and Burmese variations and my pair of those just had their first litter of babies last night, three in all. It's a small litter, but I love them nonetheless.

mark - 2005-08-05
yo! i have had gerbils for roughly only about a weeek now but i'm addicted to them! i have 1 and my brother has 1. mine is a white albino named zinni, his is a grey 1 called sparkel. i may get them a hamster ball because they can't work out how to use their wheel. they sit in it, smell it, crawl under it. but when it moves they get frightened! i have a summer house which allows them to run around in for 3 hours a day. THEY LOVE IT! zinni bit me very hard because i held her wrong! OUCH! but all i can say about gerbils is they are highly fun little companions!

p.s yodas a good name for a gerbil!

Monica - 2005-07-22
I've had hamsters and gerbils off and on since I was little. Back in March, I started breeding them for the little Mom & Pop pet store I work at, because I know that they'll get taken care of (heck, I'm the one that does it half the time!). There are all sorts of cool colors, much more than the black, silver, and wild colors that are available at most pet stores. Yin is a Siamese and every one of them I have met has been extremely outgoing, including my four. Gerbils make excellent pets, they can be potty trained, and can also be trained to ride around on your shoulder while you walk around the house. They are hilarious to watch when taking a dust bath and, if you give them enough bedding (Aspen is best, definately not Cedar, the oils are bad for them), they'll make a complex tunnel system that's just as fun for you to explore. Enjoy your friends, everyone

Sharon - 2005-07-20
i've had my gerbils now for about 4 months and i love them to bits they are called yoda and smeagol. ive built them a huge living complex in the shape of a castle and i let them out to run freely at least twice a week. they dont like hamster balls.