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   Mongolian Gerbils, often referred to as just "Gerbils", are the best kept secret of the "pocket pet" world!
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Kasey - 2008-04-08
I have two gerbils that I got when they were babies, and they are fantastic pets. One is white and grey with red eyes, and the other is black with white spots and black eyes. Their names are Bungie and Tuxedo, if you're curious. :] They came from the pet store at the same time, but from two different cages and have gotten along fine. I let them run on the floor of my new apartment and they found a new hiding place under the refrigerator, so that was the end of free-range gerbils. Now they enjoy running around in a playpen I got them that connects to their four-story cage. They are pretty good about being handled and rarely bite. If they do it is only a warning nip letting me know they are ready to be set back down. In my experience gerbils are relatively clean INSIDE the cage, but like to burrow in their bedding and kick it out of the cage. I bought a "Cone" vacuum and haven't had much of an issue. I would definitely recommend them to anyone to keep as pets.

Elsie Ferris - 2007-12-04
Gerbils are amazing pets! Even though they don't live very long, they are perfect for little children because they are very calm. They are also very smart for their size. I have always kept gerbils because it is easiest for our family with a very curious little sister! I recommend gerbils to people who are looking for a great pet. Being desert animals they don't drink a lot of water, and so their cage doesn't smell so bad. They are also very sweet. They usually never bite. Anyone out there looking for a small, easy, adaptable pet... Get a gerbil!

sara morrell - 2007-11-25
I had 3 gerbils. Yes had, but of course nothing lives forever. I am now left with 1 gerbil and his name is gizmo (his nickname is giz). He is very laid back. He sleeps with me some times and he never runs away. He goes on walks with me, he usually sleeps in my hoody pocket. I have had him for 7 years now and he's starting to get very hair(which is funny because he has black fur). He is my second favorite, my first was mozer, my white gerbil. It's been a year now since he died and he was even more laid back because he never lived in his cage. He was 12 years old (which is crazy because they are only supposed to live like 6 or 7 years), but i have no complaints. He had pink eyes and black hind feet, and gizmo is black with white front feet and a white stripe under his mouth. I love to watch him run in his wheel because hes so cute. My mom said I am getting a nother gerbil for christmas(i hope they don't kill each other). But then again mozer and gizmo hated each other and then became best friends to the end. But I still want a another cockatoo instead.

Courtney - 2007-07-12
Hi... my name is Courtney. I have 3 female gerbils. 2 live together and 1 is alone. The one that is alone, Gary, i got from a teacher at school. She was going to drown him and half his tail is missing from some one picking him up by it. =(. She likes being the only gerbil and only responds to me! i dont pick her up. I just pet her gently and stick my hand in there. She watches me sleep and sits there and stares at me when i talk to her! She lives in a 10 gallon aquarium with a cage topper, that consists of 4 other wire cage levels. she loves it. Then, i loved her so much i bought 2 more, Snowflake and Snickers. I let them run all over me and my bed daily. I bought them when they were about 7 weeks old and they're siblings. They are so tame that i can take them outside and not worry about them jumping. They groom each other and love the company. I've had them about a year nearly. They live in another habitat the same as Gary's. all My gerbils seem to think their bathroom is their wheel. and That can really produce a smell... Yea! Snowflake is pure white... execpt she has some stains from snickers. She gnaws on her cage so all the fur is off her nose. She tilts and kinda has a hunchback, but I love her. She's perfectly healthy. When i first got Sno and Snick they had another companion that died. All of them had Wet tail... and i took then to the vet and Snowflake and Snickers survived. I only use brown fluffy bedding. Little wooden houses and bedding fluff for a bed. Gary has 2 bowls of food full at all times. The little ones have a feeder. I use a silent wheel that attaches to the inside of the wire and they love them! i have 2 on Snickers and Snowfkas cage and 1 in gary's. They all have salt wheels and i give them paper towel and toilet paper rolls to gnaw on daily. They all sleep on the top level and play in their aqaurium. Snowflake and snickers have alfalfa log and all of them have straw and hay. They have tissue boxes that i cut holes in to play in and gnaw on. they are awesome pets and i love all of them! sorry so long! =]]

Jennifer - 2007-06-10
I am 12 years old. I love pets and just bought a gerbil they are so cute. I named him/her curious george because it is always trying to find something to hide in or explore. I love the size and although i have 2 cats and one dog, i think i can deal. All i have to do now is gain his/her trust!

Emily - 2007-02-15
I have two gerbils, hercules and Zeus, they are bith gorgeous and so friendly.

joe - 2007-01-15
hi, i used to have two gerbils about 4-5 years ago and i loved them. i would love to get some more. i had two males one was a cremey colour and the other was black. i kept them in a big aquarium and they were fine. because of there tunneling nature, for a while we used a thick layer of soil so they could dig and they loved it. they made a little nest in the center. in the end the creme one attacked and killed the black at the age of about 3 and the creme one lived for another few months then eventually died. i would really like to got some more!

Amanda - 2007-01-13
I got 2 female gerbals about 2 weeks ago. one got wet tail after only 4 days after i brought it home, wet tail is rare for gerbils i guess. when i bought another they didnt get along, so i bought another one from the store i bought the new one at. They are very cute and fun to watch, the first one i got is alone though :(. I try to play with her but she is very scared, so i just put my hand in her cage about 10 min every day. She is dark brown with some black hair mixed in. Her name is Jasmine. The other two are albino and creme colored. The albino is Starla and the other one is Daisy. gerbils are great pets and easy to care for. I recommend them for anyone who wants a good pet.

Jenny - 2007-01-04
Hi! I got my gerbil in November. His name is maple. November 14 i got maple a buddy. He is called apple. they love each other! maple loves to groom and play with apple. They cuddle each other when napping. They are so CUTE!

Elle - 2006-12-21
I got two gerbils today and i have never had gerbils before, they are so cute! i havent held them yet as i am letting them settle in. the first time i hold one of them will be the first time i ever touch a gerbil! They are sisters and i named them Taska and Cashmere. Taska is siamese (she is beautiful) and Cashmere is pure black and really glossy. i love watching them dig tunnels!