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   They have such a cute little face and you'll love their darling waddle!
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Atom - 2009-03-08
I have a hedgehog. Her name is Maple and she is the best pet ever! She will sleep on my lap in her blanket all day since hedgehogs are nocturnal. You wouldn't think a hedgehog would be a very "cuddly" pet but they are(or Maple is anyway). She also won second place in a hedgehog show! The downsides to having a hedgie is having to clean them and their wheel every day. I clean her cage every other day. The wheel also gets squeaky and since hedgehogs are nocturnal they run on their wheel at night. Trust me it is not fun to have a squeaky hedgehog wheel when you're trying to sleep! To fix this all you have to do is oil it with olive oil every night.

And Hedgies cost a lot. I got maple for $150. Their supplies don't cost that much, although we bought more than we needed. The supplies that seem to work for us are: Food dish, water dish(Maple gets most of her water from her bath though. She won't drink from her dish), cat food(we also give her mealworms and corn sometimes), wheel, and litter box (but we found that litter really isn't needed although you still want a litter box to put the wheel in seeing as how they "go to the bathroom" when they are on their wheel). For caging, we use a plastic storage bin(we want to get something that isn't plastic but we haven't got around to it yet). We just use fleece to line the bottom of the bin. She likes to sleep under the fleece so we don't need to buy anything for her to sleep in. It's nice to have some "hedgehog towels" around for drying off after a bath or for handling. You are supposed to have the heat up to around 74 degrees F but we have our heat set to 70 deg F. Our heat also drops to about 63 deg F at night but Maple is fine so that's not a big issue for us.

All in all getting a hedgehog is totally worth it (in my opinion anyway)! And I love having Maple around! For those of you who want a hedgehog and don't know where to find them Google: Hedgehog Central and go to the breeder's list.

Sarah - 2008-12-26
I had a hedgehog for about four years. He was the cutest thing you have ever seen. Not many people knew this but he was my best friend. Their very loving animals, but you need to care and nurture them. I would recommend one for people who are ready to make a commitment. I miss Albert very much he was the greatest part in my life.

Jennie - 2008-12-22
I have two hedgehogs. Mine love to be with each other. They are very loving. My boy Oliver (10 months) is going crazy without my girl-Peanut(7 1/2 months), because we now have 4 new little hoglets in our family (3 girls and a little boy). They all seem very well natured and are only 2 1/2 weeks old. Healthy and happy! If anyone has any questions feel free to ask.

Kathleen - 2008-11-11
You know how they always say to keep your other pets away from the hedgie, well my cat once got into his play pen and patted it with his paw. My cat was halfway across my house in two seconds! ever since then my cat never bothers him. My dogs aren't even Interested! I wonder if when they say that they try to protect the other animals from the hedgie and not the other way aroumd? That sure is the way in my house. I mean it is hilarious to watch the hedgehog chase my pets when he's in his ball because the dogs are actualy whining and running away. It's like he's playing tag! And the entire time I'm rolling on the ground laughing my head off. This is one curious and outgoing hedgie. He sure isn't shy!

I love cooper(my hedgie)

fox - 2008-10-24
To the person who asked about hedgehogs and where to get them, try craigslist. or There are always people trying to sell their pets. I rescued my rupert from an animal rescue place since I don't believe in buying animals from petstores.

Steven - 2008-07-28
I would LOVE to get a hedgehog someday but I don't know where to get one. I would like some someone PLEASE to help me. San Diego

SHEA - 2008-03-03
One of my very best friends is getting a hedgehog. She is very exited and can't wait to get one!

christine - 2008-03-01
Don't forget to clip your hedgies nails regularly. This can be time consuming. It is best to try after their bath, and this is sometimes no easy task. Be careful not to clip too short as they will bleed if you cut into the quick.
If you plan on breeding them, get a young animal. If they haven't had their first litter by 18 months of age, they may experience difficulties during the birth.
just a couple hints from a former experienced owner/raiser but not a commercial breeder.

Julia Brown, age 10 - 2008-01-31
Oh, I would LOVE to get a hedgie! They're so sweet and loveable! I aspire to be a hedgie breeder someday...though I know it wouldn't get me much money, but I don't care! Oh, and one suggestion for this site: You should have a section for dogs. I've got a Bichon named Buddy.
NOTE: Dr. Jungle says a dog section is coming within just a few weeks!

Meghan - 2007-10-13
I just bought a hedgehog and named him Sonic. The first day he was very lively and I let him run in our bathroom and underneath my bed. However the 2nd day he wasn't lively at all and was very wobbly on his legs. I ended up taking him back to the pet store to see what was wrong and found out he was very dehydrated. I thought that was what it was because he wasn't drinking out of his water bottle. I don't think he understood how to use it. Anyway he's doing loads better now. I've switched his bottle to a dish and he now drinks from that! He also loves me to pick him up out of his cage and he sleeps beside my body, I think because of the warmth!