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Maggie St.Francis - 2018-04-24
Need baby squirrel 5 to 8 wks for friend for rescue squirrel that getting depressed. Email or txt me 6155098452

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henslyhans - 2018-04-24
Capuchin monkeys available for rehoming Text us at (516) 200-8707 Adorable Capuchin monkeys ready for new loving homes. All vaccinated and vet checked and come with health papers. They are 14 weeks old. Home raised and very social. They are on diapers and bottled fed. Both male and female available and very affordable. contact at (516) 200-8707 .Email us at

Animal-World info on Eastern Gray Squirrel
Animal Story on Eastern Gray Squirrel
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Dawn Colliver - 2018-04-23
Looking for a baby squirrel

ClutchsFamily - 2018-04-20
Looking for a baby squirrel. Looking for ours a forever friend. Please leave contact information below or text me at 1-769-204-2151

Mike - 2018-04-05
Two eastern grey squirrels, m&f, rescues, 4.5 weeks, thriving, available for adoption in west TN. No shipping. Eyes closed, flea free, healthy and happy. Have no intentions of keeping them as pets, only long enough to adopt out. Pickup is local only, no exceptions.

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  • Chris Tull - 2018-04-06
    Still available ?? Chris Tull 731 610-5572 Selmer tn
  • Anonymous - 2018-04-15
    Hello. Are the babies still available? I’ve raised bottle fed Eastern Grays and had one live with me for four years. I have a veterinarian who treats them and regular check ups. Interested in adopting the female but will keep them together if preferred.
  • Dennis - 2018-04-16
    I’m very interested in adopting one of these babies if available. Ours passed last year and it is time for another baby. Please let me know if you still have them.
  • Dennis - 2018-04-16
    I’m in Memphis and have been looking to get another squirrel. Ours passed last year and I think I’m ready to adopt again.
  • Dennis - 2018-04-17
    i forgot to leave my number. 901-481-2079.
  • Lada Aycock - 2018-04-18
    I live in Parsons,would you please consider me,i have experience,a huge cage,freedom to spend all my time with it,and I know completely the amount of work and diet involved. My number is 731-549-0644 thank you. Please text me.
  • Landon - 2018-05-30
    304 250 5436 really need a friend again.. my best friend oast away a few days ago an I know it won't be the same but I want to try with another guy squirrel please I f any one has one pleas let call or text me
  • Rietta - 2018-06-06
    Mike we are in South Western, Ky.
    Tenn is just a drive away. If you are still looking to place your pups in a loving and active exotic home.

    We would love to hand raise a pup. I just recently hand fed a wild tree squirrel at the Parthenon in Nashville. I sat for quite a while waiting on one brave squirrel.

    A female came and took food directly from my hand. Put her teeth on me but didnt bite. It was amazing. Im a retired veteran and am usually at home working with my pets on training. If you still have a baby and want or still need a great home... we are waiting your response. 2704846307
Sanchez - 2018-04-11
i have babies squirrels for sale both male and female available to drive for pickup in CA and i also do shipping and delivery for Persons far from California text me on(909) 589-1328

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Rosero - 2018-04-11
i am Looking forward in selling my 3 babies squirrels they are just so cute for any home. you could drive to pickup the babi in CO. i also will ship for person. Text me on (719) 245-8280

Rosero - 2018-04-10
My mama squirrel just gave birth to cute little babies, am looking to having a new home for them, anyone who could drive to pick up the babies, i also do ship for does won't be able to drive. Text me anytime (719) 245-8280

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Rishikesh Shinde - 2018-03-05
I want lion headed rabbit

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  • Want a lionhead - 2018-04-10
    I also really want a lionhead from Australia. It’s too expensive and difficult to have one shipped from overseas.
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Brian - 2014-11-23
Hello, I am looking to purchase a baby squirrel as a christmas present for my fiance, Melissa. She has raised squirrels and sugar gliders in the past and has 'hinted' that she wants one for christmas. This baby will be going to a great home with lots of love. Please help!!! I am located in Northeastern Massachusetts. Thanks

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  • Spencer - 2015-03-30
    Buy one from me.
  • crystal heuer - 2015-10-11
    @Spencer.....any baby/young squirrels available?
    Thanks in advance!
  • Sara - 2015-10-12
    Can u get anymore. Or have any
  • david - 2015-10-20
    Available $200 6 wk male last one
  • Kishla payne - 2016-05-04
    Hi I am also looking for one or two squirrels age does not matter can anyone help?
  • Sophie - 2016-05-13
    I wish to buy a pet squirrel but i live in the UK. Please anyone help!!
  • Anonymous - 2018-03-25
    Is your squirrel for sale?
  • Nicole - 2017-11-22
    I want to purchase a baby southern flying squirrel or red squirrel can anybody help or refer a good breeder??
  • Chris - 2018-04-09
    Looking to buy a red squirrel for a pet

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