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Johnson - 2018-04-10
My Mama squirrel has given me very beautiful and cute babis squirrel at the moment if anyone is ready to let a babi squirrel to love and care. here is my number (719) 245-8280

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  • Kelly Galus - 2018-05-04
    Looking for baby gray squirrel. I have had one for many yrs but passed away and daughter and i are heartbroken....but im northern pa
  • Anonymous - 2018-05-11
    Do you still need the baby squirrels either male or female, get to us (909) 589-1328
  • Julie Ireland - 2018-05-21
    Do you still have any squirrels for sale?
  • Jonathan Rickerman - 2018-08-15
    Hello, I have a lovely male 1year old non release grey squirrel. I would like to find him a non release female grey squirrel. He is played with daily and has a 9’ tall cage with a 9’ hollow tree section inside of it. If you know of any available female grey squirrels I would be grateful to provide her with an excellent home and lovely partner. I live in Landenberg, PA
Toni Scudero - 2018-08-14
Be careful I’ve been scammed two times and out of a lot of money watch out for area code 909 and they could make up any area code they use Google a lot

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  • Emma Tedrick - 2018-08-14
    Can you please provide the info of who scammed you?

    I've recently lost my little ground squirrel and now I'm ready to fill the emptyness without a squirrel in our house. Please let me know if any one has had any luck with a breeder or any one who has been know to scam people. Thank you in advance!
  • sandra - 2018-08-14
    Hi guys, all i can say is you guys need to be careful i got a squirrel right here from Mr Jeffery and it was successful,his litters were so lovely and playful too. Thank you very much Jeffery Forty my family and I are really happy to meet Lin. If you guys want a Squirrel to buy contact Jeffery forty for healthy babies (252)-381-0703. Thank you guys Be careful with Scams
jeffery - 2018-06-11
Hello everyone,i am new here. my names are Jeffery forty,i live at 1206 McKinley Avenue Denver CO.i am a Quality Control Analyst and i presently have healthy male and female eastern gray squirrels available for sale,email at for more details.

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  • David McKeon - 2018-07-16
    How much are they? I would like to bring two squirrels here because I have several trees that produce nuts that squirrels love to eat but I have no squirrels.
  • nathaniel williams - 2018-06-26
    How much are they
  • Daveigh - 2018-08-12
    Are they still on the market? If so, how much?
  • Halliday - 2018-08-12
    Hello guys am new here,am a disabled Vet wanting to give away my baby grey squirrels out for adoption to anyone here who loves and wants to keep squirrels as pet. Available now is a male and female which are both very healthy and ready to go for more details and pictures i will appreciate if you text or call +12523810703. James Halliday
  • Toni Scudero - 2018-08-14
    Would love to have a baby gray squirrel willing to work on getting one shipped tome
  • James Halliday - 2018-08-14
    Hi you can text or call me at (720) 590-7291,i had two males and a female the males have been taken so right now its just the female available.
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Anna - 2018-05-10
i have southern grey for sale. get to me for price and pickup.

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  • Joshua - 2018-08-01
    Hi I am looking to buy a grey or red squirrel for a pet do you ship how much
  • Mary - 2018-08-03
    please do write me via email so we can talk more ,
Heather Boileau - 2018-06-20
I have raised many squirrels. How much 4 the squirral plus shipping

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  • Mary shakespeare - 2018-06-21
    squirrels available.
    southern and eastern greys
    flying squirrels

    live a text and we call you back
  • Mary shakespeare - 2018-06-21
    please contact for squirrels.
    live a text and we call u
  • Joshua - 2018-08-01
    Hi I’m interested in buying a grey or red squirrel as a pet do you ship how much
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lester - 2018-08-01
We have sugar gliders for sale. We arrange transportation for out of state homes! Babies are individually priced based on sex, color and lineage You can set up appointment to pick yours out in person. live an sms and we will call u back +1 434-233-4396

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Animal Story on Eastern Gray Squirrel
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Jeweli - 2018-06-29
I am looking for a grey, red or fox squirrel. I have recently lost my little fox squirrel of 9 years a few months ago. I am a vet tech and work at a 24 hour Vet Hosp that does exotic's, so she had good health care. I got her on Easter 9 years ago brought into our hospital in an Easter basket found on an egg hunt. We loved her dearly. Please Help.

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  • Anonymous - 2018-07-01
    hi still need the baby squirrels for pickup just leave us message or text (909) 589-1328
  • Jeweli C Wickham - 2018-07-27
    I am still looking alot of fake stuff so far, I want to drive and pick up no shipping for such a fragile creature please email and send pictures U am very much interested getting tired of being fooled.
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groove - 2018-04-27
hi everyone i am Anderson,we have gotten northern and southern flying squirrels available for sale at Colorado

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  • Heather - 2018-04-29
    Any way to get to FL?
  • jeffery - 2018-06-11
    yes sure hit me up at
  • Anonymous - 2018-06-12
    Is it to late
  • Jeweli - 2018-06-30
    Does anyone have any young flying squirrels for sale? I will drive to pick up in person. Please Help! my email
  • Jeff - 2018-07-25
    Do you have baby flying squirrels available and how much if so?

    Thank you, Jeff
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Christina - 2018-07-23
Looking for a baby flying squirrel or a gray squirrel for our family. if you have available or upcoming babies, please email me at with pictures & information.

Toni Scudero - 2018-07-20
Really want to pay for a baby gray squirrel 907-821-8211


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