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Mathew Reeds - 2020-05-16
hello guys so i just wish to inform y'all that I have a new litter of flying squirrels and grey squirrels for sale. They are 6 weeks old and at a perfect age to begin bonding. If you are interested then you can call/text/Whatsapp

+1 ‪(972) 638-9315‬

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  • Melody Lanzatella - 2021-01-11
    Hi! I have been looking and looking for a long time for the red squirrels in the U.S. that have tufted ears. I would be just as happy with and Abert's squirrel,they are gray with tufted ears and larger. I cannot seem to find any breeders! Do you know of any> Thanks! Mel
  • chris - 2020-09-23
    how much are they
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Beth - 2020-05-10
Do you have any flying squirrels available???

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Mathew Reeds - 2020-03-02
hello guys so i just wish to inform y'all that I have a new litter of flying squirrels and grey squirrels for sale. They are 6 weeks old and at a perfect age to begin bonding. If you are interested then you can call/text/Whatsapp

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  • Sherre Swigart - 2020-03-07
    i am very interested in a squirrel, could you pls share the price w me? tu
  • Charlie - 2020-03-08
    Hello!! I am interested in a grey squirrel. female preferred. please contact me by email. thanks. Charlie
  • JerriLynn Burch - 2020-03-16
    I live in texas and i do not want to have a squirrel shipped. I am very interested in a young squirrel i am really not particular about the breed as long as it is very young so that he can bond with me. I had a little flyer and he passed away in january. My cell is 903-922-0347. Thank you
  • Genasis ahonen - 2020-03-16
    Very interested what price range you looking for?
  • Jason Nentwick - 2020-04-29
    Do you still have any and where are you located? You can text me at 859 539-4112
  • greg webb - 2020-05-03
    my family found a baby red squirrel mushroom hunting when I was a kid and we took it home and raised it. after about 8 years and all grown up he ran off one day to explore and he was gone for a couple days. we was driving down the road and he seen us and ran towards our car and he was killed. hands down the best pet ever and I've always wanted another american red squirrel. if anyone has any I would be very interested in having one again.
  • Mathew Reeds - 2020-05-18
    connect with me via WhatsApp @+1(972)6389315
  • John McCarthy - 2020-04-03
    Do you have any baby squirrels for sale and yes how much?
  • Amber Danielle Gardner - 2020-04-04
    I’m interested in adopting a female eastern grey squirrel. I rescued a 2-3 week old whom fell through my roof during a storm last year . Was an amazing experience. She now lives in my backyard happy and healthy .
  • Kristi - 2020-05-06
    Do you still have babies available?
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Larson - 2014-10-30
these rabbits are not purebred because they're papers were never finished but they are very nice rabbits we would like 25 dollars each we have brown white and black.

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  • Sue Reilly - 2014-11-07
    Do you still have the Flemish Giants? Where are you located? I have a white Flemish with blue eyes (Sapphire). I would love to have another. I am an experienced rabbit owner (over 25 years). All of my rabbits are kept in the house with lots of outdoor playtime during the day. Generally, I spoil them rotten!
  • Adaeze - 2020-04-17
    Please I need Flemish gaint rabbits and black giant how can I get it and how much
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SteveJew - 2020-04-10
Interestingly useful info

Nathalie Hunt - 2020-04-08
I am looking for a good home for a wonderful little raccoon. She is completely tamed and loves dogs and people. My friend who has raised her has recipe toy had a special needs child and would like to re home the raccon to where she can get more attention. Any info anyone could give me would be very appreciated (

Roman - 2017-06-20
I'm interested in purchasing a baby raccoon. I live in Chicago area. If you have any information, please reply to my email.

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  • Ben Judy - 2017-09-03
    Raccoons are illegal as pets in Cook County (I live there too) and any vet that is found treating an illegal pet can have their license taken away. You probably can have one if you live outside of Cook County, but please double check the laws. If animal control finds out about an illegal pet, it will probably be euthanized and biopsied for rabies testing.
  • brenda - 2018-01-24
    I live in Canada & it is illegal to own a wild animal. ANY wild animal. However, a couple of stupid people saw 2 tiny baby raccoons in the back seat of an old car at an auction & thought the mother wasn't coming back and stole the babies. 100% sure she was hiding until everyone left. They should have at least waited 24 hours & checked from a distance if she returned. However, there are idiots born every second.

    Anyway, one of the kits came to me after the one person.could no longer have her because they lived in a municipality & I was on a farm. I loved this little raccoon to destruction. She was never in the house but locked in the barn unless I was there until ?5-6 months old. Then she had free rein. She lived on top of the hay bales & even though the house was not that far away, she never came there. I had her over the her 1st winter & would try & play with her everyday. We were very close. But late that next spring she disappeared. I was sick. I was hoping to start working on releasing her in a huge provincial park in the fall. She was beautiful whe she left, probably 40 pounds. She came back a month later, looked TERRIBLE & had probably lost half her weight. I think she had found a mate because she then made a "nest" so to speak in our Quonset & really didn't want much to do with anyone. I had 2 young Grandaughters & we were constantly at the barn as we had horses etc. I had to release her to a zoo. It broke my heart.

    PLEASE for the animals sake DO NOT GET a pet raccoon . They are adorable for about 8 months but then they become what nature intended them to be. Mine was not mean and nasty but might have become so if she had young.
  • Flossie Edenfield - 2020-04-06
    Please contact me please sir I love racoon had are 1 year he is missing
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Linda Clark - 2011-08-31
I raise and show chinchillas and, with attention, they do get along with other animals. I have one who sits on the back of my Seal-Point Himalayan cat and they watch TV. A cat and a rodent. Who would guess. I have one chinchilla, "Buddy" featured on YouTube "Buddy the Chinchilla Playing Dead" who is a certified therapy animal and goes to nursing homes, hospices, schools, etc. They can be wonderful pets with enough attention.

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  • Rhonda Elliott - 2011-09-07
    Hi Linda Clark,

    It's me, Rhonda Elliott, the owner of the Peace Corps chinchilla, Zoey, that you are caring for. I tried emailing you at your cascadechins email address but it didn't go through. So hopefully, I can connect with you this way. It's been about a year since I was last in the Seattle area, I really miss Zoey. I'm sorry I haven't been able to email you until now. I hope she is doing fine and treating you and your other chinchillas well. If you have taken any recent photos of her I would love to see them. I really want to see how she is doing. I miss her soooo much! I hope you are also doing well and staying healthy there. I have a little over another year here in the Philippines. I keep myself pretty busy here with work. Anyways, look forward to hearing from you. Take care!
  • Linda Clark - 2012-04-05

    I don't even know how I found this. I've only been on this website once. I have looked high and low for your e-mail and could not find it. I don't know how to soften this, but Zoey passed away a few months ago. I'll look at my calendar and let you know the date. Okay, I can now almost see the tears in your eyes. She was everyone's favorite the way she would lay unside down on her wheel. I don't know what happened. She was always very healthy and loved in my care. She was fine one day and the next I noticed she didn't come for her treat. I picked her up and held her in my arms. She was lethargic. I think she may have had a stroke (not uncommon in chins). She did not die alone, she was in my arms and I told her that her Mom (you) loved her so much. She went quickly and peacefully. I am so sorry. She was a great chin. Please e-mail me at My heart hurts sending you this e-mail. I will find any pictures I have of her and keep them for you or attempt to send them to you. Let me know what your e-mail is.
    I am so sorry!!!!! She definitely loved you.

  • nicci king - 2012-05-18
    i love chinchillas
  • Caz - 2015-05-26
    Awww that is such a sad story. At least the little chin was well loved and had a good life.
  • Zoey - 2018-02-19
    Are chinchillas meant to be pets our are they captured?
  • Joshua Alderson McDonald - 2020-03-10
    Chinchillas are bred worldwide. I don't think there any captured chinchillas being kept as pets.
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Drew hebner - 2019-06-03
I have American red squirrel heb

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  • Jessica - 2020-03-06
    How do I get ahold of a squirrel do you have a phone number
Anonymous - 2017-09-29
I am very interested on buying a pet squirrel. Where can I get one?

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  • Anonymous - 2020-02-16
    you can contact Mathew Reeds his phone #(972) 638-9315‬

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