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More info at Animal-World - 2021-01-18
Hand raised squirrels available for sale.
Comes with Complete kit.
We have the following breeds
Southern Flying and
Eastern Grey Squirrels.
Contact for prices and availability.
Pickup and also shipping available to out of state homes.
Email us at

Rachel Tribble - 2021-01-18
My pet squirrel just passed away on 1/17/21. He was our baby my dog found him when Palmer was 4 weeks old. He was 10 years and 5 months old when he passed yesterday.
He out lived my 2 dogs that found him. They thought he was their puppy. He had full range of the inside house. We are already lost with out our Palmer.
If you know of any one that has a baby grey squirrel in SW Florida Ft Myers, Cape Coral or Naples. Call Rachel or Clayton Tribble 239-257-2713.

Muller Renee - 2020-09-30
I have a male and female eastern gray squirrel for a new home. I prefer rehoming them together not as a pair. They are hand tamed and hand raised from birth. Email:

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  • Rachel Tribble - 2021-02-10
    My grey squirrel was 4 weeks when we found him.
    His name was Palmer he lived in our house all the time. He was our baby and he knew his name.
    He passed away at the age of 10 years and 5 months old on January 17th, 2021
    We miss him so much. We are lost without him. My husband is retired and I still work in the NICU at Golisano Children's Hospital in Ft Myers, FL Our two dogs that found him in the yard helped raise him but they passed away before Palmer did. Do you still have the squirrels in your email? If so where are you located?
    I'm Rachel Tribble we live in Cape Coral, Fl across the bridge from Ft Myers.My number is 239-292-5685 cell number, and my husband is Clayton Tribble 239-257-2713 We have lived in Florida 36 years.Thank you, Rachel
  • Rachel Tribble - 2021-02-10
    Call me Rachel Tribble or my husband at home Clayton Tribble 239-257-2713
    Our squirrel passed away on 1/17/21.
    He was 10years and 5 months old. Our dog found him in the yard when he was 4 weeks old. Our dogs helped raise him. He roamed all over the house and slept in his 4 level cage at night. His name was Palmer. Our dogs that found him passed away in 2016 and 20018. We are heart broken without our Palmer. We live in Cape Coral Florida for the last 36 years. across the bridge from Ft Myers. My husband is retired and I still work in the Golisano Hospital in Ft Myers.cell phone 239-292-5685 call Clayton 239-257-2713 Thank you
  • Alex - 2020-11-18
    The squirrels available
  • Carol Fankhauser - 2021-01-21
    I am looking for baby squirrels. We had one for two years but it passed away.We loved him so much ,he was part of our family . We definitely want another one of two .
  • April Hunter - 2021-01-28
Brandi Williams - 2020-10-25
I will like too buy two squirrel's a red on and a gray one my gmail is Is $200 a Nuff if not gmail me ok

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mandi - 2004-11-06
Hello. my name is Mandi. I have a barn and every night i put all my cats
away and the racoon that i call rocky is always in there to. he comes in
and sleeps and eats cat food. I see him eat out of the same cat dish as the cats they have a friendship. In the middle of the night some times he opens the door and gets in. he is usually in there at about nine oclock . Today when i got home from work i walked in the barn and he was sleeping on the pile of boxes. He is really beautiful and i wish i could pet him but, i dare not because he is wild. but i have seen how friendly he is to the cats and i kind of want one as a pet. My friends Mom had a racoon that used to sleep in bed with her like a dog and use the litter box and every thing.

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  • Amanda Wilson - 2020-10-23
    Does your boy racoon want a lady friend?? Lmk thank you
Mary - 2019-09-05
I have a 14 year old female raccoon who is definitely part of the family. She has never been caged and liv s very well with our small dog and cat. Litter trained and does not go outside as I worry about her contracting disease. She has never been sick.
That being said though she has low quite a bit of wait this summer. She is still eating well and is healthy on her wise from what I can see.
Any thoughts on the weight loss? Is it due to old age?

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  • Amanda Wilson - 2020-10-23
    Do you want to adopt our pet racoon?? She is 4 or 5
Amanda Wilson - 2020-10-23
My kids dad brought a baby raccoon home and I bottle fed it and shes healthy.. probably about 4 or 5 years old. I have 2 kids, one being a year old. I dont have the best living conditions for racoon to be happy and shes becoming too much to handle.. i feel terrible because i probably should've brought her to wildlife rehabilitation but I didnt and now I want to find her a home. Maybe someone on here can help or wants to adopt her. I live in Florida

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  • Samantha - 2021-03-30
    Bring her to ky and I'll take her
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Joseph David - 2020-10-23
I'm looking for a male Himalayan Rabbit with black ears

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sammie - 2018-12-02
Please Help, I am looking to buy a leaf muntjac deer, and am willing to travel where ever to purchase one. Could you please email me your information, and some of your own personal opinions about them and how you would prefer for them to be taken care of (preference in diet, living area, etc.) my email is Thank you Sammie

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  • heck - 2020-10-20
    go to el savlador they hve 200 for sale
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Mathew Reeds - 2020-09-07
New litter of squirrels available now. They are 8 weeks old and at a perfect age to begin the bonding process with their new families.

Interested then kindly text

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  • joe - 2021-05-26
    I would like to purchase 10 squirrels for my pet alligator.
  • Samantha Bones - 2020-10-14
    Interested. Email or mobile number is (440)4139017

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