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Hassam - 2018-11-04
I want to purchase 5 pairs of English Angora Rabbit. Would you please assist me in order to buy and to import to Pakistan?

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  • Jim Hammond - 2018-11-06
    If you are still interested in the rabbits then send me an email via thanks
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Hector - 2016-09-26
I have a pair of baby eastern gray squirrels for sale. A boy and girl. Will sell both for $150 plus shipping or one for $100 plus shipping. They are 6 weeks old and have been weaned off the bottle and are eating rodent blocks, peanuts, etc.

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  • Holly Hedlund - 2016-09-30
    Hi Hector - Where do you live? We'd love at least one gray squirrel and it sounds like you've got two beauties! Are they still available? We live in Lincoln MA - on 2 acres adjacent to conservation land. We're rescuers of all types of animals and have rescued and rehabilitated 2 squirrels in the past only to wish we would have kept one :(. Our zip code is 01773. I can be reached at 773.255.6104. Very very interested!!! Best - Holly
  • heather - 2016-09-30
    Hello i have tried to contact you several times about trying to buy one or both of your squirrels. i would really love to have them and they would have a great home. please get back in touch with me please and let me know if you still have them or if i can get one. My home number is 912 839 4843. you can call anytime
  • Kelly Maglio - 2016-10-20
    Wondering if your squirrels are still available?
  • KELLEY KEE - 2016-10-10
    Hello hectar very interested in one of your babies. If still available please contact me. Would love to find out more. Thank you
  • Mackenzie - 2016-10-23
    Please i was wodring if i could buy them my squirrel just died and he was my best friend and i really want another one please
  • Matt - 2016-11-19
    Do you still have any squirrels available
  • Jordy herndon - 2016-12-17
    Hi my name is Jordy Herndon. I am very interested in giving a loving home to both of your babies I have a big heart and my boyfriend and I would certainly enjoy some new additions to our family! Our animals are our kids.
Anis Kafo - 2018-09-06
6 weeks old Baby Eastern squirrels for sale. I have a pair one male one female. They have been weaned off of their bottle and are now eating rodent blocks and drinking water from the bottle. You can choose the female for $150 plus shipping or male for $100 plus shipping. I prefer to sell them both together but it's ok if you just want one. They will be shipped over night shipping via Delta. We accept money orders, PayPal, or western union. For more info text (630) 412-1443 or email me via

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  • Dustin Hofinger - 2018-09-17
    im definitely interested please call or text386-479-0386 thank you
  • Amy - 2018-09-08
    We have contacted this person via email and text, seemed legit as he replied. Asked to ship the squirrels however we lived close to his location and we did not want them to be shipped, we wanted to pick them up. We had it set up to meet with him and he never responded with the exact location. After multiple text messages and phone calls we gave up and went back to our home 2 hours away! Very upset as we just lost our squirrel and wanted to love 2 new babies! Appears to be a scam???
  • Anonymous - 2018-09-10
    Hi I was interested in the male and also what age they are? Also how much is shipping to Austin texas?
  • Anis Kafo - 2018-09-11
    You know I am 100% legit and I apologized for not responding because I had a family emergency.
  • Kister - 2018-10-13
    SCAMMER......Anis is a scammer, those stories are false. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SITE!! I have reported to FBI, everyone needs to tell the true and report to FBI!
Celine - 2018-08-08
Hey guys new litters available 5males and 3females making a total of 8 adorable baby,interested buyers should please text or call me via +17205907291. Thank you guys

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  • Lisa - 2018-08-12
    Hi. Im looking for a female squirrel. Thank you
  • Melissa - 2018-09-07
    Any squirrels left.
  • Kay Evett - 2018-09-25
    I'm interested in a female if still available.
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Lisa St.Clair - 2018-10-05
I have dwarf hotot rabbits for sale. I'm in Mew Braunfels, TX.

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Alisha - 2018-10-03
I have 1 girl and 3 boy ferret kits still available for reservation from my summer ferret litter that will ready for new homes in a few weeks. Their parents are a large champagne male and their albino mother on the smaller side, both parents are unrelated and originally imported from the US. The kits will be handled, socialized, had baths, started on litter training and had first rounds of flea, mite and worm prevention treatments. These kits are raised, fed and weaned naturally, mostly on raw turkey/chicken including bones and organs with some all meat canned and grain free kibble. Do a search on how the ferret mills really breed/feed and fix the ferrets sold in stores and the all the health problems that result and you will see why this a big difference in the health and well being of the kits! De-scenting is a needless surgery, ferrets don't spray and it does nothing in reducing their smell, females smell much less then males though and a proper diet help a lot as well! A good diet and an occasional bath goes a long way, and neutering in males if you feel it needed. If local I have a couple starter packages available that include a gently used starter cage, good for training wile they are young or if free roaming in a room but otherwise should have a larger size once they get older, and the smaller cage used for travel, cleaning etc. pack prices will vary based on the cage and will include; cage, water bottle, food dish, safe litter, litter box, hammock, shampoo, and some toys. I am also making some custom cages for my own ferrets with galvanized wire mesh and could possibly make a specific size or multi level design if wanted, sides can be either 1'x1' or 1'x2' with levels being 1/2'x1/2' galvanized after welded wire since it is more resistant to rust though it can be covered with linoleum or a fleece liner if you wish. Price will depend on size/levels/metal or plastic pan and number of doors you want. Send me an idea of what design you want and I can give you an idea on cost:-). Kits will be $220 each, with a deposit of $100 to reserve a kit, threw E-transfe etc. I can meet in the lower mainland of Naperville, possibly further, Or ship within US using Delta Cargo which costs about $130 for the flight and shipping crate for 1 or 2 kits.. Email or txt with any questions via Thanks

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Amy - 2009-07-06
Hi my name is Amy And i have a question about ferrets. I don't have a ferret yet but i am thinking about getting one. so can someone tell me should i get a ferret. I honestly don't mind there smell and having to give them bathes every week but if someone can help me please add your comment to animal world under Ferrets. Thanks so much!

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  • edna - 2012-03-26
    Hi Amy I'm Edna and I love ferrets. They are some cute pets. I just bought me a baby ferret and he is 3 months and brown and white. I'm wondering if you are intrested in giving him a good home? I'm more them welcome to give him to you. The reazon I'm giving him away he is more different then my others I have a hard time cleaning under my bed lol. He takes my clothes and plastic anything thats shiny he will hide. I'm not at the house much so I can't look over him any more. Please if you are still intrested msg me thank you.
  • Christian Hill - 2016-06-26
    Ferrets can be great pets if you are willing to deal with their every day needs. Most ferrets need lots of atention and don't like being left alone for extended periods of time so if you have a job or most of your time is taken then you might want to consider getting a second ferret. If you get a ferret you should probably block off all cords,wires, and other electrical devices because ferrets like to knaw on diffrent things so blocking them will give your ferret a longer and better life.
  • Belstaff Jacket Men - 2016-12-13
    Its like you read my thoughts! You appear to know a lot about this, such as you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with some % to force the message home a little bit, however instead of that, this is magnificent blog. A great read. I'll definitely be back.
  • Crash N Burn The Ferrets - 2018-09-30
    You should not wash ferrets once a week that will make their oder stronger and make them dry I wash mine once a month and yes ferrets are wonderful pets I ❤❤❤ love mine 2.
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Alana - 2018-04-25
I am looking for a dwarf hotot breeder in the DFW OR Waco area, please contact me if anybody knows of any!

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  • Anonymous - 2018-05-28
    Taylor Farm's Rabbitry in Ferris. They have a Facebook page. Also Rachel's Rabbitry in Aubrey.
  • Lisa St.Clair - 2018-09-30
    Hello. I am trying to sale 3 does 13 weeks old and a senior doe. If interested please let me know.
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tara - 2018-09-25
Hi, I am looking for a 6 wk old flyer for a pet from a reputable and quality breeder in the Ohio area. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know! Thank you!

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Anonymous - 2017-07-24
They don't say how to feed them.

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