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   The Three-toed Box Turtle is just that, an eastern box turtle that almost always has just three toes on its hind feet!
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Monica - 2017-06-11
Box turtle for sale male I think

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  • David Salas - 2020-05-01
    I am interested in buying
Kimie Vitela - 2011-03-24
Anyone want to buy a three toed box turtle I have 2, 1 boy and 1 girl.

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  • S. Crochet - 2011-04-14
    Do you still have the box turtles? How old are they? How much do you want for them?
  • Sally - 2011-05-19
    Interested in purchasing them if still available. Thanks! Sally
  • Gina Johnson - 2011-05-27
    I would love to buy one! Please email me if available:) thx Kimie!
  • teri kelly - 2011-07-29
    I am interested in the male. Is it still available? How much are you asking? email me at
    thank you
  • manny - 2011-08-27
    How much?
  • mike - 2012-02-04
    do you still have turtles and how much
  • joann - 2012-02-22
    I have 2 females and I am looking for another female and male, so this is perfect. Are they still available?
  • rose - 2012-06-08
    If you still have any box turtles, probably not, then I am interested. Thanks, Rose,
  • Anonymous - 2014-09-05
    Do you still breed the three toed turtles
  • erica - 2014-09-09
    pls email me or call me on am desperate to find a female three toed for my 'Oscar' thank you 773-490-4669
  • Josh - 2015-01-04
    I need a female ASAP! Please respond
  • jimmy perry - 2016-03-09
    Yes do you still have them
  • David Salas - 2020-05-01
    I'm interested is he still available?
LAbri Caro - 2018-07-05
I will adopt him or by him as long as you're sure it's a male.

Margaret - 2014-07-29
I found a 3 toe male box turtle in the cement gully behind our home We are in So Cal is this native to the area No neighbor is claiming him he is eating worms and has water and green lettuce He didn't like melons can I release him?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-08-05
    No, he is not native to So. California, so must have been someone's pet. Please don't release him, rather take him to a pet store that deals in reptiles. They should be able to take him in and find a new home for him.
  • erica - 2014-09-09
    pls contact me 773-490-4669 I will be willing to even pay for shipping I have a three toed box male turtle that is very lonely and I haven't gotten any good luck on finding any in Illinois.
  • Linda - 2017-09-14
    I also found a 3 toed box turtle,a female,who has been with us for about 6 years now.We also live in So. Cal.,and no she's not a native.So don't release the one you found, because his chances for survival are slim at best.If you are not going to keep him please contact me,my myrtle is lonely.She likes to eat corn,pears,mangos,and her all time favorite is snails.We rescued her from a waste water outlet,and she had 4 holes that someone had drilled into her side,that took 3 years to heal.She's very shy,and spends a lot of time hiding.
MARK DEANGELIS - 2016-05-01
Looking for a pair of eastern box turltes to raise them and put them back in the wild can anybody sell me a pair please! ! Get back to us mdeangelisb@gmail. Com

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  • C.H.D Exotics - 2017-03-18
    It is illegal to breed C.B. EBT's and release them into the wild.
mark Kerr - 2015-04-18
I would like to buy a female three toed box turtle.

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  • mark - 2016-05-01
    did you find your female and where did you get it I am looking for a pair of eastern box!!
vincent latella - 2015-02-16
Looking for a three toed box turtle

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  • MARK DEANGELIS - 2016-05-01
    I would love a pair. Mdeangelisb@gmail. Com
Christy Barnes - 2015-04-08
I have recently acquired several Box Turtles. They are all special needs. One has a cracked shell, there have been some repairs done, he is doing well.  then there is stumpy the three legged one, he is the most active of the turtles.  Then there is a little one with the front of the hard shell chewed on.  Then there is the last one some one has drilled a hole in the shell to put him on a chain.  I need to find a substance to mend the shell on the cracked shell and to stop up the hole on the last one any suggestions??? 

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-04-09
    Turtle shells can often be mended with great success. The California Turtle & Tortoise Club, in their article Shell Repair in Chelonians, describe a technique where you use a fiberglass cloth patch applied with an epoxy resin. Wish your little guys all the best!
Clayton F - 2010-10-16
I have a three-toed box turtle who when we purchased was said to be bearing eggs she is very large at the rear and is not overfed we have had her for 2-3 months and nothing does she need to go through a hibernation stage or is it best to keep on keepen on? I would appreciate any help. Thanks

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  • Ron Simmons - 2011-04-18
    Do you still have them and if so please email me. My sons would like to have them.
  • Ron Simmons - 2011-04-18
    Do you still have them and if so please email me. My sons would like to have them.
  • alicia - 2011-04-26
    How much do either of You want for them?
  • Sally - 2011-05-19
    Interested in purchasing your box turtles if still available. Thanks! Sally
  • Redfeather54 - 2013-09-02
    A box turtle especially the 3 toed can mate with a male one time and retain the eggs up to 4 years inside her. She releases them as she sees fit. Aren't you glad humans are not like this?
Tina - 2012-08-05
We just purchased a 3 year old box turtle. I believe she is a 3 toed turtle (Arkansas) The couple I purchased her from did not know the species. She is trying to hibernate and keeps trying to hide in and under the dirt. I am learning to care for her via the intranet. She is eating pellets that came with her and occasionally I put fruit or lettuce. Anyone with suggestions please let me know. I was wondering if I use tap water is that dangerous for her health?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-08-05
    Just scroll up in this Animal World article for the various foods for your fella.  If the tap water is OK for you, should be fine for the turtle.  If it is city water - it is already tested.  If it is well water, you can have it tested if you wish. 
  • Julie - 2012-10-05
    It is important for three toed box turtles to also have worms or crickets. Red worms or grubs work fine. You can even buy worms at most Walmarts in the fishing dept. They also love strawberry's, watermelon & leafy greens. Fruits should be in moderation. They also like a humidity & should be provided a wading pool . Good luck!