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   A pair of these Pig-nosed Turtles or "Fly River" Turtles in a large (100 gallons or more) glass aquarium makes a scenic display. Watching them swim through a field of Vallisneria plants is breathtaking!
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Adrian - 2009-02-16
I just purchased a baby fly river seems that he doesn't eat anything. I gave him (frozen worms, pellets, grapes) for almost two days. He is always sleeping and burying himself under the sands. What shall I do?

jon - 2008-08-21
Hi, I bought my pig nose turtle as a little baby measuring 5cm. It has outgrown my aquarium and is enjoying my backyard pond with a few mates; a brazillian turtle, a 1m arapaima gigas, a florida gar, and a couple of cat fish. I never thought it could get to its current size, 45cm shell, and is doing well feeding on plant debris, fish, pellets, and plants surrounding the pond. I agree, it is one of the most interesting looking turtles I've seen. Cheers

shemeka - 2007-11-30
The pig- nosed turtle is very soft.

Erik - 2006-11-02
I have recently aquired a 10 inch specimen named Bob by his previous owners. He is doing quite well in a 240 gallon aquarium. Tank mates include two three inch angels and two two inch Boesmani rainbow fish. I've had no problems with Bob harrassing any of his tank far. He did, however, trash the few live plants I had.