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  The 'leaf mimicing' Matamata is truly one of the world's most unusual turtles!
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Scott - 2019-10-29
Looking for young mata mata turtle

MIKEY - 2014-05-01
The matamata turtle looks like lavos from chrono trigger.

John Lee - 2011-03-13
When I and my dad got a MataMata Turtle he was as heavy as a piece of paper. He is now very hardy and eats from your hand. In the Book Tophero Son of Smilodon there is a matamata turtle and is a really good book. BTW the families matamata is named T-rex :)

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  • G.S - 2014-01-12
john - 2012-06-11
Where can I get one of these guys?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-11
    You really can't.  I is illegal to bring them into the United states from South America.  Some folks do try but they are not available in the pet market.
  • Shawn Handley Jr. - 2012-07-23
    you can sometimes get them at reptile expos
  • Mata mata - 2013-10-31
    Email if interested.. [email protected]
TAN JOON HOW - 2007-11-24
I've acquired a male chelus fimbriatus about 2 years ago & it's growing well ( approx. 8" carapace now ). I have no problems keeping him as he's quite a hardy turtle. He eats lots of small fish ( up to 4" ) and it never fails to amaze me everytime he eats with their signature "suction" killer style!
I hope to get a female and try breeding in the near future. To everyone out there keeping matamatas, please do share success stories on captive breeding. TQ!

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  • Don Masholie - 2011-01-19
    I have a male Matamata turtle. I have had him almost 3 years now. He loves to eat Bala Sharks. I have seen him devour 8 Bala Sharks in a matter of minutes. I take him to the vet regularly, he had a case of Hook worms, but after 2 worming treatments he was cured from the Hook Worms. I change his water 2-3 times a week.
Nicole - 2010-11-30
Can you put more information? I need some for my science! It is very important that I get a good grade!

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  • Ralph - 2011-01-03
    They like pickles.
Saki Osakura - 2007-03-06
hi! i have a pet Matamata at home, and all i ever feed it is frozen fish. i find it so cool!