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Indian Ornamental Tarantulas are one of the most beautiful, fascinating tarantulas in the hobby!
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Spiderman - 2013-02-22
I have many exotic pets. They enjoy our interactions during feedings. I give them all large cages with live plants and the best possible environment. The less I handle them the happier and more comfortable they become. Why does every pet have to be scratched behind the ear or be taught to say 'polly wants a cracker'. Don't say it's for anybody's safety.

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  • Anonymous - 2019-10-20
    What live plants do you use im loooking to make a tank with live plants for my indian oremental
  • Cody T Clarkson - 2020-05-02
    I would be interested in knowing as well. I imagine plants native to there region.
Anonymous - 2008-08-19
the indian ornimental spider should not eat the crickets with there shells on !

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  • Mike Jabbs - 2012-02-09
    So do you wait for crickets that are molting and offer those? That would be very inconvenient
  • chuck - 2014-06-09
    why not? I have had mine 3 years and she has had no problem with the shells.
  • John Raybould - 2017-02-24
    That's the daftest thing I've ever herd lol
Moe Rosca - 2006-09-19
I had this spider for a month. the day i got it i tried to hold it and it bit me. i had to go to the hospital, it's bitten me 5 times at least. i sold it to a guy who killed it accidentally because it bit him, and he had an allergic reaction to its
venom and he almost died! so i held a chilean rose-haired tarantula and it never tried to bite me, it rocks. so i suggest the chilean rose-haired tarantula but what ever you do, never...EVER...EVER get an ornamental tree spider.

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  • John Green - 2013-07-21
    These spiders are sweet hearts. They are just shy. There have been no deaths from tarantula bites. The chances of being bit by a tarantula are very rare. The chances of severe side effects from a bite of this genus are significantly low against the number of bites. Moreover, tarantulas will warn you several times before they actually bite.
  • Arachnafaria - 2013-09-20
    Never pick up a tarantula unecessarily. Owned spiders for years. Never needed to pick one up. They aren't cuddly pets. Now a very beautiful tarantula has been killed unecessarily because people can't resist picking up a tarantula. Before you ever purchase any pet (whether it's a tarantula, dog, cat or anything else) DO YOUR RESEARCH! Indian orantmentals are well known for biting. Several Old World tarantulas are biters as they don't flick hairs as a form of defense.
  • chuck - 2014-06-09
    never ever had a problem with mine and its been 3 years.
  • Anonymous - 2014-09-09
    This is why we need to do research and actually know how to care for tarantulas before getting into old worlds. Old worlds are not meant to be handled. As a matter of fact I handle none of them. That post is 8 years old but there are still people out there who have no experience with tarantulas and they try to handle OW. Major lack of common since.
  • Anne-Marie Harris - 2015-01-18
    This is why you do not handle a p.regalis, they are known for biting and being venomous, of course a Chilean rose will not bite unless you agitate it but as a guy above said it is not necessary to hold tarantulas and they don't like it or get anything out of being handled. I would advise only experienced spider owners get true spiders, I have one and have experience and even get nervous trying to get her into another tank to clean her tank. These kinds of spiders are not ones you want to mess with and most likely won't give as much warning before they bite as a new world spider would.
  • john - 2015-11-27
    ive been collecting tarantulas for over 22 years now and its a proven fact u cant have an allergic reaction too a tarantula bite u can get nasty symptoms from pokie bites old world tarantulas the s calceteam dont know if ive spelt that right its common name is feather leg baboon has the most potent venom of any tarantula and the symptoms can last up too 3 weeks nausia flu like symptoms hallucinations aching joints but it is not possible to have an allergic reaction to a tarantula bite the proteins in there venom dont affect our histamines like bee and wasp stings can i no this isnt about this subject but some people still believe were its legal too feed live mice that u shouldnt give them mice cos all the calcium in the mouse will make the tarantulas exo skeleton to hard ant it wont be able to molt so will die during moulting thats rubbish as well think about how many tarantulas eat mice in the wild every know and then or the t blondi or the t apophysis or t stirmi a medium amount of there diet in the wild is small rodents and they do fine its common sense
  • James Popov - 2015-12-29
    do your research, idiot. never hold a Poecilotheria.
Alyssa Robbins - 2015-02-17
I have a mature female Indian Ornamental who was given to me and shes a lot more..tarantula than I think I can handle. I'm looking into selling her to someone who's experienced with her breed. Also how much is she worth?

Anonymous - 2013-01-01
I have had a number of exotic animals in my care and I must agree with the the comment that one must take animals on a case by case basis. Because the indian ornamental is an arboreal species, it stands to reason that most of their food comes to them on the fly, so to speak. Therefore many times their bites are reactive. Some species are plainly better off not handled if one can avoid. Just because you can hold a spider doesn't necessarily mean that one should.

CMM - 2012-08-23
I've been in the what some would call exotic animal hobby. I've had snakes since I was 5. Geckos, frogs, mantids, etc etc etc. I've been keeping tarantulas for a decade now and had everything from a king baboon, to 8 kinds of pokeys, and even a few new world terrestrials. I've always heard of the nasty temperaments and even worse toxicity of the poecilotheria species. With my experience with snakes I've learned that there are individuals that go against the typical norm temperamental wise. And the same can more than likely be said for Ts. It's really a case by case understanding. I've had snakes who are supposed to be nasty and aggressive ad they were quite the opposite. And vice versa. Same with so called 'beginner' tarantulas. I've experienced rose hairs worse than my king. Basically in short I would never recommend holding or handling your pokeys simply of the danger to the tarantula, but also the danger of the venom. I unintentionally held my P. Rufilata. I took my eyes off her enclosure while feeding next thing I knew she was on my hand. She never once skittishly ran or became aggressive. I held her for a few minutes and put her back she was quite the doll. Still never held her again though! She was a big girl lord knows the venom she held. So, CASE BY CASE. INDIVIDUAL BY INDIVIDUAL.

ian - 2012-06-30
The indian ornamental tarantula or poecilotheria regalis is no joke and not a good spider for amatures. It is how ever one cool and very intertaning tarantula and is one of the high lights of my collection. I own some other agressive and dangours spiders such as an obt, orange baboon tarantula. The obt bit me and my hand swelled up and my arm felt like it was on fire for a whole day it sucked, but it is nothing compaired to what an indian ornamental will do to you so don't mess with him as he will cause severe pain for a long time and it will make you cry.

Mikey Bigs - 2008-04-15
My indian ornamental is very shy. He doesn't really come out from this log. When I feed him he kills the crickets and leaves them. Never really eats them. I want to put him into a 20 gallon.

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  • Kisha - 2010-12-14
    More likely sounds like he's getting ready to molt.
Alexander - 2010-03-14
The venom is no joke. There is a story today in the newspaper about a Norwegian who got completely paralyzed in the body and had to be hospitalized for 4 days, and he suffered kidney problems for a year after being bitten..

sabastian - 2009-05-03
I just got my indian ornamental about a week ago and I am in love with it.
It is so mildly tempered I have already held her plenty of times. I'm not worried about it biting me one bit. She's about 6 1/2 inches, and extremely gorgeous!

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  • Beth Death - 2010-02-22
    You should never handle an Indian Ornamental! If it is that docile I would be worried about its health. I have 9 tarantulas, mostly non-handleable... Cobalt (Adolph; a violent f-er), GBB, 2 OBTs (Usambara Baboons; from Africa... Orange Bitey Things for short), a Goliath, a Rose hair (OK to handle), 2 Chacos (also OK) and Kali, my Ornamental. I have been keeping tarantulas for close to 10 years, and until the girl at the pet store knew that, she tried to talk me out of buying Kali, because they are such a fast and aggressive species. WHEN, not IF you do get bitten... won't kill you; but it will hurt like hell for about a month.