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The King Baboon Tarantula is a bad tempered spider... letting anyone and everyone know it!
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Stephen m Brown - 2018-08-11
Hello! I know there are a few tarantulas that can be housed together, would the king Baboon be one of these?

Ste Hendrick - 2009-02-24
hi I've just obtained a baby baboon, and I'm wondering what you guys think is the best way to provide moisture. I've read two conflicting methods, one source tells me to keep them quite dry (more so than other Ts) and another tells me to keep them above 85% humidity. Whats your input?

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  • Frank - 2013-10-14
    I advise that your substrate be moist enough just to the point that it shows moisture on the inside of the glass below the substrate line. Also keep water available at all tmes. At times, I may 'mist' the aquarium if the moisture starts to go away....
Susie Parker - 2007-08-18
I find it unbelievable that anyone would have such a creature living in their home! I am a severe arachnaphobic!

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  • TK75 - 2013-03-28
    I can't believe you could be that afraid of something so much smaller and weaker than you. It's not like its a highly venomous spider like a Black Widow or Sydney Funnelweb. Your much more likely to get hurt by a dog or horse. Are you afraid of those too?
harri hiltunen - 2012-06-27
king baboon is rare species.when you disturbing spider, that keep hissing sound . like a cat. front legs is curved.

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  • Andrew - 2012-08-07
    How agressive would you say a pink babbon spider would be I have owned a chili rose and a black trapdoor but  I want a more active spider
got the bug - 2009-02-23
Hi again, gotta say I have this species and many other baboons and tbh, they are very mis-understood. These are not aggresive t's but more on the defensive side. They would prefer to run away than bite but will definitely bite if cornered.
As for being scared of spiders, I can speak from experience it is quite easy to pass. I used to be terrified of spiders but my partner really wanted one, so one day when I felt brave, I got my partner a curlyhair spiderling. I kept this on my computer desk and watched it day & night and after a few week of interest and reasearch I found myself the one who wanted spiders. It's now maybe a year on from that point and I have well over a hundred different species, many of which are supposed to be aggresive. But believe me, baboons ain't nothing compared to culyhair's, lol. I am far more scared of our curlyhair than I am of any of my baboons or pokies.
My advice as far as aggressiveness is concerned is that take no notice. I have so called aggressive t's that are relatively docile so to speak, and a few t's (e.g chille rosea & curlyhair) that are nasty. They will jump at my hand at the drop of a hat.
Like humans they all have their own personalities!

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  • Bedlom - 2011-03-12
    I have to tell you 'GOT THE BUG' you don't know what your on about, yes tarantulas can develop there own temperament's i.e I have a chillian rose hair who will NOT ever let you handle her moody cow, but to say that curlyhairs are more aggressive than a king baboon is not true,
    I have two king baboon's one adult and a recently bought baby and have kept curlyhairs in the past so I know what I am talking about,
    the king baboon is NOT for beginners that is a fact it is an extremely aggressive species if disturbed (like most tarantulas)
    the only other species I have kept that is just as aggressive as the king baboon is the Thailand black.
    Curlyhairs are perfect beginner tarantula's.
    But aggression should not swayed someone into buying one out of all the tarantulas I have owned chillian roses still make the best pets.
  • James Carr - 2011-06-20
    That is not true... King baboons are in general very very aggressive! I've been biten and injected with venom by one. It ambushed my hand the aggressive thing!
Holly Adams - 2009-11-11
Hi! I just got my Guyana Pink Toed young male home tonight. I really wanted a female, but will get to know this guy just as well. He is about 1 1/2" long and I made a arboeral tank for him with the live plants, vines, water with a rock in it and substrate (not anything with chemicals in it). Still haven't named him yet, thought of Flash, because he moves rather quickly..hmm good name. Ok, so it's Flash. Flash is my first pet tarantula and I am already looking forward to getting a Chilean Beauty after having Flash around for awhile. I guess you can say this empty-nester still loves having kids around..Hopefully, soon my husband and I will have a blog or website about our managery of animals and reptiles to share with everyone else, should be lots of fun, at least to me. Good luck to us all with these aricnid friends!!

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  • Anonymous - 2011-10-12
    Hello, I can relate to you enthusiasm. I got my first Grammastola rosea (Rosy) a month and a half and two weeks later a Brachypelma bohemei. Now I have contacted my breeder to by a Brachypelma smithi, a Brachypelma verdezi and a Brachypelma albiceps. I have to wait since they are too small to bring home and to determine the sex. I also have a managery of animals : 2 parrots, 3 ferrets, 1 mean gander, 2 bearded dragons along with my Ts. I have been wanting to make a website a long time ago but never have the time. With all these animals, I would like to start an interpretation center for children or go in schools for educational purposes.

    Have a nice day!
Sandra - 2011-09-04
Hi I just got a Chilean rose hair and I held it for the first time last night.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2011-09-04
    Very cool! and congratulations. They are some of the most docile, and can be really pretty.
John - 2011-06-23
I know what you're saying about the chilean rose hair. My rose hair, Mike, maybe 3 years old, keeps forgetting that my hand is not made of cricket meat and will flip in the air just to face it whenever I reach in his tank. If it wasn't for a two handed side scoop move I learned from a spiderwise person, I'd never be able to pick him up.
Cheecky little devil....

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-24
    Please explain for us novices what the two handed side scoop move is --- thank you.
Isaiah - 2010-09-25
Because they want to John! I love spiders!

nobi98 - 2009-10-11
Got my king baboon since yesterday and can't wait to see it grow. This buddy is pretty active one!