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What's big, fast, hairy and has an attitude? The Goliath Bird-eating Spider!
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gabe - 2011-01-15
I'v had my goliath for about a week couldn't wait to get her never had a" t "with that kind of appetite.

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  • Betty - 2011-02-15
    How can I get one?
    I want one for a pet
    How much do they cost?
    Can they be shipped?
  • steve. - 2013-08-20
    Hi there. Where did you buy it? I've always wanted one. I live in nsw.
Cassy - 2013-04-14
My bird eating spider (alice) she is just over one and healthy. She just malted however her old coat and prey she keeps in her burrow. I'm really concerned, as i know you should keep their cages clean from dead prey (well what's left of them anyway) and i can't reach into her burrow and get any of it. Should i just build a whole new set up for her and start fresh? Also, what is the best way to transfer her to a new cage as she is always in her burrow? Unfortunately as much as i tried, she doesn't like being handled.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-04-17
    Doesn't sound like her molt is causing her any problems. It's not the same as dead prey and won't really contaminate the environment. So maybe just wait and see. Give it some time and eventually you'll be able to get it out would be my thought.
Dale Lesoway - 2013-03-13
can you put Goliath bird eater in 20 terrarium

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2013-03-13
    It will out grow it eventually.
kyra - 2010-03-20
Hello everyone. I want a tarantula but I'm scared of anything with legs! I hate the feel of anything crawing up me! I didn't want to have to handle it or the food in anyway and I don't want anything that can't jump or aggressive! The other thing is how do u clean it out without touching the spider and keeping it safe? What would be the best spider for me as I have read up a lot of things about spiders and one say something and the other says something else. I dn't have a fear of spiders, just anything that crawls and has legs. It's that bad, I can't pick up a ladybird! with my own hands. can anyone help me x

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  • Danielle - 2010-04-17
    I would recommend the Chilean Rose Tarantula. They are not agressive and are very easy to care for. You do not have to handle the food directly (crickets), just simply dump them in the cage.
  • Kourtney - 2013-02-28
    I am the same way sort of. My husband has about five different spiders and do not handle them. My husband is navy so when he deployed I take care of them. How I transport them to other cages to clean theirs is the very large spoon strainers. I just scoop them up with that and it does not hurt them. Also I never touch the crickets I go to the store and get how many I need then just drop them in the bag. I would say get a rose hair. We have one and she's the most docile out of all of them. Also its like she knows when my husband is handling her. He can pick her up and sit her on the table and she won't move but rather watch him clean out her cage and wait.
  • brad - 2013-03-04
    I have a Mexican red knee, she was hard to find and expensive (she is a protected species, and just plain not as common as you may think). I'd recomend that, you can get a cricket keeper for crickets, the crickets hide in tubes and you tap them out into the tank, the closest you'll have to come to handling them is cutting the tip on the bag, you may want to ask for no egg crate so they all hide in the tubes, not the eggcrate, And I'd recommend a soft (dollar store is fine, just nothing rough) paint brush to coax it around, just gently brush its abdomen and lead it into a temporary container (air holes!).
martin lewis - 2012-11-27
Hi, I've recently purchased my first burgandy goliath spider about 2 weeks ago ....... humiditys kept around 90 - 95 with temp of 26 c. 6 inches potting soil with a burrow which I put in for her also got large water dish in there 2 ! Thing is I haven't seen her at all. I know she's still alive.  Just wondering if there's something wrong with her ?? I got her out of her hide yesterday just to check but she hardly moves, shows no aggression at all plus her abdoman is bald which shows shes been stressed !! A lot diffrent to what I've read about them online. Is this normal behaviour or is she just settling in ??? cheers

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-11-27
    I can't know whether you furry fella is NORMAL or SETTLING IN but I do know it takes them awhile to settle in and they do go through stress when moved.  You have differnt scents, sounds, voices and environment than he is used to and takes awhile. 
  • martin lewis - 2012-11-27
    Tthing is I'm inpatient and I wanna see her lol. Heard they were a very active species but not seen her out yet  and yeah I have read it takes a while to for them to settle in properly .......... I'm propably over reacting ! cheers anyway
  • emyr thomas - 2013-01-18
    Hi, I've been keeping goliaths for over 20years. The goliath is a nocturnal spider, it normally only comes out of its burrow /hole when its dark. The general rule is that if you're spider is happy you will not see it, & if its going bald & lethargic - it might be going into moult! Hope this helps you, if you need more info please contact me, cheers.
  • Anonymous - 2013-02-06
    thanks for the info m8 :)
  • Clarice Brough - 2013-02-06
    Gosh I guess nobody really knows around the internet, or here, about what's going on with her.  I'm wondering how she is now, since its been a few weeks. Can you tell us what's been happening.... did she go through a molt, is she still hiding, anything different in her appearance or behavior... yeah I'd love to hear!
  • Anonymous - 2013-02-20
    Yes she was in the molting stage she very close now i would say within next few weeks she will of shed ... I ll keep you all updated :)
Jenni - 2012-12-04
I wonder if someone can help. I bought a T blondi 1st instar. This baby is just about 2cms, but very pale (pink) in colour. The T blondi's I have researched are all grey/black and have rather elongated front legs. Is there a stage when they are actually pinkish in colour or have I been duped.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2012-12-19
    It sounds like it is still small, so maybe there is a color change as it matures. Don't know, but maybe you could ask the person you bought it from what's up with the color.
Alison - 2012-11-12
Hello. I have owned a Goliath Bird Eater, Salome, for about 3 months now. She seems health and stays active most of the time. I peered into her cage yesterday and noticed that she had started to dig/burrow in the corner of the cage. I looked a little closer and notice that just inches from her was one of her legs completely off of her body (with no other leg to replace it as if she had molted). I'm freaking out. Is this normal? I can't find anywhere on the internet where such a thing is addressed. She was still alive when I left for work this morning. Please help!

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  • Jeremy Roche - 2012-11-12
    Spiders have the ability to shed legs the way starfish can regrow their body parts. All spiders have a joint in their legs near the base which breaks away when the leg is grabbed or caught in something. The open stump is closed off by muscular contraction at the joint and blood loss is immediately stopped. If a leg is injured in any way the pider may decide that it is more trouble than it is worth and pull it off itself.  The leg will not totally be replaced with the next moult, it will take several sheds for the new leg to be the same length as the other legs
kirk - 2012-11-04
i have a goliath and she only sits in her water dish she will not eat or move from her water dish. I there something wrong with her?

Haylee - 2012-03-26
Hey I need help !
I've had my Goliath bird eating slide for nearly a month now. At first I would see her out at night but now she has dug a burrow I never see her she has closed it off as well what does this mean? Is she hybernating ? Will she be ok ?

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  • PF - 2012-04-05
    Don't worry, she's fine, in nature their burrow can be very deep. I never see mine, she's always hidden and if I want to see her, I have to lift the hide and gently push her out. When I do that she flicks her hairs like crazy saying to me, you are bothering me, quit it, lol!
  • Andrew - 2012-08-28
    i was wandering if you could help me i have just baught a baby salmon pink birdeating spider and since I put it in the tank it hid inside its cave and has blocked the entrance with its ground. I never see it coming out. I have being feeding it and it is eating well but I can't tell if there is anything wrong with him if you could please reply
anthony hood - 2011-06-12
Beware young juveniles, ie, second and third moult spiders cute and leggy can be fang happy too!!!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-06-13
    I think all things go through that stage, puppy teeth, kitty teeth, bird beaks Glad to know about the spiders. Thank you.
  • PF - 2011-10-12
    Loll, that's funny, never thought of them as fang happy, maybe we should give our slings chewing toys! Or maybe our fingers are just right.
  • Anonymous - 2011-12-19
    With that comment I hope you don't get your chewed off.
  • PF - 2011-12-23
    Lol, so far so good, no fingers lost!

    Happy holidays!