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   The Sonoran Gopher Snake is an albino form of the Gopher Snake and is a very robust snake.
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Tom Collins - 2010-07-08
Sonaran Gopher snakes is definitely a good pet, the only time mine gets cranky, well all my snakes tend to is when its feasting time, or shedding time, but hey, I'd be pissy too if someone bugged me when I was trying to get rid of my skin! Definitely a great starter pet, and just make sure you do have a cage lock cause they are definitely the smartest pet I have had and gets out all the time. Unlike my Moniter that gets stuck under my fridge every freaking day in the same spot.

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  • Corey johnson - 2018-06-18
    that's a good tip, mines been lost for three days and I can't find him
Jerry Feldner - 2010-06-20
I don't know where people get the idea that Gopher Snakes are burrowers. Yes, they enter many burrows but that is because the scent of rodents is strong in those burrows. I have never seen nor heard of a Gopher burrowing on its own. Now, there are snakes which burrow such as Chionactis and Chilomeniscus to name a couple but the majority of their burrowing takes place in soft substrate or sand.

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  • el jashobs - 2010-08-19
    Uh my gopher snake is an extreme burrower and he burrows in thick aspen bed.
  • Dawn - 2010-09-21
    Well we have a sonoran and have modified her habitat to allow her to burrow, because she does indeed burrow, and has made many different tunnels and ways through her home. She not only digs down through the substrate, but actually rearranges the dirt to her liking, she also has several different places she likes to pop her head up and "blend" with her surroundings, So I must disagree with you, they DO burrow, and are not only good at it but seem to really enjoy it. :)
  • James - 2010-12-09
    I think your mistaken by the use of the word "burrowing".
    I have 3 Sonoran Gopher Snakes myself and keep them on coconut fibre or aspen, and they do "burrow" meaning they completely disappear into/underneath the substrate. If the substrate is just right they can make a maze of tunnels but usually destroy them soon after.
    Many other snakes display similar "burrowing" habits, kings, milks, rainbow boas, sand/rosy/rubber boas, just to name a few.
    Where as I have never seen a boa constrictor, carpet python or ball python exhibit any of this behaviour. Not to say they don't do it, I just haven't witnessed it with my animals.
  • Dawn - 2011-02-22
    Well my SGS burrows all the time, of course we have provided a deep enough substrate to allow her to do so, she seems to love it. She has burrows going all over in her enclosure. So now you have heard of an SGS that burrows.
  • kylan - 2011-11-27
    My gopher snake is sneezing and it hasn't eatin her pinkies for almost a month and a half. What do I do?
  • brayden - 2012-03-09
    Take it to a vet
  • Anonymous - 2012-10-12
    my snake sneezes but only after in water, and your snake is probaly not hungry. how old and long is it
John - 2010-07-19
I have three Sonorian Gopher snakes. Two males and one female, but my one male is not very friendly at all and will hiss and strike almost everytime I open his enclosure.

Kit - 2009-05-10
My dad caught "Slimy" crossing the street of our suburban neighborhood -- definitely not a safe place for a snake. He was obviously someone's escaped pet because he was very mellow from the beginning. I got over my phobia of snakes thanks to him.

Tyne - 2008-12-27
My albino sonoran gophersnake, named Charlie, is the coolest snake. He is friendly, and active. He enjoys burrowing a lot and has various tunnels throughout his tank which he made in the aspen bedding. He is not aggressive though he will hiss at me and be cranky if he's beginning to get hungry. I love having him. He's my first snake. He's been through a lot too, getting stuck onto a piece of tape and getting stuck behind some styrofoam... poor Charlie! lol. He's so cool though.

eilidh buckin - 2007-11-28
We are doing a project on them, so we thought we would tell you.

Mike - 2007-04-14
The Sonran gopher is a really smart and beautiful animal. I would recommend one as a starter pet. I just caught one close to my house. Mine is very tame and friendly, i have a lot of siblings that go from 2-10 and they have all held him. I also have a red tail boa contrictor that is about 3 feet long, and the snakes get along beautifully. The day after i caught the gopher i fed him an adult mouse and he ate easily. He is definitely a good eater.