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The handsome, sweet tempered Ball Python is one of the most favored and adored pet snakes!
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Josie Foster - 2008-11-21
I have a 1 year old ball pyhton..and she likes to get out of her cage and hide somewhere in my house. I had it where she would only be in my room but a couple of days ago she got out again and I am not able to find her. Is there any way to find out where she might be? I need any advice...and help!

Donavin - 2008-11-02
Hey i have a ball python thats about 1 and a half years old she has this type of belly rot and a part of her belly has made a scarf and a scub and it's yellow and red.Please please can you help me with advice
though he is getting medication i dont know what's rong

sami o. - 2008-10-14
I have a ball python, he is about 2 ft. long and has very bright coloring. He is the calmest snake in the world. I used to typically not like snakes but when my fiance brought one home from the petstore, I fell in love. He is so gentle when it comes to handling. He doesn't strike and he is a good hunter when it comes to getting food. I fed him a live fuzzy and he got into hunting mode and started stalking that mouse, and then he struck and started constricting ,and then he dragged into the place that he wanted it in and started to eat it. He is really a good snake. I love my ball python.

kenny martin - 2008-09-14
The other day at about 3:30 a.m. I was letting my dogs out to do their duty's, and we had our garden hose coiled up on our front porch. Well while waiting for my dogs to finish their business, I happened to glance down at our hose on the porch and a snake popped its head up at me, scaring the holy crap out of me (I have been terrified of snakes all my life). Well anyway's,I wasn't fully awake at this time of morning and my instinct was to grab the snake before it grabbed or bit me. Well now I really had a dilemma because now I'm holding a snake about 4 feet long and scared like heck, and the dang thing coils around my arm. I'm thinking what the heck do I do now. Well anyway's, I ran inside the house screaming for my wife to wake up, because any time there's a snake around I gladly let her dispose of them. Well she starts laughung at me and explains that what I am holding is a ball python and that it isn't trying to kill me. She finally got me calmed down and then I got more curious about the snake and wound up holding him. Now I like to take him out all the time and he really likes to coil loosely around my neck and he pokes his head into the collar of my shirt and stays like that for hours. I really like snakes now and I really got over my fear of them.

Tracy - 2008-09-13
My python poops a lot and today she had blood come out while she was. Is that bad?

Victoria Hedges - 2008-07-11
We have just bought two baby royal pythons and we have found them to be friendly and inquisitive straight away. They seem to love nothing better than to wrap around your hands and use you as a heat mat although one, Vince, seems to prefer stretching himself out along your waist/stomach/chest and warming himself there! They seem to be perfect beginner snakes and, despite what I have read, do seem to have a bond themselves as they curl around one another to sleep and both seem happy to live together and share a hide! They really are brilliant pets!

Jason Byrne - 2008-06-26
I had what I consider a unique experience with my ball python. I feed him live mice which I know isn't the greatest. At his last feeding he was having a hard time finding the head. So, I picked the mouse up by the tail and held it in front of him and he ate it right out of my hand. I didn't think he would go for it but he did.

Shelbie - 2008-06-06
I've had my ball for about 2 months. I named him Iggy, from the Maximum Ride series. He is quite loving. He only gives me little kisses and used to love to curl up in my hair, until I cut it. I wouldn't trade him back for anything in the world. My best friend, who used to be/still is deathly afraid of snakes, loves him too. I love my ball python!

Jakub - 2008-05-22
I have had my python for about 3 weeks now and he is so cool, he eats great and he completely loves being handled. He can eat large mice with eaze and his head is only an inch long. I can't think of a name for him though.

Pam 2008-04-12 - 2008-04-12
I've owned a ball python for 22 years. I bought her when she was the size of a pencil and she's a beautiful 5 foot long sweety. She's never done a mean thing her entire life. Keep them fed (every two to three weeks), comfortable (around 80F), and safe (locked cage and always supervised while out) and you will have a great pet for life. Literally. Vitamins help keep her skin shiny and her molts quick and complete.