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The Malaysian Forest Scorpion is hardy and attractive black scorpion, but is also aggressive!
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Anonymous - 2019-07-16
Can I use sand in habit for my scorpion?

Kennenth Alcoy - 2016-04-22
I have 18 Malaysian Black Scorpion. If anyone wants to buy just message me on my Facebook account.

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  • unkown - 2018-06-18
    (send one to 32 freeburgh mount beauty, victoria
  • bahman - 2018-07-28
    i am from iran. i wanna to buy some black scorpion. at least 30 gr waight (16-18 cm length). so if you have can you send that to me in iran? thank you if answer me. it is important to me.
  • Nef - 2019-04-23
    Call me so I can buy in bulk. 310 735 5004
FIKRY - 2014-11-29
i want to buy a male scorpion

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  • Sinyu - 2019-04-10
    Anyone wants buy black green borneo forest scorpion please whasp me at +601127566608
Anonymous - 2019-04-08
That heterometrus scorpions are 75 to 80% temperature

Ashley Render - 2011-10-06
Hi I recently brought a Asian scorpion I've had him for 2 days know he is only about an inch and half. I tried to feed him one cricket the day I got him but instead of giving him one 4 fell in he hasn't eaten any as yet but seems to play with them. Shall I take some out or leave him to eat wen he is hungary

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  • Rico Tolentino - 2016-06-01
    Yes, take them out. The scorp might be in the process of molting and if this is the case the crickets might end up eating the scorp.
Lennie W. Collins - 2007-07-14
I have owned 2 of these. The one I have currently is a 2 inch female (not including the tail). She has pinched me once. It was a hard pinch. I have held her numerous times and she has not yet made an effort to sting me. She is skittish at first but soon settles down.
If you have an chance to get one GET IT. In my own personal opinion if you want something more "unpredictable" than an emperor scorpion this is it. I am not going to lie to you, they can and will sting if mishandled. But from what I heard from a friend of mine, it is more discomfort that actual pain!

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  • waqas khanm - 2014-10-18
    Respected sir i need some black scorpions it may be asian forest scorpions or emperor scorpions in bulk but in start i need a scarce (50) pieces my requirements are as follows: 1: only those suppliers contact me who are serious in this business and take my order to pakistan and come along personally with my order. 2: i will give 1 million US dollers for 50 pieces also with the supplier coming expenses here like(air fright,shipping cost,food cost,transportation cost etc) 3: Payment procedure depend on supplier (cash,paypal,webmoney,forex,bank to bank) are possible and according to supplier desired area or any where in pakistan. 2: there weight must be 300+ gram if increase from it so very good but not less from 300 gram. 3: they must be healthy and naturally venomious. 4: they must be arrived alive not dead. 5: i need it in pakistan. waiting for your kind reply thanks . .. . Waqas khan Contact number : 00923155288895 email address: islamabad pakistan.
  • brandon - 2015-02-09
    i think thats what mine is but not sure i need help trying to figure out and need to know how to take care ofbut the only thing i know is shes female can someone help me
  • Brandon - 2015-02-09
    i think this is what mine is but i dont know its the only scorpion that match it can u help
  • Mark weller - 2016-05-17
    I have recently got an Asian forest scorpion, and I've been handling him since he was a few weeks old.. I don't find him aggressive in any way shape or form.
Coty Lowe - 2016-05-16
Just recently got my scorpion and I can tell its older and absolutely does not like being handled lol. I just moved with him and I think the change messed up his appetite. Took him over a week to eat and he hasn't came out of his house in a couple days but he's alive. Wondering if he's molting or sick? No sign of mites from what I can see

Jennifer - 2014-09-27
I have a Malaysian Forest Scorpion and I want to use a heat lamp instead of a heat rock or mat... My question is what wattage do you use? I also read that you can't use anything that emits UV or backlights on scorpions but someone mentioned using a red infrared heat bulb... Help!!!!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-09-29
    Pet stores carry red bulbs,  usually in the reptile section. Bulb size will depend on how big your terrarium is, as well as the temperature of the room. You will want to get a thermometer to see how hot it's getting after you add a bulb, then either adjust the temperature by getting a lower or hight wattage bulb, or possibly using a timer so you can limit the amount of time the bulb is on/off.
  • Jeff - 2015-03-04
    I have a 15 gallon aquarium and a 15 gallon tank with for one male Malaysian forest scorpion. I personally only use a 25 watt heat lamp. It puts out the perfect heat in combination with my heating pad. His aquarium is at around 80-85 degrees while the lamp is on, and humidity is sustained through the misting of the coconut fiber floor as well as piles of wet moss.
Jing Juance (Bacolod, Philippines) - 2008-03-11
These exotic pets are best pets for display not for "hands-on". my malaysian forest scorpions are 2 1/2 inches (not including the tail) 11 months old and it molts 3 times already.. they are better than the emperor because they move very often and you can see it's perfect scorpion appearance.. remember: handle it with care.

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  • eiann - 2014-05-27
    Can you handle your malaysian rainforest scorpion?
  • Zahid Khan - 2014-07-13
    Hello! I want to buy Malaysian forest scorpion. Any one want to sale, please contact me.Regards. My e-mail address is
RANA JAMAL - 2014-08-27
i want black scorpion in pakistan

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  • Taher - 2014-08-28
    i have 3 schorpion.1 yellaw 20g weight and two black weight 15 g. kindly reply as soon as pasibal thanks
  • Abbas bhatty - 2020-09-15
    Yes i have black scorpion but in maysia