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The Black Emperor Scorpion is the ideal starter pet for a scorpion enthusiast!
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Peter Reptile Farm - 2015-09-23
PETER REPTILE INTERNATIONAL is a bona company with 27 years of experience locall internationally dealing IN Reptiles and Repti products.We sell in bulk ..We deliver our pr locally and also internationally or worldwide priority mail or Air Cargo services.We have deliver to Pakistan,USA,Asia and Europe,Sa Arabia,Oman,Turkey,Dubai and the whole o east.We have huge stockBlack Scorpions fo supply.Place your order directly to CEO at We have in Stock . Tortoise Black Scorpion Tarantulars Gecos Water Gragons

shelley robbins - 2015-06-10
We are internationl suppliers of black scorpions in huge quantities.We deliver locally and also internationally or worldwide using priority mail or Air Cargo services.We have ability to deliver to Pakistan,USA,Asia and Europe,Saudi Arabia,Oman,Turkey,Dubai and the whole of Middle east.We have huge stock Black Scorpions for immediate supply. They are transported in the best conditions and delivered directly to the customers address. This type of packaging is more convenient and provides safer transportation. Place your order Contact.... Chief Executive Officer Mr Shelley Robbins.. Mile 1 Limbe, South West Region maryland +12026563892

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  • ali akbar - 2015-06-10
    hello how are you .i am ali akbar from pakistan . i want to buy from you completely black scorpions having big weight for example 1 piece of 200gram or other piece of 1000 gram or 500 gram .do you have such big weight black scorpions. i have to buy in larger quantity .please try to respond me as soon as possible
  • sid ali - 2015-07-15
    i want to buy your scorpion please contact me..
  • imanuel - 2015-07-30
    Hi,I wanna buy some black emperor scorpions which their weight must be over 100 g, the heavier the better.i need them asap so whoever can supply them for me contact me asap,and i wanna know if you could ship them to Iran. i'm waiting for your answer.tnx you could also contact my email address.
  • Arnav Singh - 2015-09-09
    Hello freind im from India and im desperate for keeping an emperor/fat tail scorpion but all the exotic pets websites aren't shipping them to us but could you help me out here and ship a scorpion.Thank you

    Arnav Singh


Zayed - 2015-06-14
Hello sir/madam. we have Black Scorpions For Sale. We have several 100gm above Black Scorpions For Sale at extremely a good price. Life span 6-8 years. 100gm and above With sizes that ranges as from 11-20mm and 24-26 cm's. Good for medicinal values,research and etc... Please serious inquires only- We supply at large scale and have been doing this now for more than 10 years and supplying to over 15 countries. Do get back to us for more information or any questions. Please state your location and phone number. Contact:

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  • Rehan - 2015-07-15
    Hello, I'm interested in buying some scorpions to keep as pets. May I know further information, price and the location to obtain them from in UAE ? Thank You, Please reply.
  • M.Faran - 2015-08-10
    I have a big pic of black scorpion in oman.contect me in my number. +96893377042.i have realy a pic
Dr spasgado - 2015-03-22
We have several Emperor black, malaysian Forest, Flat Rock and Olive Keeled scorpions for sale at extremely and incredibly prices. These invertebrate measure as the longest recorded scorpion in the world, with males longer than females. They have flat bodies which allow them to wedge into small crevices.These species are large, heavy, and can attain an impressive length 20 cms in length and weigh 30 grammes.Once purchased, you automatically receive our 100% live arrival guarantee.[] for more details.WE SHIP BY TNT,FIDEX,EMS ETC.

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  • Haris - 2015-05-10
    Hello, I am interested in buying some scorpions for a reasonable price. I live in Sharjah, U.A.E and I hope that they be shipped here. Please reply ASAP and let me know if the scorpions are in stock. Thank You in advance.
dhulquranyn - 2014-10-20
hi buyers im dhul quranyn from india well as you all r looking for huge business of curing well i have the real emperor scorpions in grams 40 to 300gms well its compelet black from its body intrusted can contact me shall start shiping soon

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  • Malik Kamran - 2014-10-28
    hi how are you sir i want to know about your scorpions is that really black one.i want to deal with you in all means so tell how you make this possible and easy i am in pakistan so kindly contact me or give me your number so i will your early reply will be highly appreciable Thanks Malik Kamran
  • lala - 2014-11-18
    Hi dhul send me ur mailing address on
  • Mr Kashif Raja - 2014-12-22
    Respected Mr.Dhul, I have read your message, If you are seriously interested to sell the Scorpions and do business with us,Kindly Contact us through skype to talk in details. My Skype ID is : wise.man808 Regards. Kashif Raja
  • eshwah khan - 2015-01-24
    Plz contect me for black scorpions
  • qasim - 2015-02-28
    i need black scorpions from 100g to 300 g urgently send me proves and price ASAP
  • paul - 2015-04-21
    my name is mr paul,the managing director of hotereo ventures.we are into export and import of both insect,,reptiles,insect and mammals.please we are interested in your black emporior scopions from 100grams going. pls contact us as soon as possible number:+233 249 626 814 we can also chart on watsapp plart of the same number
  • khaitan - 2015-04-23
    Hi! do contact me with ur details. wish to buy. thanks khaitan
Dr Zachary Crook - 2015-03-17
Dr. Zachary Crook Hi, I am a researcher in Jim Olson's lab at the FHCRC. For the purposes of setting the records straight: you are correct that Tumor Paint is based in part on a protein (chlorotoxin) encoded by the Israeli Deathstalker Scorpion. However, any implied use of actual scorpion tissue or venom products in the development of Tumor Paint is entirely false. At no point in the research leading to Tumor Paint were scorpions, their tissues, or their venom used. Once an organism's genome is decoded (as was the case for this scorpion species), it is possible to search through the genome on a computer, in order to identify genes of interest. If we want the protein encoded by that gene (as was the case for chlorotoxin), we simply use the genetic code and produce that protein in cell culture. This is similar to how insulin is produced for diabetes patients; yes, insulin can be (and used to be) collected from animal sources, but now it is made cheaply and in large quantities in cell culture. So no, live scorpions play little to no role in the development of any cancer drug, including Tumor Paint. I would go so far as to say that anyone attempting to use scorpion tissue or venom as a direct source of a medicinal agent is, to be blunt, wasting their time and the buyer's money.

king Rana - 2015-03-08
we are the genuine buyer in Pakistan. city lahore. we buy black scorpio 100 as company requirment and scorpion venum and health report. we give you a handsome offer. and we also buy a 50 spiders only some speshies.. 03343233331

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  • Peter Reptile Farm - 2015-03-16
    We are international suppliesr of black scorpions .We have a huge stock and supply in large quantities ..We deliver locally and also internationally or worldwide using priority mail or Air Cargo services.We have ability to deliver to Pakistan,USA,Asia and Europe,Saudi Arabia,Oman,Turkey,Dubai and the whole of Middle east.We have huge stockBlack Scorpions for immediate supply. They are transported in the best conditions and delivered directly to the customers address. This type of packaging is more convinient and provides transportation safer Place your order How many grams do do you want to purchase. Chief Executive Officer Mr Peter Jones Long Streed Mile 1 Limbe, South West Region , Cameroon. Contact: +237655575624 Fax:00237655575624
hamza - 2015-03-12
Respected Clients , We are purchasing Scorpio's / Spider's from all over Pakistan . We have our own registered company with complete documents . We are giving the best rates from all over Pakistan . We are directly linked with foriegn Company . Weight should be more than 100 . Compitent Clients are requested to contact . 923115194163

kamran - 2015-03-09
Black spider in Lahore and Karachi from 30+g to 60+g. if anyone interested please contact 03328049837

rana sannan - 2014-09-03
Im from pakistan ... I have 4000 gram black scorpian ....range from 5gram to 60 wel as i have 5 Leopard Jecko more then 100 gram each......i want to sell them at good price .. Cntect me if u r intrested 03008622888

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  • aamir - 2014-09-19
    w have 12 scorpion in 10 to 35 gm call me 03422900099
  • shahid - 2014-09-20
    plz tell me what is the price of these scorpion tell me with weights and contact me munir abbasi 03455001515
  • Furqan Khan - 2014-09-29
    whats price of 4000 gm
  • Jean - 2015-02-02
    Scorpions for Sale There are almost 1,800 different species of scorpion around the world, ranging in size from miniscule to very large. Below you will find our current listing of exotic live scorpions for sale. These invertebrates are venomous, so use caution when dealing with them. When you buy a scorpion from us, you are guaranteed that it will arrive alive and in excellent condition. 1).Wahlbergs Burrowing Scorpion 2).Olive Keeled Flat Rock Scorpion 3).Flat Rock Scorpion 4).Giant Vinegaroon (Whip scorpion) 5).Asian Forest Scorpion 6).Desert Hairy Scorpion 7).Emperor Scorpion 8).Tanzanian Three Striped Scorpion 9). Black scorpions We have 4 Back Scorpio of 1000 Plus grams. If any one who is interested to purchase can contact us for more information .. If interested contact us for more information and for your order. Awaiting your immediately reply, E-mail us : buyreptiles (at) gmail (dot) com E-mail us : Thanks!!
  • Farooq - 2015-02-15
    Hi sir I have 2 black scorpions pleas contact me ad soon as possible.
  • Saadia - 2015-02-15
    Hello i have two black scorpions only serious buyer can contact