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The Black Emperor Scorpion is the ideal starter pet for a scorpion enthusiast!
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Parvez Alam - 2016-11-19
I have Black scorpion 50gms+ 3 pices 100gms+ 2 pices 240gms+ 1 pice. please contact me.I want to sale all pices from karachi Pakistan.our wartsapp number 0088-01727531748 mail Thank you Parvez Alam

KshahHussain - 2016-02-03
Greetings, Hope everyone is having a great day. I am looking for black scorpions with weight of 50grams and above. any one who can sell me or get me a contact will be handsomely rewarded. I am in dubai and will take the scorpions here or in pakistan. who ever gives me the best deal. Money is not a problem. contact me on whatsapp only. +971507293848

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  • Mua - 2016-09-15
    I could offer a good stock from Thailand. All sizes. How much do you offer in USD for 45 grams and above.

vanbright - 2016-03-07
I have Black Tarantula Spider and scorpion that is for sale .its weight is above 80 grams.any interested buyer contact on specified number mentioned .pictures,videos can be shown only to reliable clients online who are willing to pay .email( phone number (+212645427056), you can whatsapp me for more information, we do world wide delivery depending on your location, and our delivery goes from 24 to 48 hours so all you need is to contact us for more information we supply directly from Africa

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  • Md Niyaz - 2016-09-07
    Black Tarantula spider & scorpion what is your prices
Ahsan - 2016-05-22
If u really got some scorpions then m a gud customer for u... Whats me the details on 00923233333313.. I only want the ones in 100 gm minimum plz reply me positively so we dont waste each others tym..

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  • Rich andrew - 2016-06-12
    I have upto 100 emperor scorpions for sale add me on whatsapp for proof..I happen to live in a forest and they are alot of corpions here. I can capture upto 500 depending on the quantity you need +2348061266090
  • vijaypawar - 2016-06-30
    Why the Pakistan and people of Pakistan ran behind scorpions
    Is seriously any buyer is there are only bluffing people
Rich andrew - 2016-06-12
I happen to live in a forest I have alot of scorpions for sale mainly emperor scorpions add me on whatsapp +2348061266090

Aadheen Ndawara - 2015-07-27
I have 7 pieces of black scorpions in different weight like 50 to 300+grams,just required real buyer or company which can show that he is real buyer ,i mean they must capibal of these type of deals,dealer or company representatives can also contact but must he attach with real buyer interested person contact me on my email was taken yesterday(

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  • Zahif - 2016-04-11
    Dear i want to buy300 gm black scorpion and spider if you have plz tell me +923350640371 watsapp me +923364651202 .
peter - 2016-03-08
we have black scorpions for sale . contact us via email

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  • big man - 2016-04-02
    you are a big crook MR PETER U R a SCAM and big Thieves a professional dishonest Not continue to the scam. All Africans like you are scams. It is a fact . You only have 27 years of experience in fraud. Mr. thief black poor
Tahir - 2016-03-29
I have a black scorpion and want to sell it anyone want to buy wattsapp me at +971526366296

Ahmed - 2016-03-04
I have 100 black scorpions in Algeria from 10-55 g. If you can buy give me your price in USD. Thanks

Jack Jonson - 2016-03-04
I am selling 10 black scorpions from 15-60g If you are interested to buy give me your price