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The Green Iguana is one of the most popular pet lizards, but it grows big... very big!
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Brooke schneider - 2014-09-25
My son lives with his grandma and he left me to take care of his iguana Godzilla and the other day I had him our on our Dec at our new house and he went in the grass and loved it and run across the street and up a tree and cannot find him in the tree and he won't come down I feel so bad thank God my son is asenior I tried the water dish down at the tree base and food to it is going to get cold

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  • Bobby - 2019-02-22
    THis is where my iguana went.....f o grandpa
CGcapitol - 2016-02-21
I love green iguanas. They're such extraordinary creatures. I'd get one but my parents said it would get to big and my mom hates iguanas.

Carrie - 2012-07-01
I have a male green iguana. Can anybody tell my why he leaves white spots on my desk. I can not figure this out.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-07-02
    I am going to go on the assumption that it is not his footprints otherwise you wouldn't be concerned.  It can be several things ut the two most common are a fungas or a mold.  It looks sort of like large pieces or particles of a skin (as if you got sunburned and were peeling).  I have no idea how you can tell the difference between the mold or the fungus but a vet can take a culture and provide you with treatment.  Hope this helps. 
  • Charlie Roche - 2012-07-02
    I am sorry - I didn't think of the obvious.  Iguanas molt but it is more like a peeling of dry skin.  It usually isn't big patches but flakes with some patches.  It would look like white flakes. 
  • Gandalf - 2015-11-29
    My green iguana does it too. It's nothing to worry about. Green iguanas naturally sneeze up small white salt crystals. Many people call it snalting.
Julie Saumur - 2014-08-06
I have a green iguana and she's beautiful love her to death I spoil her and talk to her and she listens to me. I had her for 5 years and she's so healthy and she loves her apples,broccoli,and kale. Then her actual food that smells like fruity pebbles lol. But other than that she's amazing and funny. One time me and my husband watched a pats game and we upset about the other team and she stuck up her middle finger at the team we laughed so hard and it was cute.

Valencia - 2009-01-18
I'm posting this because I hate going into a pet store and seeing the iguanas eating calcium covered lettuce. A store clerk saying "Yes they are easy pets" and there's always a kid there thinking they can get an iguana and just feed it lettuce with a calcium supplement sprinkled on it. Iguanas are a high maintenance pet due to their diet. As a kid, my first iguana died shortly after bringing it home from the pet store, probably due to a poor diet (Yes, I was told they just eat lettuce with the calcium supplement). After doing a lot of research, I bought two more. Even after feeding one of my girls a variety of fresh fruit and veggies and the calcium supplement, I still had to take her to the vet and found out she was calcium deficient. I ended up having to give her calcium shots daily, and then making changes to her diet. She turned out to be a healthy sweet girl who I enjoyed owning. Another false statement that I hear in a lot of pet stores is that iguanas only grow as big as their cage or aquarium. That's another lie. I started off with a decent sized aquarium, which my girls quickly got too big for. So I bought a bigger aquarium, which they quickly out grew. I ended up having to build a giant cage that was the size of a walk-in closet. I still think they are beautiful animals, but a little high maintenance.

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  • Laura - 2013-06-21
    I agree with you Valencia. Years ago I purchased a little green iguana for my daughter.I had had anoles in the past. Turned out to be a bad move. Ihad done little research. I took good care of the Iguana we named Gilly. He lived w/ us for years. He went from being about 6' long to over 3 ft long. He was beautiful, but even w a very large custom made cage 6ft x 3 ft x 4 ft...he still did not have enough room. After trying for a year, I finally found someone at the local herptalogical society to adopt him. Gilly moved to St Louis to live in a large space. Now I know why Hey West Florida is being over run w/ giant iguanas. They are hard to keep, they get huge and mine was not very tamed and tried to whip me w/ his tailif I tried to pick him up. I really 'loved' him, but I knew my home was not enough for him, in the large living space he had. He scared the heck out of my 2 dogs, one German Shepard and a poodle. Considering his size, sharp beack, razor like nails and strong whiplike tail, we just couldn't all get along.
Kristie Mansfield - 2007-06-20
I like your site and find valuable information here, but would like to update some information concerning the green iguana that could be harmful.
Iguanas are 100% foliavores throughout their whole lives. The only protien that they ever eat is an occasional insect ingested by mistake.
Contrary to out-dated information, juvenile diets are not different than the adult diet.

Iguanas require a specialized diet when kept in captivity.
The most common illness of the captive iguana is Metabolic Bone Disease (MDB) caused by an improper diet and/or lack of UVB and Vitamin D3. Calcium cannot be metabolized without it.

The food that you give your iguana, on average, should contain about twice as much calcium as phosphorus.
This ratio is very important for bone growth and maintenance, as well as for muscle contraction and many other important bodily functions. Metabolic bone disease, as well as many other health problems can be caused simply by ignoring this ratio for a short length of time.

Another danger is feeding your iguana foods that are high in oxalic acid (such as spinach, beets, beet greens, banannas, celery stalk or swiss chard). Oxalic acid binds with the calcium in these vegetables, rendering it unusable. Rhubard is deadly.

Most captive iguanas die in their first year because of calcium deficiencies. Please educate yourselves extensively before getting an iguana, and please adopt unwanted pets, rather than getting a juvenile.

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  • anne dooley - 2013-01-21
    I was told that you should give young igunas wax worms for it helps them fatten up when they are not feeling unwell.
anne dooley - 2013-01-21
I just got a lady green iguna I call her misty she is very quiet and easy going she is only 9 moths old they are funny and very intelligent animals.

michael justice - 2011-08-05
I just get my iugana yesterday and I would like to know how can you tell if it is sick and when the iugana become sexually mature.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-08-06
    The attached Animal World article will give you the answers to the questions you have as well as providing information on care and handling etc.
    Here is the link also.
  • Kelly Parmer - 2012-11-01
    I have had Izzy for 3 months got him at 2 months tried sneaking fruit,the vitamin,calcium d powder& spraywater on his romain lettice. he is slick... will not touch food just loves his romain.He's healthy goes to the bathroom looks great but he does eat the food pelets.Will he just change as he gets older?
angelina - 2012-07-30
Hello I actually want to own a green iguana but I don't know if its a type of animal that can harm my other pets and family and I want it to be affectionate but I don't know if it is. I am 12 years old and I live in a apartament with three dogs and two turtles and I'm having a aquarium

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-07-30
    You might want to think about something that is just a little smaller.  These guys will go 5 - 7 feet.  That is large - not exactly a lap pet.  Think as large as the sofa.  In an apartment - if he wags his tail - there goes your dinner.  I think you would need to have yard and accomadations for this fella. 
maggie - 2012-06-21
I am fixing to get a green Iguana and I know how to care for them but my mom tells me that they carry diseases that will kill me and I need to know if this is true or not. thank you

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-06-21
    Your mom probably has very valid reasons to say this.  Best to wait and let her do some research to see if it is OK for you.