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The Graceful Chameleon is a curious attraction... very becoming but delicate!
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Syl M - 2009-01-25
Had no luck with Jackson's, Veiled or other chameleons, but for the last 4 years had Fischers and they are wonderful, so easy and friendly, not at all afraid. I just got 2 Gracefuls and they are so lovely. If anyone has them, I could use some info about what works for you.

Marka - 2007-08-26
Chameleons are really cool, I really like them. I have five of my own at home! I love taking care of them.

Kelluma Duppy - 2016-09-02
how can i keep the right temperture for my grateful cham ? cause i live near the axis

jennifer - 2013-02-12
how do you tell if they are male or female?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-02-12
    Check the section called 'description' up above... it describes the difference between males and females:)
Brandie - 2012-07-07
My husband and I got a graceful 2 months ago she was doing very well in her enclosure. She had recently fell from the top ledge to the bottom of the tank. We are unsure if she is going to make it. She isn't eating, Opens her eyes occasionally, and not a whole lot of movement. any suggestions on what to do. She does still drink water.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-07-08
    I don't know of anything you can do.  I'd just give her water and hope that she heals.
  • Joe - 2012-07-11
    Call a herp vet in your area ... maybe they can give you advice .
Brianne - 2008-02-17
He is so sweet and such a beautiful reptile.

Faye - 2010-01-10
Not sure why anyone would suggest a tank and substrate for a chameleon. Chameleons do best in a screened enclosure with no substrate. Substrate breeds bacteria and can be ingested. Screen provides the ventilation they need. A glass tank is not appropriate for a chameleon because of stagnant air which increases bacteria. Also, a vet visit is a must with this type of chameleon to check for parasites if wild caught.

Brandi - 2009-03-19
We just bought a female Graceful. She does not eat a lot but loves to drink a lot. She is very pretty and fun to watch. My girls love watching her eat and drink.

Mckenzie Fisher - 2009-02-02
My husband I have recently acquired 2 gracefuls. They have been a lot of fun, although a lot of work. We have also spent a lot of money on them. They are very beautiful. We are going to try breeding as we have a male and a female. We'll see how that goes. The main things that we have found to keep them happy is a lot of misting. They like to drink and it is so cool and cute to watch. They also need a lot of food. Our female eats a ton. She once caught 2 crickets at the same time. It was awesome. Our male doesn't eat very much, but we find he does eat when we are not watching. So, keep them well stocked with water and food.