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Penny - 2005-11-05
I got my rosehair free from a fellow employee. She has been the most awesome pet. Such a subtley beautiful spider

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helpful person - 2005-10-31
I have two green iguana's and they are one of the easiest animals to care for. However, they are not the most friendly. Iguana's tend to want to be on their own and rarely want a companion. They also do not like to be caged with other iguana's unless they are in season. This is some helpful advice to people who want to get an Iguana as a pet: for one thing consider lighting, the cage, it's nutrition(fresh fruit and veggies) and tlc(tender loving care). I mean would you be happy if you was stuck in a cage all day? Well, I just want to up-date some people on the info on green iguanas. Their a great pet if you consider all the tasks before you buy one.

Anonymous - 2005-10-22
i think animal-world is great

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Rachel - 2005-10-13
I just bought a baby snow corn snake for a pet a couple of days ago, from the leesburg pet center, and the information I received on your page was very helpful in many different ways... Thanks!!

Animal-World info on Rough Green Snake
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Pellaore - 2005-10-09
Yea, I was looking for this informations, thanks ;) !~!

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Julia - 2005-10-06
be careful when they shed, the skin covers their eyes and makes it hard for them to see. This means if you stick your hand in there, you WILL GET BIT.

Animal-World info on Albino Corn Snake
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Mary Campbell - 2005-10-04
I have an albino corn snake that is a wonderful pet! She is very tame and loves to move around. I would recommend this type of snake to anyone who is thinking about owning a snake.


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