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trepsica - 2006-04-22
i have had my pink toe named siobhan for about 3 months and she is fabulous. she is quick when you hold her, but she has never bitten. she poops when she gets mad, it is more effective! and she has only done that twice. she is so fun to watch.

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Angela - 2006-04-20
I just got my rose hair yesterday. I had been bugging my parents for one for years now and I had finally convinced them to let me get one. His name is Vlad. At first I had expected him to be skittish before he got used to me, but the second I picked him up he was calm and content. I was taking pictures of him to show my friends and he didnt even mind the flash. He just sat there quietly and seemed to not mind. He loves to be held and is very friendly. I hope to have many happy years with him. (writtem on 4/20/06)

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Carla - 2006-04-17

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Dee - 2006-04-16
Never..Ever...EVER..get bitten by this spider..

It is fast, faster than you think and does attack as soon as it realises your hand is in the enclosure..

Its venom is semi-paralytic...Limbs will stop moving..and it is definitely a trip to the local A&R..and its bite is far, far worse than a Chile Rose or Mexican Red Knee...

Be careful...Other than that...Don't have nightmares :)


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renee - 2006-04-13
I had a gorgeous female ball python name Autumn. She was only 6 months old and died of internal parasites but she was an AMAZING snake... everyone loved her and she was the best pet ive ever had... The signs that i didnt notice before she died were being somewhat limp... and weak seeming, her rectum wouldnt close all the way, and i could feel things moving inside her so i took her to the emergency vet clinic and it was too late... she died that night... but she never stopped feeding, she ate untill the day before she died... she was too weak to strike at it... she just let me drop it into her mouth.. i thought she was just becoming use to eating frozen thawed.... it was sooo sad. If u notice unusual things happening with your snake take it to the doctor right away, thats my advice... even if they arent known symptoms of a illness...

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Rosa - 2006-04-12
i have some giant red-headed centipedes.
they are great pets, only problem is that they like to eat each other.

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Gir - 2006-04-09
I have a baby gecko and he is very fun to watch. Expecially when it`s time for him to eat. I like his little tail shake. These geckos are awesome and I recommend people get one if you are searching for a lizard.

Anonymous - 2006-04-08
I have recently purchased a leopard gecko, and she is very friendly. Those looking for a hardy reptile pet that doesn't cost too much or isn't too hard to care for, you should definitely get one of these. I've only had mine about a month and she already perches on my should without a care. I think a leopard gecko is the perfect animal for those who want a unique pet that they can show off to their friends, which is exactly what I do. :)

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Doug Wolkow - 2006-04-04
If your leopard Tortoise is eating well and not having regular bowel movements you need to be soaking them. You should soak your Leopard Tortoise twice a week for good digestion and growth. A shallow area which is luke warm with water, do not overfill the soaking area. Water should be a little over the bottom of the tortoises carapace. The water stimulates their system and rejuvenates them. You should have a healthy bowell movement within a half an hour. Growth of your Tortoise and appetite will also increase. Make sure to dry Tortoise off after soaking it and place in basking area. If you want to really perk up your Tortoise, apply vitaman E on the entire Tortoise and rub in with your fingers. This keeps their shells beautiful and healthy. It also relieves any discomforts they are having from shedding of their skin.

Doug Wolkow,

Highlands Ranch, CO.

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Peep - 2006-04-04
Hello! My boyfriend and I have had a bearded dragon, Spike, for about 6 months now. He is such a wonderful pet! Even though they aren't fluffy like a dog or a cat, Spike gives me kisses and loves attention. Anyways, bearded dragons are a great pet, and fairly rare too. I've had too many conversations that have the other person asking "Whats a bearded dragon look like?"


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