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toon - 2006-07-31
i got a baby one and they are very good pets to have. its only 2 months old

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jesse bozarth - 2006-07-29
ball pythons are exceptional easy to care for. they make great pets because of their docility. if you are a novice when it comes to caring for reptiles, i recommend you begin with a ball python.

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Roger Lewis - 2006-07-27
i have a leopard gecko. we have had him for a couple years now. He is very tame and doesnt bite. i love him!

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D.I.Allison - 2006-07-27
I once owned two of the Starburst Baboons. One was very aggressive and would come after anything that moved in his tank, and the female was aggressive and would display even if the tank was misted. They were stunning creatures.

I used to keep many different species of tarantulas and found these to be the most beautiful with the possible exception of a pink-toe that had teal hairs.

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JD Foster - 2006-07-21
JD here I have had my RTB for about 2 years now she is growing at about 2 inches a month and is already 5 feet long she is the nicest snake I have owned. I also have a albino burmesse python he is 9 feet and 30 lbs kind of mean but still love him. I would recommend a RTB to anyone looking for a great snake. Kelly is very tame I love taking her to parties she likes the attention as long as the room is quiet. Anyways thanks for letting me post the comment. JD

Ian - 2006-07-18
columbian red tails are lovely boas, usually docile and very easy to care for, but the two things i want to add on this care guide There is no mention of thermostats, and also that they to be totally happy they should have a medium to high humidity level.

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Omar Ainen - 2006-07-12
My baby turtle is called sparky he tickles my hand when you lift him up by the shell.
Omar aged 5

Adam - 2006-07-12
I have a red eared slider, his name is roland, and he is a baby. He is just fun to look at. when you pick him up it feels like he is trying to tickle you!! He is a new edition to our family (2 fighter fish and a cocker spaniel)

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aimee - 2006-07-12
i had a rgs for about 2 months i named it sully i love that snake only ate twice though out of the 2 months..and then died. i never knew exactly when i was supposed to feed it cause the person i got it from never told me and i didn't have a computer at the time to look it up. so i put a cricket in there every other day thinking it would just eat it whenever it was hungry. but i guess it was never hungry cause the crickets ended up dying in there, had to clean them out. i put water and everything, Sully never touched it and i didn't know what to do. but now i found your website..and read how i was supposed to feed it...thank you for the information..

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Anonymous - 2006-07-09
I have found that for a single scorpion or pregnant or hatched female, a plastic ice cream bucket works fine until the mothers young start to wander. then a ten gallon tank is nessasary to keep the young alive.


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