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chastidy - 2017-03-12
I want a Antilles pink toed tree spider so bad ive tried through the pet store and they say they are out of season.

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Julieanne Thomson - 2010-08-17
HELP! please could someone please help or advise me, my daughter came home with a gecko roughly 3 wks ago. None of us know nothing about raising a gecko so I bought a book straight away to tell me how 2 look after a gecko in captivity best way possible. Since the day we have had him he has had quite a thin tail and a very pale colour of yellow and black. He doesn't open his eyes that wide either. We have seen him eat crickets now and again but not for the last few days. He lives in a good sized tank the pet shop told me would be great for him and I have a lamp for the tank but I honestly don't think its warm enough for him. Can someone please if you can tell me anything I can do to help get him healthy as we are all really attached to him and at the moment I am fearing the worst is going to happen. PLEASE HELP. julieanne x

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  • veronica - 2010-10-12
    Hello there,

    First of all, I have educated myself a lot regarding Leopard geckos.
    It is vital for a Leopard gecko to have an under tank heat mat as they are nocturnal and they can only properly digest their food if they absorb heat from their bellies.
    They do not require uvb lights and some lamps can be so strong that they can stress this nocturnal gecko.
    I recommend Habistat heat mats as they are safe and reliable.
    Some cheap version of heat mats have known to have burned herps but this brand is very trusted worldwide.
    Also to be on the safe side, a thermostat should be connected to it and that will keep the required temperature at a constant level.
    Another vital thing is to provide the gecko with a humid hide at all times and never allow it to dry.
    A lack of humid hide can lead to shedding problems.

    Please note this care advise is specific for Leopard geckos only.
    I didn't educate myself on other types of geckos as I only keep Leopard geckos myself.
    I have also noticed very poor advice from certain websites regarding this particular lizard.
    Please do not hesitate to contact me, should you need more help.

    Regards, Veronica
  • Anonymous - 2013-03-18
    Hi, your gonna need to feed it twice a day, it needs a 50-60 watt lightbulb, and it needs a lot of atttention. If its a baby it eats crickets and mealworms.
  • Shrimpboy - 2016-09-28
    Put the gecko in a small container with 3 crew keys for a few days and check every day if the gecko ate any. I wish you the best of luck
  • Mock coca - 2017-02-27
    You should give her/him calcium.this will help the gecko grow stronger. Feed the gecko about 4 mealworms/crickets.(I recommend mealworms) If you think the lamp is not warm enough then get 100 wat lamp with a night light too. You could buy a heating pad too. Leopard geckos are nocturne so they will always need a night light( red or purple UV lights work) You can go to any local pet store and get these items each for about 5-10 dollars. Hope I helped you!
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Anonymous - 2008-08-19
the indian ornimental spider should not eat the crickets with there shells on !

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  • Mike Jabbs - 2012-02-09
    So do you wait for crickets that are molting and offer those? That would be very inconvenient
  • chuck - 2014-06-09
    why not? I have had mine 3 years and she has had no problem with the shells.
  • John Raybould - 2017-02-24
    That's the daftest thing I've ever herd lol
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brandon - 2011-03-11
Hey I have a asn turtle and he will not bask it's like he is scared to go up toward the light can anybody give me some advice I don't want to see anything happen to him I had him a little over a week and how can I tell the sex of the turtle email if you got some advice for me thanks.

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  • Lyndee Holyoak - 2011-05-27
    Hey! I haven't gotten my turtle yet, but I've been doing some research and I'm pretty sure I know what's wrong. He's probably just getting used to the new enviornment. Try putting 1-2 teaspoons of dark leafy green vegetables like kale or collard greens in a separate dish on the basking area. This should lure him up there. Also, if the basking light is pointing directly at the slope were the turtle comes up, you may want to consider moving it so that it does not hurt the turtles eyes as it is coming up. To tell what sex the turtle is, check the tail. If a turtle has a longer tail, it is a boy. If it has a shorter tail, it is a girl. Hope this helps!
  • Gator - 2017-02-18
    Some species of asn are nocturnal. I have a pelusio and I have a 250 watt infrared. He urges himself most of the day, then eats once the sun goes down, and swims and basks most of the night. Maybe switch up his schedule for nocturnal and see if he basks and becomes more active
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Mexicanredknee - 2016-03-09
IM thinking of getting a Mexican red knee and i was wondering what website to get it on I want a female for a not to big price. If you know any good sites please tell me

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  • Anonymous - 2017-02-15
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mannaz - 2013-04-06
I recently bought 3 of these from a shop in Plymouth devon called Two by Two. 2 of them were slings and one was a bit bigger the 2 smaller ones were due a molt. One of them molted fine no problems at all the humidity levels were all correct and temperatures all ok. The other small one went for a molt but never managed it and died this morning. When I explained it to the pet shop they weren't interested in it. I only had it about 4 weeks so I am seeking legal advice regarding this. I would never buy anything else from this shop be careful if you are thinking about it! Once you have bought it they just don't care.

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  • mark - 2013-10-04
    I know what you mean the same happened to me with a theraphosa blondi. How much did your gooty cost>? Sorry about your T mate it sucks.
  • Loaf - 2017-02-06
    I know this was an old post, but I had to say, sorry to hear about your loss, but when you buy an animal such as a tarantula, you have to bear in mind that bad moults do happen sometimes. You can hardly blame the pet shop, especially when 4 weeks had passed, that's ridiculous! What could the pet shop have done to prevent a bad moult that was a month away? Not a lot really.. It's unfortunate, but just one of those things. Don't waste your money on legal action, you'll most likely lose. And if, by some miracle, you win, then the pet shop owner foots the bill for something they had no control over.
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Hans Hortensius - 2017-02-05
I would like to bye Hydromedusa tectifera. Best regards

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Katrine Smith - 2016-07-02
We just got an ASN last Saturday and I'm trying to figure out what sex it is. I got an look at its tail last night and it looked like a female. Can anyone help me figure this out? I'm trying to figure it out in case I get it a tank mate and I don't want 2 males fighting or babies. Also I never see it bask which I've read it pretty normal. Is that true? It still seems a little shy right now, though it does come right up to us and loves to be talked to. Though I'm not sure how to upload my pic yet.

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  • Anonymous - 2016-11-03
    A males Plastron id concave where as a females is flat
  • Jordan - 2016-11-18
    When I first got mine she didn't start basking for like a month after I got her i think it just takes them time to get used to for them to come out of there shell;)
  • Alicia Claar - 2017-01-20
    The famels are bigger than the males there feet a fatter
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Collette Pitt - 2017-01-06
I am equipped to breed 6 red eyed tree frogs; please reply

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RoseMary - 2015-08-07
We have an African Spur Turtle. Rocky is now 16 years old, and that is how long we have had him. He has always been very passive and non-behavioral, however, this past year he has been a pest, he paces around our back door, and will scratch up against it repeatedly, literally for hours, he rams my large flower pots and will push them , and has broken a few forcing himself behind these very heavy large pots that are against a wall. He rams our AC Unit and trys pushing it, we had to have it repaired due to this. WHY????? Is he possibly hungry?? Is he in heat??? He weighs 100 lbs. He is not aggressive with people, never has been, just these behaviors that surfaced this year. Can anyone offer me some advice??? We have had him so long, and wish to keep him, but need this to stop it is disruptive and destructive. Has anyone else experienced this??? He is only going to get bigger and stronger. We have a very large yard, space is definitely not an issue

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-08-08
    Sulcatas are very strong. They like to move around, they like to burrow, and they are also climbers. It sounds like your tortoise is simply acting like it should. I suggest you look at the enviroment and try to come up with ways you can make it more condusive to its natural inclinations. You want to keep it secure, but also provide it with some interesting things in its habitat. Some suggestions are to provide some areas with sturdy, low-growing plants that it can crowd into, as well as some other edible plants for it to forage on. Also vary the area by adding some large pieces of wood and some large smooth rocks for it too move around, and 'ram' when it feels the need.
  • beth daniel - 2016-09-16
    i have the same situation going on especially in the warmer months. I have a 10 or 11 year old African I sulcata. Your name is spike. She knocks on the door to try to break in cuz she just wants to have attention. She also wants to eat more cuz they're bottomless pits, lol.
    There such social animals and yours is this doing with the all do when he wants some attention or food. If you're tortoise does not have a yard with that least 2000 square feet of grass to mow down all day, this house is a problem with her environment. They must have a ton of yard to Motown grass and between the other supplements or food you give them. I feed mine about to head of color greens or red leaf lettuce a day sometimes I also give her a big of frozen cauliflower or broccoli a long with the lettuce and the yard to eat. Reflect from my pen or 11 year olds diet and you can go from there. I've had her for 7 years so I got this down. I hope that helps.
  • Dave - 2016-12-13
    Get him girlfriend

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