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KA - 2018-06-09
I am thinking about getting an Antilles Pink Toe Tarantula. Would this be a good first tarantula for me? If so do you guys have any important tips and information. And also what size cage would be ideal?

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Peter - 2015-08-22
Hello, My sons have made a wonderful Fl. Box turtle habitat -We are looking to buy $$ Female Fl. Box turtles. Please contact us, Thx

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  • Audrey - 2015-08-29
    I have A small female box turtle if your interested. I would like to make sure e she has a good home.
  • Anonymous - 2016-02-21
    I have lots of male and female Florida box tortoise's!!! ,lots.I will have close to or more than a hundred babies this year, starting in May and hatching through November.I also have other eastern box tortoises if interested. If you would like some babies just simply call or text me!
    863-473-1697. Ask for David. I will sell adults as well. Most all females are already gravid.
  • Oby Rivera - 2018-06-07
    Anonymous do you have a new number as I tried calling the number you left on this site and was not able to reach you. I am looking for box turtles
Oby Rivera - 2018-06-07
I just bought a home and am ready again to start acquiring a few box turtles. I'm interested in all the species and have plenty of experience with them. in 2013 I had over 12 of them and unfortunately had to part with them as I was offered a very good job that made me move but now Im settled and ready to get some of my favorite turtles. Any suggestion's family? I live in Davenport FL real close to Orlando, FL

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Simon - 2018-05-16
Hi do you have any giant centipede in stock if so what is the price

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Ghola Hassan - 2016-08-06
I have full black scorpion in Afghanistan. If you are intrested to buy please let me know. Gholam Hassan

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  • Parvez Alam - 2016-11-19
    I am interest want to buy full Black scorpion. please send me scorpion details.our warts-app
    number can supply Karachi Pakistan'
    Best Regards
    Parvez Alam
  • Waris Baloch - 2018-05-13
    A, salam o Alikum, I am Waris, I have direct Australian company who want to purchase black Scorpion of 150 grams to 500 grams, we will provide money in United states dollars in 14 hours, my whatsapp number is +923042570285
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Hayson - 2018-05-12
Male And Female Baby Capuchin Monkeys Available** to caring homes, the Monkeys are raised in our home and they are ready for new homes, contact us on text (210) 920-5086

Francisco delacruz - 2018-05-09
I have a spidering for sale

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  • Daniel Salinas - 2018-05-11
    How much to send to 91352?
    Thank you
  • Daniel Salinas - 2018-05-11
    What type of slings do you have or sell?
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Berky - 2018-05-03
email or text if you need a male or female (909) 589-1328

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ngosfoundation - 2009-05-04
I am a full time breeder of baby ball pythons in this part of india.I breed morphs of the following categories; pastels, pastel jungles,caramels, albinos, piebalds, normals and other rare species like the platinum.My prices are moderate.If interested contact me for more information,all snakes are vet check with health papers up to date,snakes are captive breed and are defrost feeder and also have geckos in stock which range from eggs to adult, you mail me at (ngosfoundation at yahoo dot com)
thanks, contact for price list

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  • Areeb - 2010-08-14
    I would like to purchase ball pythons from you. I live in bangalore. Could you please let me know how much they would cost and how you could ship them to me. Thanks.
  • Michael - 2014-01-26
    I'd like to buy a ball python next year, something of a rare morph, how much? Message me through my email
  • abdulla azmi - 2015-02-20
    i wud like to by one can u plz contact me asap or cal or wats app me 917276407683 wud reaky appreciate it
  • ladyIsa - 2016-03-03
    I have a Question about a . python behavior and facts ...if a Python attacks a small child I mean wrapping it's self around a child's head & biting the child around the ear area what is going on with that snake ? what could cause a python snake to act in that fashion?
  • subrato gupta - 2018-04-26
    hi i am looking for a ball python from quite some time, i am located in delhi, but i can visit you or pay for shipping too. please call/whatsapp me on 8448806277.

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Wilder - 2011-04-18
I very much enjoy this one, though I'm having a VERY hard time locating someone who still has spiderlings, they're a popular breed apparently! I DO, however, have 2 Sri Lankan ornamentals, and 2 Chilean rose-hairs, though am wanting something with more color to add to the collection... Awesome spider though!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-04-18
    You have a full house.
  • PF - 2011-10-11
    I don't know where you live and if you live outside of Canada, I don't know what are the procedures for exporting T. Here's the website of Tarantula Canada inc.: , there's also, in the States, a breeder named John he imports from Tarantula Canada. I don't know if he has ornamental blues. I found him on youtube and he does very good videos on how to take care of T, species specifiacations, etc. On youtube type in Jon3800 and send him a message. There's also on youtube Tarantulaguy1976, I have never spoken with him but I know that he breeds ornamental blues. Hope this helps.

    Good luck!

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