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   Known as "Dory" in the Finding Nemo movie the Blue (Regal) Tang has moved to the 2nd most popular tang purchased for home aquaria!
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kelsey - 2004-05-31
hi, i would just like to say that this website is wonderful and has given me great information for my project. The blue tang fish is incredibly interesting and is amazingly beautiful, hopefully this sight will come in handy for other viewers.

Maloe Wimpher - 2004-05-21
Dory is my hero, I love her and I also think that Regal Tang fish are awesome, I want too own one so bad, but here in Canada I hear they are pretty rare. Anywhoms...I watched the Finding Nemo movie like at least 20 times,And I think that most Clown fish are not that funny.

Well,Awesome site guys and keep up the good work,


miszMAI - 2004-05-13
i think Regal Blue Tang is a very affordable fish, it is easy cared for, and very interesting to watch ! i recommend EVERYONE to buy it `;] TAKECARE yall.

Khaliah Taylor - 2004-05-07
Dory, regal blue tang is one of the coolest fish in the movie,"Finding Nemo."

Pink ChiCk - 2004-05-04
I love them and i think they are cooli!

Pipo - 2004-04-30
I have been wanting to keep a blue-tang for months now and at last I found my target specimen, a 1.5 inch healthy which I bought for around US$2.67. The blue-tang is rare here in the Philippines and usually commands a high-price. I wanted a small one since my 150G AGA tank is home to small to medium size fishes. He is about 2 weeks now in my tank and very active swimmer. He eats flakes, spirulina and freeze dried blood worms. He lives in my gorgonian at night and swims all day together with my clowns, brown tang, lipstick and several varieties of damsel fish. I love my blue-tang and I hope he will live for a long time. cheers!

Dory - 2004-03-15
hi i would just like to say that your site has been useful to my learning thank you.i would also like to say that most blue tangs are wonderfully beautiful and make good pets.i hope to get one my self sometime in my lfe.

cally ho - 2004-02-26
u will love them & their color too!