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   A very beautiful and usually hardy fish, they remain quite small. The Catalina Goby or Blue-banded Goby can be good for a reef aquarium to add color and movement.
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Tim Phipps - 2003-10-14
Concerning catalina gobies gender. I believe they have the ability to change sex. Over the years I have bought numerous pairs without knowing their sex and always had them spawn. There is a term for it but at this time it eludes me.

Anonymous - 2009-10-24
I recently just learned about them and I think they are a great fish. I would love to set up a coldwater tank someday.

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  • Lou D. - 2010-03-11
    uh i think i know u from somewhere............ do u play a game called maplestory?
chris - 2007-02-23
Blue banded gobies can change sex. This change is dependent on their social environment (see research by Grober et al.). If you purchase all females, the largest, less subordinate female will change into a male. If you place a larger male in a take with a smaller male, the smaller male will become a female.

xlayedoutx - 2010-08-01
I've kept a few of these gobies in tanks where temp reached 85 degrees. The statement of 74 degrees being the max is false. I've kept a pair for well over 2 years at higher temps with no problems.

Anonymous - 2009-06-03
The term for when a fish changes its gender is sexual dimorphism. These are a great temperate species but are very territorial. So make sure their line of view is disrupted as they go by an 'out of sight, out of mind' way of thinking although some bickering will always occur.

Anonymous - 2006-02-04
Catalina gobys are really great for the small marine tank. They add movement to the tank especially if you have a group.

Misha - 2005-01-19
I have had a catalina fish and it was great. Had a friendly personality.