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The Fimbriated Moray Eel is a beautiful creature, sought after by aquarists for their interesting and varied patterns.  However, they tend to be very cryptic and need large systems.
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Ley - 2011-12-15
Hi ihave leopard eel about a meter long had it for about 2years always feeding fine 2months ago got in found it on the floor still alive put it back in the tank and started giving out this slimy stuff then went back to normal behaves well doesn't look any thinner but hasn't eaten in two months now tried all kinds of food live dead frozen fish shrimp don't now what to ddo can anyone help plz

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  • April - 2020-10-04
    Hello, I had a 4 foot tessalatta eel, when we was stressed he would go months without eating and was very picky, he only ate tilapia. If you go to super king market they have a big bag of filet talipia very very cheap. Also moray eels or any in that family can actually go months without eating so just keep offering food eventually he will eat. We had the same instance with our getting out they can live outside the tank for 3 hours. Make sure to have a heavy heavy lid. Ours pushed the lid open and got out
mzinn - 2003-08-04
I currently have 12" Fimbriated Moray living in a reef tank. I have been very lucky to not have any major incidents.

Make sure you have proper hiding places in at least 2 in different parts of the tank.

Fish in my tank include: Sohal/Yellow/Kole/Naso Tangs, Cherry Grouper, Green Bird Wrasse, Speckled Hawkfish.

Also, the eel loves the cleaner shrimp station. Lets him go all over and inside his mouth.

I have only had him for a short time, but so far so good.

Ryan M - 2007-03-23
I purchased a fimbriated moray a month ago. Tankmates: four 6 inch columbian sharks, a 5 inch sailfin tang, two yellow mimic tangs, and a volitans lionfish. Within 24 hours, one of the sharks was gone, and that solved the problem of what i was going to feed it ($3.98 each)... The lionfish and the moray seem to have a polite respect for eachother. And the mimics and the sailfin try to harrass the moray, competing for hiding places. I ran out of decent sized sharks and started feeding the eel medium rosys, 3 or 4 at a time, what a time I had trying to keep the lionfish from eating itself to death while the eel fed. The sailfin succumbed to the moray a short while after, and the larger columbians were rescued and put in a brackish water tank. The mimics continue to press their luck, so far this moray has cost me $70 in fish, and is gonna cost me another $120, but at least it will be well fed!!

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  • Dez - 2010-10-20
    I have a yellow head and a stars and stripe puffer, Mr moray ripped him in half very evil fish!
mrussell - 2010-04-10
Our darn yellow-edged moray eel just ate the volitan lionfish that has been in the same tank with him for well over a year now! The eel is always well fed, so I don't know what his problem was today. It was a pretty large lion too! He left no evidence behind. We came home and the lion is nowhere to be found..... and Mr. Eel seems to not be hungry for his jumbo shrimp today.

Kurt van Wyk - 2008-05-19
I was walking amongst some rock-pools two days ago and spotted a 2 and a half foot long leopard eel (not a yellow head) and started snorkeling with it. It stayed stock still with its mouth agape and then darted off. I love eels; they're my passion!

Debbie Nestor - 2007-02-26
We have an 18 inch Yellow Headed Eel in a 300 gallon fish only tank. The Yellowhead also lives with a smaller Snowflake, a V. Lionfish, two different type of puffers, a Harlequin Wrass and a R. Trigger. Last night we added a 6 inch Lunare Wrasses to the tank. This fish was the bully of another of our tanks. Everyone ate fine last night. This morning the Lunare was missing!!! Gone, no where to be found. While feeding the others the Yellowheaded Eel didn't come out to feed. Later we herded the Yellowhead out to find a very large belly! We are convinced this monster ate the Lunare Wrasses.
Debbie N.

Rich Chen - 2006-02-28
I added a 15" cheetah moray to our tank and immediately lost a 3.5" lunare wrasse to this glutton. After trying to add what I thought was an unswallowable Red Snapper of 3.5" length by 2.5" height, I was treated to a viscious side of mother nature. This eel immediately sunk his fangs into this poor fish, coiled himself around like an anaconda and dragged him under to his hiding place to finish off his $60 meal! So far my 5" Koran Angel is doing fine, but I'm still nervous.

Zac - 2005-07-23
I currently have a 16" Fimbriated moray eel. His only other tankmate up until today was a porcupine puffer. I bought a very good sized Black volitan Lionfish and in the first night, within 3 hours of putting the lion in the tank, the Moray ate the lion whole! i am so mad that i can hardly see straight. i just gave my moray a $70 meal! I hope he enjoyed it.

Ryan H - 2004-08-31
I have a Sulphur Head Moray Eel (different coloration of a Yellow Headed Moray) and a undulate trigger fish (very aggresive), When they first entered my tank they tried to kill my resident Snowflake eel numerous times, especially the suplhur head (made the snowflake bleed many times). I eventually had to buy a new tank to put the Snowflake into. Then after a couple months, i put a decent size voliton Lionfish in the tank with them. During the FIRST Night, the eel (Nasty Nate) ripped the lionfish in half and ate everything up to his gills... A Very expensive mistake... The sulphur head will not attack the Triggerfish (Squirrel Master), in fact he will occasionally attack the eel. So, now I have what I call a Predator Tank. I throw poor little unsuspecting goldfish and mollies in there and watch them get devoured in just seconds! (The mollies give a much better fighting chance because they like salty water and are much more mobile.)

mzinn - 2003-08-14
You may want to add that this eel is the classic "fish eater" - Has the characterisc teeth for flesh versus crushing things open