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   The Lusitano, like its close relative the Andalusian, is one of the oldest breed of horse!
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Anonymous - 2012-01-26
FOR SALE: I've got a Lusitano filly for sale. mature approx. 15h Please don't be surprised if she is withdrawn from sale due to family matters.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-27
    Thank you for letting us know.
  • Zoie - 2018-01-03
    Is your horse still for sale?
Miguel Mota - 2012-07-12
Hello┬┤ I am a Dressage portuguese rider, if you want to learn more about lusitano horses contact me!

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  • mary-anne knight - 2014-12-28
    Hi Miguel! I live in South Africa, Cape Town, and have just purchased a 11year old grey lusitano stallion. i absolutely love this breed. one problem, how to feed him as he is a bit fat... also, quite spooky!! any advice welcome!
  • Bev collins - 2015-09-28
    Hello. I have a9yr old mare, bred in Portugal, who was born with only one eye. Tho she copes very well. I want to do my best by her but have never owned a lusitano before so any help or thoughts would be gratefully received. Thank you. Bev
Lucky - 2011-09-24
The horse in that picture is so pretty that even words can't describe it.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2011-09-24
    Yep, it is gorgeous
Greggi - 2012-01-27
WOW!! These horses are COOL!!!

Anonymous - 2012-01-27