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  The Appaloosa is an American breed that was developed by the Nez Perce Indian tribe!
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Jaymee Doherty - 2015-11-24
My Appaloosa/Quarter horse mix is very mischievous. When my papa has all of the horses in the pasture together. Thumper, Ally, Princess, and Sierra won't come to the barn to get feed and papa said he will have to sell him and he's my baby... along with his 'mare', Moon, she's my baby. Is this normal for the horses to be stubborn.

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  • brookie - 2016-02-12
    yes it's pretty normal mine's name is mickee and he is brown with white on his but and he likes to be stubborn with me becauseeim 12 but he's a really good with barrels and poles what about yours
Michaelene Peters - 2015-11-23
I bought my blanket and leopard geldings in July from an Appaloosa Breeding Ranch in NY. I was told that they were broke to ride, I have only been able to get on the blanket in their paddock, not able to put a bit in his mouth. He is so attached to the leopard that I cannot take either one alone without the other one trying to break out of the pasture. I would not trade them for anything, they are mischievious, loving and have a great personality.

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  • Jaymee Doherty - 2015-11-24
    This sounds like my appaloosa and quarter horse mix. Thumper is so mischievous. When I go to run my barrel pattern, he will be lazy and trot instead of bolting through the pattern
Betterfocus - 2014-10-07
Appaloosas are a wonderful breed. Please be aware that Appys are prone to ERU (equine recurring uveitis) and have a tendency to start losing sight as they get older. I rescued my Appy when he started going blind. He is now 28, completely blind and doing very well. He is field boarded and has adjusted so well that many people would never know he can't see. I still ride him on short trail rides and he does great as long as he is with another horse. I love his rascally personality and calm demeanor. Don't know what I would do without him.

Unknown - 2014-08-30
I am 11 and I have been around horses my whole life he is a horse trainer and trains race horses I love riding and so I have to save a thousand dollars to buy one but my dad is going to help me out I now a lot about appies(Appaloosa) cause they are on of my favourite horse very low temperament fairly easy to train but some time may get into a little trouble need to be given exercise Dailey if possible good luck getting your appie they are a great experience

Jazminne - 2013-09-02
My mom wants to get a horse for the family, but does anyone know how much to feed it?

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  • Jasmine Brough Hinesley - 2013-09-02
    It really depends on many factors. What type of horse are you getting? How old is the horse?
  • Anonymous - 2013-11-07
    just try and feed it different things and see if it likes it but i recommend you look the horse up before hand.
  • Shamalama ding dong - 2014-01-16
    Wow!!!!!!!! thats soo cool. I got one for Christmas!
  • Hailey Newsome - 2014-04-26
    Most horses like carrots and apples.
  • Pat - 2014-06-23
    what to feed will depend a lot on size, usage, and the individual animal. good pasture in the summer, good hay(never moldy) when pasture is not available. obviously a heavy built 16 hand horse, will need more than a 13hand pony. some will stay fat on less, while others need more just to walk around. I have a mini donkey who gets hog-fat just on pasture in the summer, and I have to put him on a diet the rest of the year, but there are others who aren't such easy keepers. if it's ridden, or worked, a lot it will need more just to maintain condition. I would suggest that, before an animal is purchased, you talk to several people who already have horses, and buy a book on basic horsekeeping. horsekeeping is a big responsibility, and you should learn all you can before that purchase is made. Pat
bethan - 2013-11-07
i can not wait till next year gettin my own appaloosa i am 13 but i will be 14 any advice

Anonymous - 2013-11-07
i am planning on getting an apaloosa horse. so gorgeous.

Anonymous - 2013-06-23
I'm 11 years old and I just got a 3 year old horse and she's fixing to have a colt. Will she do any thing to harm it if I go in to take care of her? Please reply.

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  • ef - 2013-09-26
    i have a beautiful appaloosa horse that has had 6 children i have been there the whole time so don't be afraid
Kyra Andzik - 2013-09-06
I'm possibly (hopefully) going to get a horse. I'm really interested in the appaloosa breed, but I am an english rider, and I don't know if the breed would do well as a hunter jumper? And also is this breed cheap? Like Vet wise and Health.

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-09-08
    The Appaloosa horse is a hardy breed, but will require the same equipment, care, feed and veterinarian services as other durable breeds. The average cost of maintaining and caring for a horse can run about $2,500 and up per year.
Makayla - 2013-06-06
Hi! I was wondering if appaloosa's would be good for barrel racing. Please reply!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2013-06-06
    Yes, the Appaloosa can be very adept at barrel racing. Barrel racing is a sport that became part of rodeos to show off the skills of cattle horses. These horses are able to turn very sharply when needed  (and maintain speed) for herding cattle.  Although the quarter horse is the breed usually identified with this, the Appaloosa can be very competitive. Some say they are a bit harder to train, but others ademantely dispute that claim.