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Anonymous - 2017-11-16
does anyone know what they eat?

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Anonymous - 2016-02-19
i have a 3 year old paint horse and one of the best horses i have ever had and probably ever have and i hope i never have to get rid of him

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  • horse lover 25 - 2017-10-23
    same here i love painted horses and i wish i had one really bad, my fried has some horses and my kids ride them but i wish i had one of my own...
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mary - 2014-06-20
I am very interested in getting a Shetland pony, I have 5 acres frame with 2 horses, 1 donkey, and a duck, and I have handicap kids come by to spend time on the farm and I think that the pony would fix in just right if someone can help me, that would be great thanks very much.

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  • janet - 2014-08-24
    i will take her if you can meet me at huchuson dillens on 5 st
  • Richard AD Hendrix - 2017-10-20
    Kiss the cat and purr in it's ear!
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Gaurav Joshi - 2009-04-01
The above given information is not quite 100% true. I don't have any doubt that Francesca Kelly and Raghuvendra Singh are trying to promulgate and promote the Marwari breed. But we know this breed from 1973 and we are keeping them like Marwari This breed was made for War's so they are hot blood but they are Very Friendly horses they enjoy ridding and they love to travel long distance so people call them an Endurance Horse. They are very good Jumpers also But due to they hot mind rider needs a lot of patience to trained them for Jumping or Dressage. But they are very intelligent horses so they always try to use they own mind during time of schooling. Gaurav Joshi (World Youngster Trick Rider,National Champion Endurance Rider)

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  • mik - 2010-02-27
    I worked with marwaris in texas in 2001-02. I was impressed with their courage and gentleness. They are alot like the usa standardbred and the arabian of desert breeding... m dillon, m.d. looking for one in the usa?
  • Girvar singh - 2010-06-05
    Respected Joshiji
    Good day.I am a small horse breeder and tryng to save marwari horse. So I hope to you will guide me. I will sand you my mares and stallions photographs.

    Best Regard
    Girvar Singh
  • Jit - 2012-06-09
    Hi, can you also send me the snaps of your horses? I like marwari horse to the core, they are so beautiful and agile. I would like to visit your farm too. where is that? Thanks, Jit
  • Clarice Brough - 2012-06-09
    This is very good to know, so I have added you're information to the above as well. Thanks for the input.
  • Tejinder Partap Singh - 2016-12-05
    Agreed MR.JOSHI even my family is also having good quality of marwari's from 100's of years.
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rainyla - 2017-02-01
i love horses

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  • 😂helloboy12345 - 2017-08-24
    Horses are amazing!🐴
  • cierramist5678 - 2017-10-04
    i like horses to sometimes they can be a big pain.
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Ana - 2017-09-09
Where would I be able to get a Friesian Horse

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  • Williams - 2017-09-25
    If you are still searching for the Friesian horse ,just get back to us via email
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alessia - 2016-09-13
I am a begginer rider and my friend has a haflinger named Candy, she is super sweet but are haflingers good for begginer riders

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  • julianne - 2017-08-23
    No. I am also looking into getting into riding, and recently found out that Haflingers can be very pushy, and are best for Intermediate to Experienced riders. take riding lessons for about a year first, and then get one that is already saddle and halter broke.
  • Rob - 2017-09-24
    Hi Alessia. As with any breed, it just depends on the personality, experience, and training of the horse. We have a Haflinger that is perfect for beginners. :)
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Anonymous - 2017-09-23
I ride a quarter horse called Rue. He is awesome he's so fast that I can run barrels on him in about 11 seconds. That isn't even his fastest time!

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Lucy - 2017-09-22
Well you say that the Appaloosa horses proper name is Equus caballus but it's wrong it is Equus ferus caballus

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turtle johnson - 2017-09-10
I like turtles and horses and mustangs and my horse turd!


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