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Kimberly Dixon - 2013-07-17
I just rescued an approximately 18 month old Percheron gelding who is underweight but not terribly malnurished at this point. I have always had quarter horses and have never owned a draft. I am at a loss as to what to feed him and when to start training him with a saddle. I have heard so many opinions and none around here has experience with a draft. Can you please give me some ideas. I know I am going to clicker train him as I did my quarters but when is my question. This is the most loving and sweetest baby I have ever rescued I don't want to discourage him from being that way.

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  • Crystal Komenda - 2013-07-28
    Greetings! I have owned a Percheron Mare for 10 years now. She was a driving horse and when I got her at the age of 11 decided to try her out as a trailhorse. She took well to Natural Horsemanship and trailriding. I think that as long as you use the 'Release is Reward' way of thinking that no matter what kind of training you do, you will be fine. I am very excited for you and wish you many many years of wonderful enjoyment with this animal!
  • Kimberly Dixon - 2013-08-07
    Thank you so much. My challenge with him now appears to be keeping him in a fence. He has realized he can push down the vinyl fencing and get out so he goes into everyone else's pasture. Not a fan of electric fencing but this may be the time I have to use it. Any suggestions on training him to stay in?
  • Brenda - 2014-01-07
    I did not like electric fence either. With these draft horses and as big as they get you need an electric fence. It's not bad really I've been zapped a few times myself. They only have to hit it once or twice and they remember ! I have worked with the percherons for five years now and we have had as many as twelve percherons in pastures, none of them get out of the electric fence. Now the foals will go under the fence and get out. Once they touch the electric fence they remember. It is for their safety...
  • Susu - 2018-02-04
    Hi all! I've been asked to help work with a 15yr old PMU rescue Percheron mare who bucks. I've worked mostly with Arabs and Quarter Horses.
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Jeanine Jowett - 2018-01-29
I have a 15 year old Friesian mare who is showing quite a few grey hairs around her eyes, on her nose where the nose band goes and in her moustache. Is this normal for her age please as I have know much older horses, with no grey hairs. Thanks.

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ricky - 2018-01-26
i am quite excited as i am making preparation for a set of twins. i can't wait to get them settled inl

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JeffandDebbie Conwell - 2013-07-10
Our Clydesdale has growths under her feathers about 4 inches up from backside of all four of her hooves. They look like duclaws or very weird growing nails. Any idea what this is?

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  • Loren - 2013-10-12
    I have been told by my farrier that these are perfectly normal, and when you get your horses feet trimmed next ask the farrier to cut them off. I have to admit I was a bit freaked out when I saw them for the first time.
  • janet gray - 2014-12-15
    What Loran is saying is correct.Our Clydesdales have them too,and the farrier cuts them off from time to time.
  • Jola - 2018-01-10
    All horses have these; they're just much bigger in heavy draughts. They're called ergots and are remnants of a 'toe' from the 3-toed ancestor of the equus calibus. Remnants of the other toe are now the chestnuts near the knees/hocks.
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Anonymous - 2012-01-26
FOR SALE: I've got a Lusitano filly for sale. mature approx. 15h Please don't be surprised if she is withdrawn from sale due to family matters.

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-27
    Thank you for letting us know.
  • Zoie - 2018-01-03
    Is your horse still for sale?
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savannah - 2009-10-12
Awww, I know a horse like this named "Amarillo Rose", she is a sweet heart!

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  • Rachel - 2010-06-03
    Aww :)
    I loan a 15hh chestnut mare named Copper
    she is so sweet, and such a great jumper.
  • horselover0800 - 2013-10-21
    So if you are unnaturally tall for your age (11) then you can still have one as a pet? Or if not, would a mustang be better for me? Thanks, please answer my question. xxxxx :)
  • Anonymous - 2014-01-12
    Yes a mustang would be better but I would recommend a more calm horse
  • Izzythehorselover - 2018-01-01
    i have seen this gorgeous Connemara, but if i bought it i don't know where i could keep it, any suggestions? thanks btws i live in St Albans
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Anonymous - 2012-12-04
I have had my Fjord gelding almost 2 years. He is a character---and very lazy. His ground manners are excellent. He is stubborn and willful but after some convincing alot of fun. This was my horse of choice after not riding for many years. I am not sorry. The only problem is, he is always the star and the center of attention wherever we go. I must try to ride up to his elegant beauty. Stable and calm, a real rock when around horses that are acting up. Quite a guy.

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  • Susan Felix - 2017-12-14
    Mine is 17 yrs old and I had him when he was 2yrs old. He is so good and stable . I was out on a trail ride about a month ago and the other horses I was with spooked at something in the field . Not sure if it was a deer or they say a mountain lion. All the horses took off full speed . My fjord wanted to trot off , but I stopped him and did a one rein stop. He was amazing and listend and a good boy. Proud mom.
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ava lire - 2017-12-06
horses are awesome

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Reta - 2017-11-29
I was given a rescue horse. He is a 4 yrs old. I call him my gentle giant, but our grandson named him after his favourite character Minon, in Spanish he is called Esbirro. My stress level has dropped significantly this last month. I can't wait to break him in and ride.

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Ray - 2017-11-28
Thanks for the amazing info :)


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