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Rebecca k - 2014-10-21
I wish I had one.

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  • Jade - 2015-07-16
    I do and it's name is bae bae and its awesommmee
  • Anonymous - 2017-08-08
    Me too but I'm not allowed
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kayla reynolds - 2009-04-02
I really like horses and this is my fav one, but too bad I can't have one. This looks like the one that I had when I was little. His name was dustey... I loved him. I was about seven when my family got rid of him.

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  • sophie - 2018-04-09
    i cant get one but if i did its name will be moose
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Mason Mayberry - 2018-03-25
Love these breeds of horses. Really want one

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Estelle - 2010-04-12
I bought my daughter a friesian gelding of 4yrs and F2 registered however, how does one go about keeping them black all year round. I cannot find any info regarding this matter on the net. Can someone answer this for me please.

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  • Anonymous - 2010-05-13
    Best way to keep your horse black is keep in during the day and turn out during the night.. another alternative is putting on a fly sheet which is light ( won't get too hot etc ). Wash down sweat areas if weather permitting or a quick rinse.. as sweat also lightens the coat. Hope this helps.
  • Jean - 2010-08-17
    Many owners revert to keeping their Friesians in during the day and only turn out at night. Some feed some types of supplements that are supposed to keep the color black. But if you truly love your new
    love him for the horse he is and not what you want him to do for your ego. Let him run and play in the light and avoid over feeding and over supplementing this breed. The most striking coats are seen in the Friesians that the owners have allowed to move freely with companions and plenty of space. When the winter sun comes he will return to his lovely color.
  • Jennifer - 2010-09-08
    It is the sun which causes the coat to turn red, so you can help to keep it black by them wearing a fly sheet with sun protection built in. I hope this helps.
  • Raven - 2010-10-24
    You have to keep them in during the day and only let them graze at night. Sun during the summer months are a black horse's enemy. Also use shampoos that are designed for black horses. Hope this helps.
  • dennis - 2010-10-31
    my question to u is looking at a friesian cross 15 hh 1100 pounds 9 yrs old. do u find it to be expensive to own rather than a regular horse.. the guy selling in ny said no diff than owning a regular horse. is this true... shoeing feed etc, thanks dennis
  • Fe - 2011-01-07
    Hello, I have owned Friesians all my life and never have I had anything but black.
    Keep them rugged in winter and summer also (Obviously a lighter rug) shade in the sun and they bleach easy. Once wet rub down with a towel to get most of the wet off. Sun and wet is the problem of changing the coat colour! Hope I helped.
  • Naomie - 2011-01-15
    He is getting Sunbleached.
    Put a uv-protection sheet on him and he should go back to black in a little bit. =D
  • Audrey - 2011-08-14
    Some friesians are jet black naturally, others fade during the summer. If it's that important to you, be sure to buy one that won't fade. The majority do, however, and who cares? It's the health of your horse that matters most. Besides, the judges don't care about fading, so it won't score against you at the keurings.
  • ashtyn - 2012-09-21
    Hi I'm Ashtyn. I love horses. I ride them and enter shows. I have some questions please email me thank you
  • Catherine V. Cruz - 2015-03-23
    In the summer, my mare Vanje (Friesian) can get slightly brownish-red from the sun and sweat so I add about a teaspoon of paprika to her grain to keep her black. And bathe her often due to sweat (1-2 x every 2 wks). Hope this helps....
  • Dori - 2015-04-28
    There is an item called black knight, it works wonderfully, expensive but takes all the red and brown out turning your friesian pure black, look it up on the website, you will be happy you did.
  • sanuella - 2017-01-16
    Hi. Happy new year to everyone here. Just lost my wife and she left behind what she considered her children. I was looking for answers on how to vaccinate horses and i fell on this blog. We have two beautiful friesians. Am of age and so busy with other things so, cant really take care of them. if you are interested, you can contact me on and we talk about you getting them. Not expensive.
  • RUBEN RAMIREZ - 2017-08-09
    I am interested in your horses call me 956 3133684.THANK YOU
  • yerderderrder - 2018-03-24
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sandy putney - 2014-09-02
We have friends who had a rescue Percheron, they got to the point where they could not care for their animals and since we have a retired Belgian mare, Belle, we agreed and took K.T.. K.T. is a beautiful black Percheron with a white blaze on her forehead. Her back right leg is slightly messed up so we can't ride her, you can only notice when she runs. We were told there was a chance she was pregnant, but they didn't know when she was due. It was hard to believe as she was very thin. She filled out beautifully within 3 weeks. On June 24th K.T. gave birth to a beautiful baby grandson named her Piper. Momma had no difficulty giving birth, she did it all by herself. We had K.T. in a specific fenced in area so we could keep a closer eye on her.....well she must have wanted some privacey...she swam across the creek during the night and had her baby in the early morning. When we found them the filly was still damp! Even tho we'd only had her a couple of months she loved and trusted us already (it's mutual!) and let us pet the baby and check her all out. Perfect. The father was a rich copper colored quarter hourse. Piper is a beautiful tan suede color with a cream colored belly and chest. Her feet are black as are her tail and mane, she also looks like she has black eyeliner. Sweet disposition, and spoiled....she follows us around the pasture like a shadow. My grandson is 2 1/2 yrs old, she is his, they will grow up together learn to be partners. Thank you for letting me ramble on. Just love all 3 of our girls. Piper was not K.T.'s first baby but since we are unsure of her actual age we are not going to breed her again. :)

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-09-04
    That's a great story about your Percheron, simply awesome experience. Thanks for sharing!
  • Julie - 2017-06-17
    What a great story, Percheron/Quarterhorse mix makes a beautiful horse..I have a friend who has one and he's a whiteish gray/silver...They just got him and they are getting use to him as he is to them, he's 17 yrs old and has always been with the same person since he was 6 months old..I have a really big soft spot for him I could stare at him all day, he looks like a unicorn without a horn..He can be a bit honory though, but he snaps out of it pretty quick...
  • jeannie williams - 2018-03-22
    Your story brought me to tears....still weepy...Though raised with horses and ponies ,I am 76 now in the city. Just met two dapple grey geldings Per. It is my first experience with drafts.....Oh my how loving and sweet they are.....I use a chickadee whistle, call their names and bring carrots and in 4 visits they know me!! I am 4'10' and they are 17hh !! I am taking it slow but so hope I will be allowed to groom them!!! I'm in love LOL Thax for your story!
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Maddy - 2010-05-28
I love this horse! My mom bought me 2, a female and a male. They had ponies... they were so cute! I love these horses!

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  • Anonymous - 2010-10-23
    Uh, baby horses are called foals...not ponies....
  • Anonymous - 2010-10-23
    If you don't know that a male=a stallion or gelding, and a female is a mare... And that babies are foals... You really shouldn't have a mating pair... Even though these guys are really sweet and wonderful... Stallions are...well, stallions...
  • Anonymous - 2012-02-19
    Maddy, why did your mom get you a 'stallion' amd a 'mare'? If you what to breed Shires or any horses, NEVER get a stallion (unless you are a proper horse breeding stud) If you are desperate to breed your own foal, get only a mare that is over 3 years old then, get a stallion at stud to breed your mare. Hope you like the foal(s) you bred. Also, I would recommend that you sell your stallion for your sake and his. By the way: baby horses are called Foals NOT ponies!
  • Response to Anonymous - 2013-01-19
    You really don't have to be so RUDE to her, maybe she is only 10 and just learning about horses.
  • Anonymous - 2013-02-12
    I am 12 and I've been riding for 5 years. I know what a stallion, mare, colt,filly and gelding is. If you can buy 2 horses as easily as that, and breed them, you need to learn some stuff
  • Anonymous - 2014-08-08
    I love shires too and would be so happy if I was able to have two, regardless of their gender and no matter what you call them foals are absolutely adorable!
  • Veronica - 2018-03-19
    What is there adaption
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Willa - 2012-01-26

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-27
    Yes, they are good jumpers and in manycase they are trained for racin and jumping. hey are a fairly light horse. Now, if you re looking fr a horse that jut does competitive jumping - possibly you would want o keep looking but for a companion, disposition, raciing, ridding ad jumping this is a greeat pick.
  • brookie - 2016-03-30
    the are very good jumpers but they need love and good training
  • raelee garland - 2017-03-24
    they are very good jumpers they are also a one guy horse and if shown love and compashion thry will be a forever bestriend
  • Bentley - 2017-09-15
    I've never owned a horse of any breed. But, I have been around horses my whole life. Friends, family, ect. Thinking about buying an appy.
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Anonymous - 2018-02-13
these are my favourite breed !!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Anonymous - 2018-02-23
    every one is right here
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Alysta Moody - 2018-02-22
Thank you so much for all the great information on this website. All of it has helped me with my research about shire horses. I am a rider myself iv'e been riding sense i was six years old. Thank you so much!

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luxman - 2015-11-14
hi am start a horse business please advise me for his business

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  • vinodmaan - 2018-02-22
    I am intrest marevari hourse

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