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.....?..... - 2012-02-05
I had a haffi. It bucked me off and nearly killed me! So now i hate them. Are they all like that?

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-02-06
    I really am sorry you were thrown. Not fun, been there down that a whole bunch of times. You would have thought I would have learned. You can't get mad at a bicycle cuz it ran into the curb. You can't get mad at the curb for being there. You can't get mad at the stair cuz you tripped. You don't get mad at the horse cuz you got tossed. You get right back on and take it slow and easy - maybe just walk in the coral area for a few days. Wait until you are relaxed and comfortable. Walk - and walk until you and the horse are comfortable. Have someone with you. Now, if you believe the horse is ill, ill tempered, out of control - have a vet come out and check the horse.
  • Kaitlyn J - 2012-02-09
    Well clearly you are a novice rider! And No they are not! All horses bucked someone off. If you were riding a BROKE horse and riding PROPERLY that probably would not have happened.
  • eva - 2012-02-26
    You are a beginner no horse is bad. Bad ones are all only either untrained or mistreated.
  • Teresa - 2013-02-18
    Wow NO! I have been around lots of TW and SSH! But the Haflinger is a beautiful, well mannered, amazing horse! The first time I got on my geldings back I trusted him with my life. I will NEVER ride anything but a Haflinger ! God sent is that breed!
  • Anonymous - 2013-10-15
    All haflingers are not like this. I have one and she is so sweet! She tries so hard and she can even go on the bit very well. She is so cute and chunky!
  • Judy Strauss - 2015-11-29
    We have just bought a haflinger mare. She is 14 yrs old, and on her own. She has plenty of interaction with us because the stable/paddock is just at the back of the house. She has settled in really well and we have put the grandchildren on her and my sister, daughter in law and myself have all ridden her with no problems. She is a beautiful horse with a lovely friendly nature although she can be pushy but she has improved quickly with firm kind handling. (She has not had a lot of work over the last couple of years, but the previous user had borrowed her from a friend as a confidence builder because she had a bad experience and she had had several riders at a 'slack hack' day at a local pony club and went well with that) My idea is to use her as a pleasure horse, trail riding, maybe a bit of pony club and stuff like that. I have ridden her around our ten acre property to show her around and she went well. I am 58 years old and havent been on a horse for a few years!! Really pleased with our purchase. Judy, South Australia
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Elizabeth - 2015-11-26
Can an Arabian horse be let in a pasture that has a few mole holes but with lots of grass? or does it need to be in a sandy paddock?

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Michaelene Peters - 2015-11-23
I bought my blanket and leopard geldings in July from an Appaloosa Breeding Ranch in NY. I was told that they were broke to ride, I have only been able to get on the blanket in their paddock, not able to put a bit in his mouth. He is so attached to the leopard that I cannot take either one alone without the other one trying to break out of the pasture. I would not trade them for anything, they are mischievious, loving and have a great personality.

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  • Jaymee Doherty - 2015-11-24
    This sounds like my appaloosa and quarter horse mix. Thumper is so mischievous. When I go to run my barrel pattern, he will be lazy and trot instead of bolting through the pattern
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desiree - 2009-01-18
I have wanted a horse for a long time now and I decided awhile back that I wanted a Clydesdale and I am happy to have found out that they do make good riding horses. Hopefully I'll be able to get one someday and thank you for helping me get this information.

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  • Lilian - 2015-04-03
    Hello Desiree, how are you doing? Have a Clydesdale, if you have not gotten, please contact me
  • Emily - 2015-10-19
    what do Clydesdales dose
  • michelle - 2015-11-17
    i dont know
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taya - 2015-11-09
my principal has one

Morgen C. Kastner - 2009-06-03
I really love horses and I have really have been looking at how to take care of 2 paints. Me and my friend take care of a brown and white paint named dreamer and cream. Cream is the tan and white one. It really helped me, great website! Well, I have to go and check on the horses, bye!

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  • Anonymous - 2014-03-10
    My grandson has a beautiful black and white paint horse. His name is soldier boy. I am so crazy about this horse but I am afraid to get too near him. He has never given me any reason to be afraid, I just am. I love to give him carrots and apples, but I always give them to my grandson to feed to him. How can I not be afraid to feed him these treats? He looks for them when he sees him coming. I love it but I am afraid to get too close.
  • delores - 2014-03-10
    My grandson has a beautiful pinto named soldier boy. I love that horse but I am afraid to get close to him. What can I do to be closer to him? I want to be able to pet him and feed him. Tell me how to do this please.
  • Anonymus - 2015-07-28
    he is probably really gentle dont be afraid
  • taya - 2015-11-09
    they are nice probley
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John E McDowell - 2015-11-05
I have had the honor of keeping, Dawn, a 14 yr old mare since she was 4. I have had horses, most of my life. Several types, and this Caspian Lady has captured my heart. She lives with 4, large, Quarter horses, and has no problem getting her share of anything. I have a question, does anyone know why she shivers when she eats, when the temp goes below 40? Only, while she eats.

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kay - 2015-10-19
Hi. I am a 59 year old woman that has own horses for over 45 years. After falling off of me OTTB a few years ago I have lost most of my confidence when riding this horse. I do not ride him often but will keep him forever. Now I am looking for a Haflinger gelding to live with me forever. These horses appear to be just what I need for a perfect trail horse. I prefer a western trained horse between 8-15 years old. I also have an 27 year old Arabian that need to be retired. I live in Maryland and would love to find another forever friend. Anyone know where I could find him. Please contact me. Thanks

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julie - 2015-10-05
We are considering buying a Norwegian Fjord that is very sweet & even (somewhat) broken but has foundered in the past. Should this cause some concern? Is he ruined? He is probably close to 7 & hasn't been ridden in five years, so how much would be a fair price to offer?

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Miguel Mota - 2012-07-12
Hello┬┤ I am a Dressage portuguese rider, if you want to learn more about lusitano horses contact me!

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  • mary-anne knight - 2014-12-28
    Hi Miguel! I live in South Africa, Cape Town, and have just purchased a 11year old grey lusitano stallion. i absolutely love this breed. one problem, how to feed him as he is a bit fat... also, quite spooky!! any advice welcome!
  • Bev collins - 2015-09-28
    Hello. I have a9yr old mare, bred in Portugal, who was born with only one eye. Tho she copes very well. I want to do my best by her but have never owned a lusitano before so any help or thoughts would be gratefully received. Thank you. Bev

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