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The Giant Schnauzer is a great family dog and gets along well with all sorts of non-canine pets!
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Becky - 2012-07-10
Brianna, How is your Giant? Can I ask how old he is and at what age the toe cancer started?

Cynthia McCulley - 2012-05-03
We have 2 Giant Schnauzers and one mini-schnauzer. Our male giant just had his second toe removed and we are waiting for biopsy results, but expect it is skin cancer, the same thing that caused the removal of his first toe six months ago. Never knew black dogs were more susceptible to skin cancer. We hope this will be his last bout with cancer.

Becky - 2012-01-25
We adore our big wooly bear dog. Pablo, our 3 year old Giant Schnauzer, follows us from room to room, obeys very well (except for the occasional selective hearing if he air sniffs an irresistable scent). Giants are the absolute best breed for any family who desires a dog that will be actually under your feet. . . literally!!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-01-25
    They are neat pups - good personality and non barkers and lay around with the family.
Brianna - 2010-04-29
My Giant Schnauzer has toe cancer :'( we just found out and she got her toe removed.

Dennis Jensen - 2010-03-07
Is there a Giant Schnauzer Dog Club?

lljhuh;h - 2009-05-20
I also have a schnauzer