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The energetic Doberman is a highly intelligent and active dog breed, and eager to please!
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Norma - 2013-10-17
I first got to know about the Doberman in the mid sixties in Scotland. A boyfriend and his dad used to breed the Doberman & the German Shepherd. They would train them for Security and Police work. They would take them to factories as guard dogs for nights. After coming to South Africa in 1972 my husband and I decided to get a Doberman, a bitch called Susie, we eventually after searching high and low decided to breed her. She was a gentle dog when needed but a great guard dog and would never leave my side. Since Susie I have had 8 Dobermans, the latest 2 being Duke & Apollo, Duke is now 15 years old, he is the longest living Doberman that I have ever had. He is going deaf and is short sighted and suffers a little from arthritis, but before this, he has never been ill. He has been a loyal companion and friend that I will miss dearly when he goes over the rainbow bridge. Apollo is 4 years, and Duke has trained him well, they are both my constant companions, even sleeping in my bedroom on their own beds. I have had numerous breeds of dogs, but although all were loved, the Doberman has stolen my heart and I would pick one over any other breed. Oh by the way they are great with children, I have had 6 children and now have 8 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild.

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  • philip sanchez - 2018-12-10
    Hi! My dobbie has been with me for a little more than a month now.i could definitely say that we're inseparable now. Dongkoybis my first dobbie. i have a labrador and he's teaching dongkoy good manners. i would surely appreciate tips on how to raise my dobbie. he's 4 months and a week now. i don't want his ears cropped. am i right on this one? thanks!
barbara - 2011-03-09
Dobermans DON'T need wheat or corn; in fact a lot of dogs are allergic to wheat and corn. A raw diet or a high quality kibble, preferable grain-free, would be a much better choice.

Desiray - 2009-01-23
The doberman at our house is felony charge who was raised with a pug and Husky/Lab mix. My niece comes and plays with our GENTLE LOVING SHY DOG!