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The handsome large Akita is a very intelligent, but strong-willed dog! ,
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Merida DunBroch - 2016-01-31
I used to have a Japanese Akita named Sato Kuma, meaning 'sugar bear'. She wasn't full akita. Sato was an akita/lab mix. Her mother,Sky, was a Japanese Akita. When Sato was about six a mutt jumped our fence and the fence surrounding Sato's dog-run and got her pregnant. My mom came out and caught him and called animal control. We placed all the pups except the smallest one, a male we called Kuma San, or 'little bear'. We only kept him because the girl who had owned Sato's mother wanted a direct descendant out of Sky. Well at the we were living in Denver and were in the process of moving. So we boarded Sato and Kuma at a friend's. We specifically said do not remove Sato's collar and keep the gate closed at all times. She didn't do either of those things. I think she was stolen. Normally Sato wouldnt follow anyone other than her people. She would,however, follow her puppy anywhere. I'm gonna try to get another Japanese Akita and name it Sato Kuma the second.