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   The Pomeranian is a classy looking toy breed, being small and fluffy with a fox-like face.
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Ccm - 2015-01-15
This little Pom/Spitz entered my life in 2001 till 2014 ... RIP Scooter he was the most quiet tender little gentleman ever met as an animal...he was like a human had respect never bothered with too much other than his owner which is me...he was very well-traveled well mannered and love to swim play with his toys get along with others animals I mean but he loved his mother which is me.just lost him in November 2014 and deciding on purchasing another just like him? The only thing is that I want to give.this new dog the same quality of life freedom love that I can just as much as I have given to scooter...I traveled with this dog all across Canada three times over ....I miss him so much and I do hope that he is in another place resting in peace and playing with others in doggy heaven,mommy loves you and misses you deeply I love you Bubba!

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  • Clarice Brough - 2015-01-16
    So sorry to hear, what a great companion Scooter was! RIP Scooter!
disneah - 2014-05-18
Hi! I'm disneah I'm 12 y/o my dog is so cute his name is PUCHO he is Pomeranian spitz, his favorite toy is fake bone and his favorite activity is running with me outside of our house and going poop outside. He is now 3 y/o when I called his name he looks at me and when he barks I told him that don't bark he don't bark at all I love my dog.

Carol Leroux - 2014-01-22
I have a year old male pom who is beautiful or handsom i guess. He is well behaved and does not bark when told. my vet said it was the first pom she never heard bard. he only yelp a little when he got his shots. he is playful, very cuddly and wants to be with me 24/7. He is 5.6 lbs and is exactly as the pics show. my only question is he hates dog food but loves beef, chichken, fish, some vegs and fruits. is this good or bad?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2014-01-22
    As you can see in the diet section above, 'a diet of dry food due to the likelihood of tooth and gum problems'. So you'll have to be careful feeding him other foods.
Diana - 2013-10-12
My friend had a fox pomerian that looked just like the pic but died and she misses him dearly please let me know how to contact the owner if for sale or if someone who knows who has one just like it let me know 704 402 2565.

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  • haeman - 2013-12-16
    I have a puppy like this.
jak - 2012-06-04
I have had two poms, Bambi and Lille. Bambi ate a sago palm seed and it destroyed her liver. She was one year old. Lille is almost four and is beautiful and very intelligent, loyal, loving, and funny. Poms need to be taught that they are not the master of the pack. They have a very strong pack instinct. They are the only small dog breed that are direct descendants of a working breed, the spitz, a sled dog. They love to get wet and easily tolerate cold. They get overheated easily and must be acclimated to long walks in the summer. Their presonality is second to none and are choosy in picking friends. They don't like loud noise or excitement. A poms perfect day is snoozing next to it's master. They follow you closely and watch you like a hawk. They are resiliant animals and don't know their size and will face off with another animal much larger than them. They are prone to be stolen as they are prized by many, but some cruel people will steal a pom and use them to train their pit bull to kill.

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  • Carmen Alexander - 2013-08-12
    I HAVE BEEN MAULED BY A DOG AND LUCKY TO BE ALIVE. How horrible to use them as a way to train another dog. They are a living being as well.
Anonymous - 2012-04-02
Hi, I have a very cute pomerainan. She is very active but I do need some help. She does not know her name. How do I get her to know her name and when to come and stay. Just wondering if you knew how to train her :)

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-04-02
    A trainer told me that when a pup comes to you to 'CALL HER NAME' out. Then be real happy that she has come to you and say good dog and wonderful etc. So when she comes to you for any reason - say her name and really make over her. That is what a trainer told me. I decided that the pup I had just didn't like the name I gave her. So I sat there and said a bunch of names. The one she responded to via jumping up and down and wagging the tail - she seemed to like it. So I named her SAM even though a gal but she always came when I called her after that.
  • migdalia - 2012-09-15
    I found the most beautiful miniature pomernian. It stay with me for three years. All of the sudden it died. Losing him was very hard. He was family, my baby.
  • Donna Lake - 2012-11-11
    Poms are known to have what is called the goose call. It starts with a hacking cough like their trying to cough up something. It actually is a thicking of the tricka. that leads to the tricka collapsing. Mine is 8 yrs old and, she's a mill pup for sure. she has it all that, the poms are known for. floating knees, tricka collaps. Her D.V.M. has her on rimadel & torbutrol 1 mg needed for what the call the tricka collaps a seizures. when it starts you need to move quickly to get that pill down the dog a.s.ap. to open the air ways. i have done cpr on her twice already. when it comes don't panic. Get the pill in and some air. I run mine out side and lay her on the grass and, waite. Sometimes it takes 2 to 3 min. After that and , it's still going i use another pill. if you can not get your dog out side . Put her or him on the counter and slowly breath air up their nose every few seconds. when it passes. the dog will get up on her own. Many people loose their dogs due to knowlege of this common pom issue and, it had a seizer over night. The best move is to get your dog started on rymadel and the torbutrol at 1st signs of gaging. I also use omega 3 from pet co or any pet shop or on line . It's a dietary supplement called grizzly salmon oil. it also is good for the coat, skin allergies, They love it. All they need is 1/4th tea spoon a day.
Anonymous - 2012-10-14
Hi, I have a pom x. I've heard that poms love exercise. mine doesnt! is it normal? shes healthy 1 & half years old & happy. is it just her being silly?

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  • Clarice Brough - 2012-10-14
    They aren't suppose to need as much excercise as larger dogs. As you say, she's healthy and happy, so it sounds like she's getting what she needs:)
liz - 2012-05-16
I have a beautiful female,one year old pom. And the problem is she has a mind of her own and very fussy about everything.
I have a couple of questions:
My mum and bro feeds her a lot of fish as she isn't interested in anything else either including dog food or chicken. Is too much fish safe?
Also, she doesn't obey any commands.. And get ferocious sometimes and if I try to make her obey she will bark continously..
Please help!

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  • Charlie Roche - 2012-05-16
    Fish isn't a good mainstay diet for a pup, just not enough nutrition, too watery and too much oil. Try feeding her a healthy food (I like Eukanuba) and use the fish as a treat for obedience training. Don't give her so much fish in training she doesn't eat her food. ou can also put a little juice from fish over her food and eventually eliminate that or try and little yogurt.
krysta - 2012-02-01
how do stop the puppes anger.

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  • Toto, Sydney, 7 y o. - 2012-03-10
    Hello, Pom friend. Anger to you? If so, spend more time with the dog. Get down to his level. ie: I feed from my fingertips when I am lying on the floor near him. He's too snobby to use a bowl! LOL :-) Spend more time playing/ scratching/ massaging/ fooling around with him etc. I am his best buddy. Wife and daughters don't get the devotion that I get. He is angry to other people if I am holding him in my arms. He is a little angry to ME if wife/daughter is holding and I come close. Generally with other people he's ok but he yaps at little kids and tries to harass skaters and rollerbladers. Because of their noise. Maybe that will help. Treat the dog as you would treat a small person and/but NEVER threaten the dog with shouting, a stick or rolled newspaper etc. Maybe, stones in a tin, shaken, or a water sprayer etc, are deterrent... Good luck.
Julz - 2012-02-29
I wat a toy Pom so badly!

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  • Toto, Sydney, 7yo. - 2012-03-10
    Hello Pom friend. Read up all you can about Poms. This site is good. Wiki too.
    My little buddy is 7 y o now and he's just great. All the advice on this site is good. Our boy only knows, 'wait/wait a bit'. and 'lets go, lets go'. We don't bother with the other silly nonsense. Some Poms seem to be aggressive towards little kids but its more bad manners than attack. Some will be yappy but train them early and they only shout when someone's at your front gate etc. Great guard dog in that respect. Sadly medical probs because of overbreeding. Genetic faults multiplying through each successive reproduction, I think. When you get one, save money to help with your vet bills. We don't brush ours and we trim him to help with the heat. Teeth are small and its very important to use dog toothpaste, otherwise, $$$$! Start with 'pomrescue' in google etc and find breeders. Warning: They are Pomeranians. (period) Teacup/miniature/toy is garbage! Don't go to people who advertise this nonsense. Colour also includes sable/brindle, which is a mix of dark long hairs in the regular coat, giving an attractive definition and character to the dog. Good luck. :-) Ours actually answers back! Backtalk! can you believe it? I could not, the 1st time we told him inside when we were leaving. He gave a very dissatisfied growl and turned around. NOT happy :-) ha ha ha. He still does it :-)