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   The Long-haired Chihuahua is a classy little dog, full of personality and spunk.
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Anonymous - 2018-01-09
I have a female long-hair chihuahua named Haley.(I know this is silly but I named her after best rapper ever,Eminem, his daughter Haley but bc of my last name i couldn't name my child that bc Haley Whaley, well, u get point, lol so my dog got it,lol. Neways, Haley is extremely smart, obedient, well mannered, loving, good with ppl, children,and other dogs. She stays away from bigger dogs however she will sniff them sometime but won't have much to do with them and is not aggressive towards them whatsoever but dogs who are smaller than her, her size, or a little bit bigger just not 2 much bigger, she will check out of course then once she feels comfortable it's go time! LOL she plays with the neighborhood dogs like a basset hound who lives down the street and two Yorkies that are in the neighborhood and a couple other chihuahuas that live around here and her favorite, a min pen, aka Miniature Pinscher which I call her boyfriend because occasionally when he gets loose or they let him out he makes it a point to come visit her he'll look in the windows (little window peeker, lol) that are low to the ground and he'll sniff around for her and if I see him outside I'll let her out to visit and then when I take her for walks.... (bc she's very well trained and very obedient and listens to me and because of this and because of the neighborhood we live in doesn't have too much cars or anything like that and it being safe, I do not put a leash on her when I take her for a walk however I do keep a leash in my pocket in case it was ever necessary or if I see this particular guy in the neighborhood Who Walks a big huge dog it's actually a pit bull who happened to attack his neighbor's Chihuahua and almost killed it! So if I see him out then I will put a leash on her or pick her up and I do not walk her up that side street that he lives on but that's beside the point back to the story whenever I am walking her up and down the street where the cul-de-sac is on each side when we pass her boyfriend's house & she makes it a point to go through a crack in the fence to go back there and see him she's only back there for maybe 5 minutes or less I guess she goes back there says Hi in dog language and. Leaves him wanting more, haha & comes running rt. By my side. It's too cute, funny, & sweet. She's so silly and playful especially with my 8yr old,and our other lil chorkie Rosie. Rosie is 3, and full of energy constantly aggravating Haley, but she just plays with her until she's over it then ignores her even when Rosie starts making a scene, doing her play bark, running bouncing off sides if furniture ect. I tell you it's a site 2 see. RPODR IDVHaley is 5&1/2, and my lil girl was 3 when we got her. We taught her how to be gentle and just love on her and they had a blast running around the house, Megan with toy in hand while Haley would Chaser up and down the Halls barking wagging her tail and having a good old time and when Rosie came along it became two barking dogs running around the house chasing her with the toys they sleep in the bed with her one will sleep on the pillow next to her in the other one will sleep either next to her body her legs or literally on top of her side Haley doesn't like to be picked up by children however she would never bite nor has she ever even acted like she would bite she just jumps out of their hands if they try to pick her up my daughter is the only one she allows to pick up that is a child Rosie on the other hand will let any child pick her up fling her over her shoulder put her in a buggy and push her around and she's so little and lightweight that it's not hard for children to pick her up but I am always right there watching to make sure that she's being handled carefully and in no danger of being dropped it's so cute we will go bike riding and put them in our baskets and they love it and when Megan got her a electric four wheeler Haley would sit in the passenger seat and ride around with her in the grass because it wasn't really faster anything so there was no worries of her getting hurt,plus I NEVER leave them alone, but she's extremely smart and knows better than to try to jump out neither dog would ever try to jump out of anything moving I have worked a lot with them I have worked with dogs since I was a child and I love to work with animals especially dogs and train them and train them to do tricks my daughter's favorite trick that my long hair Chihuahua does is stick em up bang and my dog will hold her paws up in the air and when you say bang she'll fall over dead I got my daughter a go kart 2 seater that is fast for Christmas and when I took it for a test drive in my neighborhood which is a secluded top small subdivision where there's no traffic really the only people that comes up through here is people that lives here there's a cul-de-sac on both ends of the road and Haley of course wanted to ride with me so I strapped her in and she just laid next to me being strapped in and she..we loved it and when me and Megan ride, of course we do not allow the dogs to ride with us but they watch us through the window and it absolutely drives them crazy especially Haley because she wants to ride with us so bad because both dogs love to ride in the car when we go places we usually take them almost everywhere we go. my long hair Chihuahuas one of the best dogs I've ever had I've had three short hair Chihuahuas prior to her I love the breed but she is my first long haired and after her I will stick to the long-haired breed from now on I've had all sorts of breeds growing up and some mixed as well but most were full blooded breeds and I will have to say that my Collie, I got for Christmas when I was a kid because I was crazy about Lassie was the best dog I have ever had and my Chihuahuas especially my long hair Chihuahua, is my favorite small breed.* I am thinking about getting a big dog and I really want a collie however one breed that I have never owned well actually there's a couple of breeds I have never owned that I have always wanted 2 own one day and I would like to own a German Shepherd at some point, golden retriever and or a husky or Alaskan Malamute and there's a couple more but before I decide to even think about getting a large dog especially if it's a breed of never owned I'm definitely going to do a lot of research before I make any decisions and it definitely won't be anytime soon I have owned all kinds of large breeds growing up and they are great as well they can also be excellent for protection because people see some breeds and decide they ain't even going to go there even if the dog is just a big baby they don't know that, lol.

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  • vicky - 2018-02-03
    Hi, we have been looking for a long haired chihuhua to breed our AkC registered long haired chihuahua male. If this is not possible maybe we would be interested in buying you female. We are retired couple with just the one small dog, no children.
    Can you email me back one way or another.
henry - 2017-11-22
AKc Xmas Registered Pembrokeshire Welsh Corgi for sale Beautiful tricolour kc registered Pembrokeshire Welsh corgi puppies. 4 bitch and 3 boy available. Will have all vaccinations and microchipped. Mother is our lovely family pet pictures can be seen. For more info......408 686 9562 or you can mail me at

kay - 2017-11-07
Hi i just adopted a dog from one of a kind in Fairline Ohio she is a long hair femail.

Cindy Griffin - 2017-08-03
Looking for a long haired male chihuahua that is either bi or try color with light-colored eyes. Purebred. 850-313-9890

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  • jennifer - 2017-08-04
    hi I purchased 1 for 300 .. from a site called puppies in north Carolina ,you can fine it through facebook.. good luck!
Nav - 2017-08-02
Hi, I'm looking to get a long haired chihuahua puppy by September ,any gender color preferably white or tan.

joy - 2017-07-03
I have a 3 yo male long haired chi (mix with Papillion) and am looking for a very young female of the same. Am on disability so I can't afford to get one from a breeder.

Ryan - 2017-06-09
i bought a long haired chihuahua 2 years ago. He was small and I expected him to remain that way, but he is now 2 years old and weighs 15 pounds. He is beautiful with long silky hair and a face that looks like a Collie. I love him and he's very close to me, but is 15 pounds excessive? I try to limit his food & treats and let him run.

Cathy Budwash - 2012-01-12
Couple looking for Long hair Chihuahua. Resonably priced.

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  • Dawn - 2017-01-27
    I have a 5 month old long haired male chihuahua for free. You pay to get him if you want him. MeNing if you have to travel. Great dog loving and loves to cuddle. Reply and he's yours. Wally can't wait..
  • Lynn - 2017-04-14
    Interested in your free male long haired Chihuahua, was going to buy one in 6 weeks. But if you still have him. I'm excited. what color is he, and where do you live?
  • Debbie Glover - 2017-05-03
    Can I come look at your dog .

    I live in Memphis TN .

    My sister has been in contact with a person who has a dog like yours. That person lives in Saltillo TN. Is that you ?
  • Dianne betcalf - 2017-05-21
    Go to the pounds and shelters. There are sooo many there :( they need a loving home ♡♡ That's where i got my 2 yr old long haired Chihuahua. He is absolutely adorable ♡ He gets along great with my Sheppard who was also a rescue from a high kill shelter. They are best friends♡ Save a life. Best feeling in the world♡♡
Christina - 2017-05-04
Last year on September 11, 2016, I lost my best friend. She was gifted to me at a time I needed her most when I took iIl. Her name was Angel. She love to cuddle, to be carried and sit on my shoulder ( hence how she got her name). I can't seem to get past her lost. I believe having another like her would help fill the void. She had long blond hair weighing in at 5 lb. and lived 17 years. If you have any small long hair chihuahua you can not take care of I would be honoured to take the dog and would give all the care the dog could need. I need the dog to be small and around the 5-6 lb. range so to be light to carry. I live in Chatham, Ontario. Thank you.😇

PJ Gryp - 2016-06-10
I would like to buy a long haired chihuahua. My son has one and I would like to raise one too. I live in York Pa. Please respond

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  • Dale - 2016-06-28
    I have a 12 month old long hair he was bought by a family that ended in divorce , I took him in , he is sweet puppy I've gotten attached to him but I'm retired and can't really take of him .
    I'm willing to give him to a good home , that can send me pictures of how he's doing
    He's white w one bkl ear he's really gorgeous
    Thank you
  • doggie43082 - 2016-07-11
    Do you still have the pup you took in?
  • Desiree - 2017-01-20
    I have a female long hair for sale

  • Bet Willey - 2017-02-26
    Hello Dawn,
    Do you still have your long hair to give away? Why are you giving the dog away? Tell me about the dog, age sex etc. Where do you live?

    Thank you,